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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E982

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 982

Siege Weapons; A New Era In History


Landon sat abruptly in excitement while listening to the system’s notification.

Was it that time already?

He quickly looked at the information and nodded his head in expectation.

Sure enough, it’s still the empire of Morgany that created them.

There were many continents in the Hertfilia.

But from what he could tell, Morgany was indeed the most advanced, Followed by the Continent of Lampe, which was completely unified by the Temple of Adonis.

Following that would be Veinitta in the 3rd position, Romain (Lucia’s continent) in the 4th, Tenola in the 5th, Pyno in 6th, Omania, Zohl and finally Zania in that order

Pyno was locked in the 6th position.

But without many knowing it, Baymard had somehow climbed up to the 5th position, according to the system’s analysis.

From cleaner roads, good air quality, better living and so on… Many things influenced how these continents got ranked.

What was even more surprising was that Lucia’s Continent, Romain, was in the 4th position above Pyno.

Who could argue with the results?

Her people were extremely clean, with unique art styles very similar to that of the Egyptians back on earth.

One could argue that they were far superior and had more mind-blowing thoughts and genius ideas than the 10th century Egyptians back on Earth.

When comparing Romain to Pyno, the results were precise.


Anyway, the first siege weapon, the Ballista, was created… Even though the Morgs just named it ‘Giant Bow & Arrow.’


What a non-original name.

Well, from the system’s notification, it was just approved by the Monarch of Andorian.

Andorian was a very thriving empire within the Continent of Morgany.

And today, its Monarch went for a secret show on the new weapon, which blew his mind.

Without a doubt, it got approved.

But Landon knew that it would take far more time for others to even know of it.

Without a doubt, that Monarch would start mass producing it in Andorian and secretly hoard the idea until it got discovered.

Morgany, just like many other continents, still had secret battles to expand its territories.

Publicly, the empires had an agreement for peace throughout Morgany.

And to ensure that things always stayed that way, they always married their sons and daughters to each other to maintain things.

Other times, they would often send gifts or share countless ideas amongst themselves, provided it wasn’t any military ideas.

The empires had exchanges and could share poetry, architecture, art and even medicine.

But they kept all military ideas to themselves.

Who didn’t want to expand their territories?

They usually acted around the borders of other empires, trying to eat each other’s territories.

One had to sleep with one eye open during these times.

Everyone has a dream of uniting the continent and being the only monarch.

So how could they give up?

Even back on earth, the countries we know today, like China, used to have countless different individual dynasties that fought over and over with one another, with everyone having the same idea of uniting it and being the sole ruler.

That was just his things were and would be, that is, until the united nations came in with countless rules, stopping all this and ensuring that people had independence and a sense of security.


Some rules were laid out, indicating that more prominent countries couldn’t just attack smaller ones and swallow them whole.

Everything stopped after the entire world agreed for it to end.

Boundaries were marked, and areas were declared.

And thus, many things cooled down.

During the end of the 18th and mid 19th centuries, colonization back on earth came to a standstill.

Of course, the U.N wasn’t the only factor that added in cooling things down.

Honestly, after the 2nd World War, many European countries lacked the wealth and political support to keep doing what they did.

So they also had to compromise too.

Just like that, from the beginning of time, till the end of the18th century, people constantly colonized and fought for land.

So why would Hertfilia’s case be any different?

Landon had a hunch that everywhere in the galaxies and universes, things would be like this.

Even with interstellar travel, people fought to take over planets instead.

That was just human nature.

And they wouldn’t stop until they saw the coffin… Unless someone forced them to.

And that’s why he was here.

For sure, even after the entire world was united, these people would go out fighting to own planets… Until an intergalactic agreement got made.

Deep down, he just knew that humans were a problematic bunch.

Why the heavens always fought for them was beyond him… Not that he was complaining.


Anyway, here in Hertfilia, even with little peace agreements made within Morgany, the Monarchs still made many hidden moves to realize their dreams.

And so, with this new siege weapon, it would be impossible for the other empires to get their hands on the design now… Talk less of those outside Morgany.

It’s funny because once they understand its mechanism, they would knock their heads for their stupidity.

Many would wonder why they didn’t think of it.

But that was just what made a design great.

Before something as simple as a drone got invented, no one thought of making a camera fly?

Why should a camera fly?

At the time, it seemed foolish, and no one even thought of it deeply.

But after it got done, people felt like they should’ve been the ones who thought about it.

Likewise, over here, these people already come up with the concept of carriage wheels, some pulleys and levers used to draw water from wells.

But the question now was why they didn’t think of creating a mechanism that could shoot giant arrows like the Ballistas.

A ballista was like a giant wooden slingshot bow & arrow.

They pull the giant bow top behind using a rowing lever, secure the arrow and launch it to the sky.

Such an easy thing wasn’t thought of until now.


Landon felt like the Monarch of Andorian would probably start getting even itchier for battle now.

Actually, it wouldn’t take long for other empires within Morgany to successfully steal the design layout or kidnap the creator.

Instead, it would take longer for the rest of the world to know of this new contraption.

So what does the system want him to do?