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[Story] My Possessive Murderer – S01 E05

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 5


There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

โ€”Maya Angelou

Amelia’s POV


Out of around 7 billion people in this world, I know minimum 100 people. And out of those 100 people, only he had to be there.

Like, seriously?

“Hey, I’m back. I hope you did not get bored waitiโ€”” Nathan’s smile faded as he saw Aaron.

“No, Nathan. I was okay.”

I looked at Aaron with anger in my eyes.

I went towards him, decreasing our distance.

“I shouldn’t be here, right? Oh, you know what? You also shouldn’t be here right now and also in my life.”

“You guys know each other?” Nathan was looking at us with a puzzled look.

“Who are you? What are you doing here with her?”

I widened my eyes at Aaron’s question. I can’t believe, he even dared to ask this question.

Even before Nathan could answer, I spoke.

“You shouldn’t be bothered about that.”

I closed my eyes to control my anger. But unfortunately, I couldn’t.

Or maybe fortunately?

I slapped Aaron.

“This is for taking my best friend away from me.”

And, yes believe me, I slapped him yet again.

“This for making me cry so much.”

Story continues below

I felt a pair of hands on my shoulder, trying to comforting me. This gesture of Nathan made me realise that I was crying.

Amelia, you need to learn to control yourself!

“Hey, don’t cry.” Nathan was trying to comfort me which I really appreciated at that moment.

I didn’t look at Aaron anymore to see his reaction. I just ran from there.

Did I run because I was scared of what he could do next?

Or I ran because I couldn’t stand him any longer?

I ran towards the parking lot where my car was parked. I got inside my car and closed the door but instead of starting the engine, I put my head on the steering wheel and cried.

I won’t deny that I was feeling light after slapping Aaron but there was still an empty feeling inside me.

I started the engine and drove towards my home. I searched for my phone to call my boss and ask for a day off from the cafe. But, where is my phone? Sometimes, I really hate myself for being so careless. Seems like, I again lost my phone. But, I was really too hurt right now and also tired to worry about my phone getting lost, though it was a big matter as it had my personal details, contacts, etc.

Today was really the worst day of my life. I really want this day to end as soon as possible.

As soon as I reached home,I jumped into my bed without even caring to change my dress or remove my makeup because I was very tired and soon drifted off to sleep.

The sound of the doorbell woke me up. I felt a stinging headache but the continuous sound of the doorbell was making it worse. I stumbled a little as I got down from my bed.

Without even seeing who it was in the door hole, I opened the door. But, before I could see who it was, I lost my balance and fell down.

No, wait!

A pair of hands caught me before my body touched the floor. Those hands felt unfamiliar but I was not in a condition to see the person’s face and everything went black.


When I woke up, I saw a lady who seemed to be in her late forties looking at me with concern.

“Are you okay, dear?” She asked me with a smile.

“Sorry, but who are you?” I recognized the place as my room so at least I was not kidnapped or something.

She smiled, ” I’m Dr.Ana .You fainted so I came for your check up.”

Wait, I fainted? What? When? How?

“I fainted? I can’t remember anything. Who called you?” I touched my forehead as I tried to remember what must have happened.

“Your neighbor, again what was his name? Oh yes, Aaron. He called me and give me your flat number. He seemed to be a very nice guy.” She smiled.

Story continues below

“Oh yes yes. He is a very kind, polite and nice guy.” I replied sarcastically.

“I completely forgot about this. Aaron gave me this phone and told me to give to you.” She handed me my phone.

Someone on earth, please explain all these.

But instead of asking anything, I just thanked her.

Somebody has to give me a lot of explanations .

“Well, doctor, why did I faint?” I asked suddenly remembering about it.

“Did you eat anything yesterday?” My expression gave her the answer and she sighed,” You didn’t have enough food yesterday and then consumed alcohol. It had a bad effect and then you didn’t have any energy because you didn’t eat anything. That’s why you fainted.”

“Um, so eating will help? I mean, do I have to take any medicines?” I enquired.

“No dear. Having some healthy food will be enough” She smiled as she gently touched my cheek.

“Thank you Doctor.” I returned back her smile.

“Now I think I should leave. Take care, dear.” She smiled and left.

I immediately called my boss and asked for the day off. I was fortunate to get such a nice lady as my boss as she understood my problem and gave me the day off.

My breath was stinking and I really needed a shower right now.

I took a long. hot shower and brushed my teeth. I decided to wear a comfortable dress for now and choose a vintage yellow floral dress with shelf bust marigold. I applied some lipstick and left my brown wavy hair open.

(This is the dress that Amelia is wearing.)

“Okay Amelia, you have to do it.” I sighed deeply and closed the door behind me and stood in front of Aaron’s flat.

Or should I say Kylie and Aaron’s flat?

I looked at my watch. Kylie must be out for her work and this would the perfect time for me to talk with him regarding something important without Kylie taking his side. I literally rolled my eyes at the thought.

I rang the doorbell and stood there calming down my heart which was beating so madly.

I was soon welcomed by a familiar pair of those dark brown eyes.

“Can I come in?” I asked him as it was a bit awkward to stand outside his flat and discuss such important matter.


I wasn’t shocked as I had already expected such a reply.

“Can we have a talk? Don’t dare to say no.”

“Say.” He replied after thinking for some time.


“Why did you pay for my doctor’s fees?”

Story continues below

“I don’t feel it important enough to tell you.”

Can’t he be a little sweeter?

“Where did you find my phone?”

“I found it in the club. You had left in the table after you ran away yesterday.”

Should I say sorry for slapping him? Because I was kinda feeling guilty for slapping him after what he did for me today morning.

Instead I said,” Why are you even bothered about me and my belongings?” I shrugged.

His expression became darker as he came closer, “Everything related to you bothers me.”


✨Today’s Question✨

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