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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E998

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 998

Eh? Who Was He?

“What I mean is simple.

The bastard Rogue Morg we’ve been chasing, the one you all hate so much… is here.”


As if on cue, the thunder clapped loudly, making everyone’s hairs stand on edge.

He… He was here?

Their eyes dilated quickly, opening exaggeratedly, as the words sunk into their heads.

Soon, their gazes turned cold as they studied their surroundings with an unforgivable light in their eyes.

Their lips thinned with displeasure when they thought of the Rogue Morg.

Very quickly, they went into defend mode, as those around the perimeters of the ground turned to face their surrounding bushes and roads.

While those at the centre of the group looked upwards to see if the Rogue was on any trees around.

They gripped their swords hard and continuously titled their heads in all directions, trying to find a clue or get a glimpse of where the bastard could be hiding.

Dammit! Where was he?


Thunder clapped out again amidst the heavy rain, creating even more tension than there already was.

Crow Face, who looked relaxed, was very vigilant, darting his eyes in all directions too.

Crow Face’s mind was still at work.

Heh. The bastard probably thought that they would leave after a while

But unfortunately for him, they weren’t going anywhere until they captured him.

The way Crow Face saw it, the bastard only stayed behind to either continue monitoring them and getting more info, or to take them out one by one to decrease the number of people chasing the boy.

Of course, the Rogue probably thought they would keep chasing the boy for longer, giving him more opportunities to attack them.

But too bad, the rogue miscalculated.

With him stopping the pirates any further, the rogue had no choice but to stop attacking and hide, hoping they left after.

Squinting his eyes and looking at the group of pirates before him, Crow Face realized that some of the pirates were missing, making him more confident in his thoughts.

“Everyone! Have you already noticed the problem with our group? Look around and try to find your comrades.”


The confused pirates did as they were told, only to find that they couldn’t see some of the people they usually hung around with.

“Poison mouth is missing!”

“One-Eyebrow is missing too!”

“Danny Crooked Nose is also missing.”

“F***! Where the hell did Spine Breaker go?”

Everyone was perplexed and in a state of alarm as they kept mentioning those who were missing.

What the hell was going on here?

Old Crow Face looked at them and smiled maliciously: “The missing pirates are dead.”

“Dead? Old Crow Face, what do you mean?”

“Heh. While we were distracted in chasing and understanding the situation, the Rogue probably snuck up to take care of these missing pirates. You see, he intended to pick us one by one throughout the night. And his plan would’ve worked if we continued running. But now that we stopped, he had no choice but to hide and pray that we don’t find him.”


Everyone was pissed.

Now, they were more determined than ever to find the Rogue Morg.

“Bastard! How dare you kill our men?

Come out! Come out now!”

“No! The fool would probably keep hiding forever, so we need to search for him now!”


But just as the pirates were about to begin their search, Josh revealed.

First, he looked at the pirates and spoke in English, leaving everyone confused.


What Language was this?

This wasn’t the language used by Veinitta, Morgany or even Pyno.

So, where did this assassin come from?




That was the military language only used by the Baymardian soldiers, Navy, and Air forces when out on missions.

It was also used by the Prison guards/officers too.

This entire time, even when Josh was talking to his comrades before sending them down the cliff, he was speaking in English.

That way, if someone were nearby and heard their plans, he/she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Now, listening to Josh speak, Old Crow Face was not only shocked but curious as well.

Old Crow Face was very knowledgeable about things in this world.

He had so many places, as a pirate, and had gone on missions to places one wouldn’t even believe existed with wayward people far worse than those in Pyno.

Of course, those residing in Pyno might only know of 4 or 5 continents.

One should know that because of the control around Pyno by the pirates and the inferiority of these people, they never went further than the bubble secretly created by Morgany.

They limited these people, making them clueless about many things in this world.

Some people don’t even know that there were humans with different skin colours.

He had seen the dark-skinned people of Romain before and even the light blue-skinned people of Omania.

And just as the pirates had limited Pyno’s scope, they did the same for some regions, especially the region around the continues of Veinitta and Tenola, making the Roma people and the Zohl people somewhat clueless of some parts of the world.

They only visited or travelled as far as the neighbouring continents too.

Many didn’t even know that the continent of Pyno existed.

Of course, the only place that they couldn’t properly control, were those from that bloody continent Lampe, which was actually very close to them.

The continent of Lampe was busy next to them, making it all the more chaotic.

Now, the bastard continent of Lampe had been renamed Adonis, after the temple of Adonis fought and unified the entire continent.

Those bastards always tried to sneak in and conquer Morgany.

Honestly, they found that all temples were troublesome.

First, their ancestors got driven away by the Temple of Dragmus here in Pyno.

But not long after they placed their roots in Morgany, the Temple of Adonis was born in Lampe.

Of course, decades and centuries back, Adonis only occupied a single state in a tiny town.

Flashed forward to the present, it had already forced everyone in Lampe under its rule, unifying the entire place.

If the temple of Dragmus was why they suppressed Pyno so much, the temple of Adonis was actually the real reason why there were thousands and thousands of pirate sh.i.p.s stationed around Morgany like a fortress.

Those bastards were too bold and were true enemies of Morgany.

And the fact that they were so close, like neighbours to Morgany, created tension and chaos all the time.


Because if Morgany was the most developed place in this world… Lampe/Adonis was the 2nd.

Meaning that they too had gifted and intelligent people in their memories, who could be the downfall of Morgany given time.

Those bastards also tried sneaking in and stealing countless ideas countless times without number.

All this contributed to the reasons why Morgany was so strict in security.

That said, the pirates were also Morgs and were the main people obstructing several regions in this world, making them all too knowledgeable about the areas in Hertfilia.

So… What the hell was this language?!!!