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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E985

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 985

An Unanswered Mystery

“Big Brother Landon!”

Astar quickly swallowed his food, tapped his chest vigorously, forcefully sending the food down before exclaiming excitedly.

In Astar’s mind, Landon was more like a superhero.

Ever since Landon saved him from hundreds and hundreds of assassins single-handedly, Astar had believed in Landon 100%.

Who else could do what he did?

His eyes twinkled in awe as he bearhugged Landon.

Michael tapped Landon’s back hard with excitement too.

“Brat! So you’ve finally come to welcome us, aye?

Speaking of which, I’ve been training pretty hard these past few months.

So how about a spar?”

Landon looked at Michael speechlessly.

He had forgotten that this guy was a training maniac.

Back in Carona during Santa’s wedding, the guy had challenged Carmelo at every turn.

Finally, Carmelo couldn’t take it and actually soared with him, still winning.

One would think that Michela would’ve cooled down a bit after that time.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

He was pumped up more than anything to train and kept challenging people here and there.

Of course, he beat all his men hands down.

But from childhood till now, he had never beaten Carmelo in a fight.

Likewise, since he knew Landon, he had never won the brat too.

Micheal wanted to at least win a single fight from them in his lifetime.

So he would never give up!


Landon looked at him and felt a headache coming along.

Until Carmelo got here, he would have to hide from this maniac.

Michael showed off his sweet muscles proudly: “Com’on! What are you afraid of? I promise I’ll go easy on you. So why don’t we spar now? Brat! I have to warn you that I’ve grown stronger when compared to the last time you saw me. Just ask Astar how I’ve been taking care of people in Terique. Com’on Astar. Tell him how good I am.”

Astar gulped a juice box from the fridge and looked at Micheal: “Big Brother Landon. It’s true. Father is good.”


Do you hear that?

He said I’m good.”

“Hmhm. Father is good. But he’s bound to lose.”

“Hahaha… Do you hear that?

He said that I’m bound to… Eh?”


Micheal opened his mouth wide and looked at Astar as if he were looking at a traitor.

How could his own son have no faith in him?

Landon chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt.

If not for their faces being similar, no one would think these 2 to be related.

Their personalities and lifestyles were so different.

One mostly cared about training, while the other cared most about eating.


The trio joked for a while before Landon and Micheal turned severe… Astar was still Astar.

“Brat. It’s bad.

According to some of the doc.u.ments and secret letters we went through, we just discovered that Nopline had invited some Morg Prince to Terique years ago.”


“From all the secret messages, Nopline was some lower member of some Big Morg association.

We also believe that your father, the late Alec Barn, was also in this association as well.”

Instantly, Landon recalled the words of that famous guy from the Arts society in Morgany.

The guy did mention that without them, Alec would’ve never actually sat comfortably as Monarch in his first few years.

So was this the secret elite organization that he mentioned?

It was an organization filled with extremely powerful men.

But now, what did they want?

No, the question should be… What did Nopline promise them?

Even in his death, that guy was still causing problems for them.

Truly a troublesome fellow.


“So… Do you all know what he promised?”

“No. Through the countless doc.u.ments in all his estates, we couldn’t find a single clue.

All we know is that both the Morgs and the pirates should be coming for something very soon.

Whatever it is, I don’t think it’ll be good.” Micheal said bitterly.

He wished he had discovered this problem earlier on.

But there was just no helping it.

Nopline had thousands and thousands of doc.u.ments and secret books in each estate.

So they had been going through everything vigilantly, without rushing.

It was tough to know which one was important or not.

So their only choice was to go through all.

Hence, they only found out not too long ago.

“Hmmm….” Landon massaged his chin deep in thought.

What could it be?

From the few things he knew about this secret organization, they only sent out invites to extremely powerful people who had no moral line.

Looking at it, this organization had never seen any invites to Micheal or his predecessors… And he was even more sure that they had never sent one to Adrian or Carmelo.

So it was clear to see that they picked people who were greedy and hungry for power because those sorts of people were the easiest to control.

Such people would never disobey orders due to moral reasons and were more likely to leave the organization because it was their backers.

And since the organization has many people in it, offending the organization meant that one would be going against almost everyone in power.

So even if a traitor existed, it would be hard for them to make any moves against the organization.

Instead, many would try to climb up the ranks rather than leaving the secret organization.

Because the higher they went, the more power they commanded.

Of course, it was also hard for those in the Pyno continent to actually get invited since no one took them seriously.

So getting invited, even if it was a lowly position, was something miraculous in itself.

That said, what did the Morgs want in Terique?

Whenever Morgs were mentioned, the results were never good.

So they couldn’t help but wear solemn expressions on their faces.


“Brat. It’s because we don’t know their reasons for coming that makes us worried.

I wanted to write about the matter and pass it on to you weeks ago.

But since I was coming for this U.N meeting, I decided to discuss it with you face-to-face.”

“I understand.

So… Do you have any idea when they might get here?”

“This… This is our main issue.

From the secret messages, there was no date or arrival period.

We think that Nopline might’ve passed the information through word of mouth to the Morg who brought the letter.

Nonetheless, from Nopline’s spending actions, word of mouth from the servants who used to work for him, and other things… we do think that he was expecting these Morgs something this year or possibly next.

Brat. I’m here to ask for your help in this matter.

No matter what these people want, be it trouble or not, we have to be prepared.”


Helping you is not a problem. I, too, want to know what they want.” Landon said curiously.


What would make a Morg Prince leave the glorious Morgany to come all the way here?

It was typical for Morgs to send people since they deemed this place unfit to have them.

Almost no total there had ever stepped their legs in Pyno.

So what would make this prince come all the way here?

Things were getting more and more interesting.