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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E990

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 990

Disbelief. Am I So Dumb?

With everyone giving their full support, Landon wasted no time and dived into the main dish at hand.

“By now, everyone should have 2 different sets of folders before them: a blue and a red one.

First, let’s start with the Blue.”

With that, everyone opened the folder and listened attentively to Landon.

“Many of you have already known of my goal of unifying the entire Pyno Continent through peace.

And so, right from the onset, we have been building training barracks for all empires.

Again, we have also been expanding them throughout the years.

As many of you know, the entire District B is focused only on the Military.

So enough land for miles there, we have been expanding the barracks diligently.” Landon said confidently.

Right now, they had only occupied 8% of the land with the prison and numerous barrack buildings.

Of course, he didn’t want to occupy the entire place, as he needed enough training grounds for the soldiers to do live simulations in the woods and so on.

In his mind, he would always leave 65% of the land empty, no matter how much the district expanded.

One shouldn’t forget that Baymard’s Capital city used to be a collection of many towns, villages and cities put together.

So one can imagine how large a single District was.

That said, he had so much land, some cliffs, hills, etc… to do what he wanted.

Of course, one shouldn’t forget that the Police Training Academy, Navy training Academy and the rest were also within District B… Although they’re a little further ahead than the Barracks, which were located deep within the district.

Additionally, each Academy or training force was undoing expansion in preparation for when planes and helicopters would get invented.


That said, the barracks pertaining to the different empires were getting expanded for a few key reasons.

First, it was to take in more people and train them as fast as possible.

Of course, many of the knights who left had already been training several others in their respective empires.

But it wouldn’t be bad to allow me more in Baymard.

Another reason for the expansion was because down the line, after signing treaties with many empires, they would let them stay in the already existing barracks.

Eventually, they wouldn’t mingle all of them together like one big school full of international students.

It was ridiculous for them to build barracks for every empire that existed in this world.

So, they were expanding now to make room for many who would come in later.

For example, when Lucia’s people signed, they would have them stay within one of the barracks there.

Landon focused more on building more sleeping residences, preferably 5 storey or 6 storey ones, all having bunk beds.

He also focused on expanding classrooms and special Brigades too.

Well, that was one of the main reasons for the expansion.

So over the past few years, Landon had been thinking big and waiting for many new residences to get completed, and the classrooms expanded.

Of course, he wouldn’t allow those from Pyno to occupy the entire buildings by packing in new people.

That’s why he specifically arranged a certain number that each empire could add in.


“As everyone can see, in paragraph 8, line 2… due to the required number of people each empire can bring in, has increased.”

William read the paragraph carefully and also read some of the other information below it: “Good. I’ll send a few more when I arrive at Arcadina’s Capital.”

Everyone nodded in agreement too.

Landon smiled and closed the Blue Folder: “Okay. Within that same folder are also some suggestive tips that you all can use to strengthen your empires. If we want to go against Morgany, we must be fully prepared… which brings me to the last thing for today. Now, we can take a look at the Red Folder.”

Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip.~

Everyone was now fully engaged with this vibrant Folder.

Red always signified danger, blood or classified.

So, what strange doc.u.ments were within the folder?

“Everyone, let’s just say… that this is my gift to you.

I call it the Ballista!”


Immediately, they saw a massive drawing of a giant bow.

And to make them understand how big the Crossbow was, Landon had drawn people standing beside it.

What was this?

Landon looked at their shocked expressions and smiled.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. That right there is a Ballista.”

With that, Landon took the remote and dimmed the lights before showing a projection of drawings.

That’s right.

He did this within his space.

What he created was a short film of drawings.

He created a story of how the people launched the bow and what destruction it could do to a group of armed targets standing in formation.

Anyway, he filled up an entire notebook with sketches and flipped it very fast, making the drawings seem like they came to life.

And then, he said the system to create it into a cassette so that he could play it and project it today.

The images shown were very artistic, but all done with pencil.

It was really good.

Seeing as everyone was fully drawn, Landon began his brief presentation.

“The Ballista is a massive crossbow projectile that is highly accurate because of the design measure.

This bad boy right here, can do so much damage to the enemy that they would be the one kneeling and begging for mercy.


Everyone sat up again in shock as they watched the Ballista on top of a hill shoot down a massive arrow onto the battlefield below.


A massive formation of enemy knights was quickly separated as the thick arrow picked up enemy knights like skewers of meat.

They had to say; they were thoroughly impressed.

Sirius looked at the design mechanism before him and felt a wave of shock.

He used to think that he was brilliant.

But now, he felt like a big fool!

Why didn’t he think of something so simple yet so effective?

Could it be that he was getting dumber by the day?