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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E999

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 999

The Muffin Man

Crow Face was taken aback.

He had never heard of such a language before.

Could it be that over the hundreds and hundreds of years since the Pirate Organization got established, they hadn’t fully explored all places in this world?

Could there be an unknown continent that they were unaware of?

Even though they, as pirates, didn’t speak all languages in this world, they could quickly identify what language was spoken just from listening to it.

So what was this?

Didn’t this mean that the people they were facing weren’t from the Pyno continent?

Then who exactly were they up against?

He had to report this matter to his superiors fast!

Of course, another matter that needed to be reported, were these strange products from the new empire called Baymard.

They needed to get permission from their superior in Morgany, who would then issue out missions for people to specifically check it out.

It wasn’t in their place to act without permission, or it might alert the enemy or make them wary.

When the organization moved, it always moved full speed, attacking its enemies brutally.

They would only report this matter and show all the goods they bought to those there.

Actually, the way Crow Face saw it, by the time he got back to Morgany, someone might’ve already reported the matter.

For Baymard to produce such unique things and books, meant that it would be a threat to Morgany.

They even bought something called Solar Tvs, cassettes, mattresses and many other things.

This was the evidence they collected against Baymard.

Things were seemed to be changing here in Pyno, making the place organized and a little more developed.

But change isn’t what Morgany wants for Pyno.

They need to go back to how they were or hand over everything to Morgany if they wanted peace.

Such a place was mocking them, as Morgs.

And just like weeds, it needs to be drawn out from the roots.


Splack. Splack. Splack. Splack~

The muddy puddles of water parted as everyone chased fiercely after Josh.

Old Crow looked at Josh’s back thoughtfully: “Capture him alive! We need to know who we are up against. We’ll take him onto the slave ship!”

Everyone gritted their teeth and finally accepted the order.

Heh. Once they get all information out of this assassin, then they’ll kill him!

At the same time, Josh, who was about to dash away at full speed, suddenly slowed down a bit.

That’s right.

They had sh.i.p.s filled with people they kidnapped.

Even though he promised his comrades to come back safely, his conscience wouldn’t let him leave this matter like that.

Whether he liked it or not, he was left here with no fast Baymardian vehicles or any other weapons because he was here as a spy.

So even if he fled now to rush towards the pirate sh.i.p.s, he would still get there around the same time these pirates got back.

Again, from what he gathered, the 800 who came here were just 1/5 of the crew out on the outage sh.i.p.s.

That’s right.

These pirates had arrived at Deiferus with 4,000 pirates out on their sh.i.p.s.

What was funny was that the number here were just those out to do this mission.

Or sure, there would be a lot more pirates located at the crew’s base.

Heh. Even if he got there a few hours or days earlier than these pirates, he would still have to face those staying at the docks.

He was just one person.

So it was impossible for him to rescue all those kidnapped at once.

Nonetheless, he had to get on one of the sh.i.p.s. From there, he would work things out… Hopefully.

Sigh… There was no helping it.

He had to turn himself in.


Josh slowed his pace and acted desperately as if truly overwhelmed by them.

At the same time, while running, he left deep markings with his dagger on the trees.

Each tree had one word in English carved on it.

He would run very far ahead, pretend to be out of breath, and mark away.

It was raining heavily, and his actions were very discrete. So these pirates wouldn’t notice what he was doing easily.

He only marked a total of 8 words on 4 trees.

[people kidnapped. Gave In. Pirate Ship. Swain Town.]

Hopefully, they find the message on all trees and link them together.

No matter what, he had to get on the sh.i.p.s in Swain Coastal Town.

Of course, even if he were going to turn himself in, he would still kick asses in the process.

He had to sell his performance as a top assassin from some unknown place or wherever they thought he was from.

All this time, he had also been running as if catching his breath, so he can’t just act swiftly again.

Plus, he had to move very far from the trees that he marked.

Thinking like that, he carefully moved leftwards, making a run for it, and as expected, the assassins followed his every move.

Soon, he ran too slow, as if really exhausted, and even fell to the ground, making the pirates pumped up instead.

By the time he got up again, 3 pirates were already closing in fast.

Heh. He said he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

So they better be prepared.


“You bastard! You’re not so tough now, are you? Hahaha.”

“Bastard! We’ve got you trapped. Now, you’ll know the real cruelty of the pirate organization. How dare you kill our crewmates?”

[Josh in English]: “Hey! You two really can’t understand me? Do you know the story of the Muffin Man?”

“Bro, do you know what this guy is saying?”

“No! I don’t!

But looking at how angry he’s lashing out, he’s definitely insulting us.

Look at how fierce his eyes are?!!”

“Hey! I feel that this guy just called us idiots.

Brothers, they said we can’t kill him. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t beat him silly.”

“Yes. We should just teach him a lesson!

You bloody bastard! Who are you insulting?”

[Josh in English]: “… The muffin man?”

“Dammit! You’re still calling us idiots?

Eat my Fist!”