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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E988

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 988

A Formidable Opponent!

What do they do now?

Everyone fell deep in thought, as Morgany truly felt like a hard nut to crack.

The people there felt super superior and kept a tight lock on things. Some even felt like visitors polluted the place for them.

Even ordinary peasants there felt mightier and looked down on the Nobles here.

That’s what power did.

They felt like Morgany was the best place in the world. So they even made jokes about other regions.

For example, some would train more in fear of being shipped to Pyno or any lesser continent.

Of course, many Morgs did travel out on vacations but went to places they deemed worthwhile.

Why leave paradise to go to some uncivilized territory?

They considered many in the world as Barbaric.

A way a contingent was ranked was how people and infrastructure were.

Almost all regions and roads in Morgany were properly constructed with stone.

And unlike some regions in the world that buried their feces, Like Pyno, those from Morgany burned theirs, keeping the air very fresh and clean.

Even their homes looked more advanced than many places in this world.

Slaves in Morgany, as well as civilians, actually lived in residences or hostels that were provided by the states or their landlords.

So there were almost no thatched homes or anything of that sort.

Of course, some villagers lived in proper log cabin homes too.

So no matter how Baymard developed here in Pyno, other places were slow to develop, with their people still living in very terrible conditions, having bad roads, meeting deadly massive creatures and whatnot.

Yes! Pyno was starting to undergo a change.

But it would take a while for the entire Pyno to get properly fixed.

That was where Morgany was supreme.

They were way ahead of the game.


Anyway, with excellent control, they had tight control of who went in and why.

They also hardly allowed people to step into their haven.

That is, unless people wanted to visit the Public Pirate Institute, to process their rights to travel the seas.

And once their business was done, they got sent away swiftly.

Another reason might be that one was invited into any of the organizations or societies in Morgany.

From the Society of higher Arts to the Society of Agriculture, Math and so on… There were just so many of them.

There were also many secret societies too, like a few Assassin guilds that actually recruited people from all other the world, provided they were outstanding.

The Assassin guilds in Morgany were the dream places for many assassins.

It’s said that the training and assassin skills taught there were something else.

Of course, apart from Assassins, many people in different professions dreamed of finally settling in Morgany.

To many, it was Heaven in this world. And getting in was more complicated and complex than one could imagine.

So it was easy to see why many respected and dreamed of Morgany all day long.

Bottom line, one would need to get really lucky to get invited to these societies in Morgany.

Another way of getting in was if one openly paid a ridiculous sum of money and announced themselves before entering.

If one used this method, then wherever he/she went, they would have to be escorted by Morgs 24 hours a day.

Actually, even with the other methods, the Morgs would still secretly monitor visitors for as long as needed.

But with this last method, rather than doing so in hiding, they would openly escort the visitor everywhere they went.

These Morgs took no chances.

The people there liked the way things were and felt very disgusted by visitors… since they felt like mere mortals had somehow entered their heaven, mingling with them, who were Gods.

So, with all that said and done, how do they send in spies and assassins?

That was akin to sending them to their death!


Sirius ran his fingers through his hair thoughtfully: “The ideal situation would’ve been to allow some pirates to kidnap our spies. But now, with Nopline down, we have no idea when these pirates typically came to take captured citizens.”

“He’s right. Adding to that, we also don’t know how the pirates move at all. Like what their schedule is and who they are also in contact with here within the Pyno continent. Nopline kept things vague. His secret letters never gave any great details. We also think that he might’ve only used his most trusted knights to communicate with these people. And as you know, many were already killed during the battle in Terique.” Micheal said.

Lucius massaged his chin in agreement: “Hmhm. The few men we took back to prison were interrogated. And it seemed that they truly didn’t know any of these operations, which proves that Nopline only used a select few to communicate with the Pirates and Morgs. But now that they’re dead, we’re back to square one.”

Carmelo looked at the ceiling and sighed: “This is a bit tricky.”

“Hmhm.” Everyone agreed.

Landon looked at them and talked his fingers lightly on the table.

He, too, found that Morgany was as tight as a can of sardine.

It was like they were trying God, choosing who could go to heaven or not.

He had already planned a tracker on that Art society guy sometime back.

But it won’t be until Summer or Fall of next year before that guy finally steps into Morgany.

He could send his sh.i.p.s over there in a few months, but he didn’t want to alert those Morgs of anything.

First off, it’s said that the entire waters around Morgany were surrounded by thousands and thousands of pirate sh.i.p.s stationed like sharks guiding their lair.

And even the journey from here to Morgany had many other pirates stationed along too.

They might end up using all their ammunition in just one trip.

That wasn’t smart at all.

Of course, they could always speed up, leaving those pirates in the dust… Since machine-powered sh.i.p.s were faster than people paddling.

But once they got bear Morgany, they wouldn’t be able to do that anymore.

In short, Landon had long ago decided to deal with Morgany last.

He had his own plan in mind.

So until then, they would have to put off visiting Morgany.

Right now, they needed to focus on fortifying Pyno instead.