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[Story] Miracle

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Morenikeji went on her knees to serve her husband “Honey, come and eat your food now that is hot, I made pounded yam and vegetable soup, your best meal” she smiled. “While I was cooking the soup I was so worried because there was no fish nor meat, luckily, I caught a very big rabbit, Honey you need to see the way I was chasing the rabbit, I even sustained injuries but is nothing, as far as my husband did not eat empty soup” She grinned, paused, staring at her husband who was just quite. She stood up and sat close to him.

“What happened? have you lost hope in God?” She took his hands clapped it with hers, and started singing:

“My God is a miracle God,

My God is a miracle God.

He has never failed, he will never fail

He will do what he says he will do

He will do what he promises to do”

“Honey join me in singing now, cheer up, everything will come alive soon, please, stop this silence”

Written BY: ©Kikelomo Fadugbagbe