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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E987

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 987

What Now?

Landon looked at everyone and smiled.

Well, they seemed to have gotten the message.

Mona quickly took out her handkerchief and wiped her tears away before looking at her Nephew, Landon, in disdain.

She looked at him as if blaming him for trying to ruin her makeup.

Luckily, she was quick to wipe her tears away, or wouldn’t her cheeks and eyes be overly swollen on T.V?


Stupid nephew.’

Landon, who didn’t know what Mona thought, was busy opening his doc.u.ments before him.

And right on cue, the song came to an end, earning thundering claps from the audience.

Even those watching in their times were crying hard as if they were there.

“I’ll go! I was about to relieve myself in the bathroom. But when I heard Angelica’s voice, I said to hell with my body and its needs. The song was so touching!”

“F***! What sort of sacred song is this?

How come I didn’t know that Angelica, Jamil, and Kilan had collaborated to produce such a powerful song? Where can I buy the cassette?”

“Lying trough! My soul almost flew out of my body just now. How can one song be so powerful?”

“My brother came just a few seconds after the song started, saw me crying and laughed hard at me. Flash forward to the end of the song, he too, was crying. Now, we’re tissue-sharing buddies, using the same box of tissues to wipe our tears.”

“No! I have to vote for this song in Music weekly.”

“Ahhh! That’s what I was thinking too!

You know, we can either send a mail, call the magazine company or drop our sites in the many suggestion boxes around Baymard. There’s no way that I won’t submit and bite for this song. I want to see it in the next edition of music weekly. So how can I not vote?”

“Hey! The song is also catchy too.”

~We are the world… We are the children.

We are the ones to make a brighter day, so let’s start giving~~

Lucia, who was back in her room, also cried like a baby while staring at the T.v intensively.

How touching.

And so, while the audience outside was bubbling with excitement, those inside were all pumped to make changes instead.

Well, everything was going according to plan.

Of course after the song, they officially began the meeting.

The prominent figures were introduced, and everyone focused on the first thing on the agenda.

Of course, today and the next, they would talk on general topics like poverty, specific agricultural issues, deadly wild creatures that seemed to be above, several policies and so on.

And on the last day, they would have a private talk on national defence, war, spies, etc.

Landon sat up, tapped his gravel several times, and calmly went through the agenda with everyone else.

He did this, giving time for everyone to give suggestions, come up with issues, debate on the matter and make several conclusions.

Things continued like this until the 3rd day.

Finally, it was time to get down to more serious business!


Now, just as usual, everyone once again took their seats.

Today, there were no cameras, no other people… Just them.

And the entire room and building were well protected with tight security.

Everyone within the room was currently engaged with a bigger concern now.

The air instantly grew tense as everyone listened to all the things that Landon had taken care of.

More still, many also placed down the issues and terrible encounters they had too.

The more they spoke, the more they realized that all their problems were connected somehow.

It was like a web that came from the same source.

Everything seemed to be linked to each other mysteriously.

What was going on?

Everyone felt a sense of crisis over them as they quickly listed down their worries.

Some problems were already solved, but others remained unfinished.

The first was Prince Skye of Veinitta, whose family would sooner or later come to find him.

Another issue was the Temple, which still had surviving members in both Yodan and Deiferus. Of course, the Baymardians, as well as Henry and Sirius’ people, were working hard to get all of them.

The other was the Pirate organization that was currently giving trouble to everyone.

And finally, there was the issue with the mysterious Morg organization.


William nodded thoughtfully: “Yes. I have heard of this secret organization before. Just this past October, we did find a vague more within Alec Barn’s properties. Before, I just thought it was a hidden group within Arcadina, but now… It seems I was wrong.”

Sirius frowned: From the looks of it, this group might have members in our respective empires. And this isn’t good. We, as Pyno Citizens, have never been able to guess what goes on in the minds of the Morgs. So if we can solve this problem fast, one day, it would bite us back in a gruesome way.”

Penelope squinted her eyes, wondering if they were others in Carona involved with this organization.

They had caught several spies of Nopline, but they had never heard of spies from this organization.

It looks like they would have to double-check things just to be sure.

Astar removed the lollipop in his mouth innocently: “Since we can’t find out what this organization wants for now, then why don’t we just go ask them?”


Everyone listened to him and nodded: Yes! We should send our spies there too.”

Landon shook his head wryly while looking at Astar.

He was pretty sure that the guy would’ve just marched there and asked the morgs if he could.

But those who didn’t know Astar thought he meant to send spies.

Henry massaged his temples worriedly.

“Even if we send our men there, how do we guarantee their safety?

Morgany isn’t like any other place out there.

They hardly allowed outsiders to stay there unless one was super wealthy or personally got invited.

People could come in and visit, but they had to go after a certain period of time.

Everything was controlled by the pirates, who would also spy on those entering the continent 24 hours a day no matter where one went.

It isn’t just the pirates that watched, as the people shunned outsiders and got paid for reporting their movements too.

Any wrong move from our spies, and they would lose their heads before they could even blink.

Morgany is super controlled.

So what do we do?”