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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1526

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1526

Lucy’s Command!  –West side, Outskirts of Firgan Town.–


The afternoon sky was hot, boiling, and buzzing with nature’s boisterous sounds.

It was 4 P.M, and Lucy’s team had arrived several days back.

The gang had already surveyed and mapped the site out.

Their faces were grim and their bodies solemn.

Lucy looked at the few ladies before her, still not comfortable enough to do the job, but knowing they had no other choice.

”Are you sure you can get it done? If the task is too daunting for you, this is your chance to pull out.”

”Your majesty, we can do it!” The female soldiers replied boldly.

They were dressed in thin and showy attires of all sorts of colors.

The bottom half of their faces were covered with long see-through silky pieces of fabric, and their hands dawned with a special ‘tattoo.’

The tattoo was painted on them last night and wouldn’t come off till 1 week later.

In this world, most slaves were marked, either by burning or by other means. So to see their act more, Baymard had developed these special inks for operations such as these.

Lucy took deep breaths, calling her thunderous heart.

Once the ladies go in, those scum men might touch them and do other things. But luckily, from their investigations, even if these ladies came in, they wouldn’t get thrown onto the beds of these men so fast.


The team leaders, both men, and women, all surrounded Lucy while looking at the map they had out together.

Captain Ivanka placed her hand on a certain road on the map.

”Your majesty, from our investigations, the Pleasure Caravan will use this path. But we found that they somehow vanish midway around this next point. So there should be more than 4 ways of getting to this underground base.”

And that’s why they were sending the ladies in through the caravan.

They couldn’t go there to investigate since it’s likely enemy scouts would be around those passages.

”We need to infiltrate through as many entrances and exits as we can.” Captain Raymond added.

Everyone nodded solemnly.

They had separated from his majesty Landon’s team from the start, with their goal being this underground base.

During the time they pretended to be people from Hamunaptra, they saved little Ren, as well as unearthed a few hidden T.O.E.P messages with a few strange notes they couldn’t make out.

And one of such notes had a single sentence with 15 words on it that didn’t make any bloody sense when out together.

The grammar was bad, the spellings wrong, and everything about it just sounded wrong.

They thought they would never be able to crack the code. But when the mission to Titarian came up, the words written soon made sense!

And they realized the first 14 words were directions, with the last word in the letter being the order or command the writer was instructing them to do.

How clever.

It took a lot of their brain cells to conclude on the matter, showing how crazy and tight with information these Morgs were.

And sure enough, they followed not only the stars in the sky but the strangeness in their surroundings, as well as the shift in the atmosphere to get to this point… Firgan town.

It was just a hunch, though very unbelievable and uncertain. Thus, they had embarked on this mission with a 50/50 probability of being wrong.

But who knew if they would be right on the money?


The revelation made them want to scream, jump, and jubilee in glee.

Do you know how many years they’ve been trying to crack some of those codes in those hidden Morg documents?

Crazy!… Crazy!!!

They had made groundbreaking success.

But it was still too early to be excited.

First things first, they had to gather as much information they could about this place, since they knew nothing about it to begin with.

That’s why they had taken a long time to observe the site.

And at first, they didn’t know where the base was. Luckily, at night, they flew over the scene, trying to spot any crazy gathering of people they could find.

It took a while, but they finally found it.

The fortress’ stone walls were masked by the creeping vines and collages around.

It almost made the soaring walls look invisible.

But with the soaring height of the walls, one would think the buildings in the fortress would also be ridiculously high.

However, from what they saw, the tallest building was but 2 stories, with many being ground level.

This again confirmed their suspicions that the bulk of the base was underground.

And knowing how difficult the enemy was, they feared it wouldn’t be a simple underground base.

What if they got trapped somehow down there?

This was the T.O.E.P they were talking about.

You have to know that the last T.O.E.P base they infiltrated looked easy on the surface but made them sweat buckets.

They were now in the enemy’s territory. So one false step and it might be them who end up unfortunate.

This time, they made a great effort to understand their enemy.

And as the saying went… Luck and true hard work will always be rewarded.

With that, it didn’t take long for them to find a few good places they could start their counter-attacking from.

It was just that their information was still complete. And the time was always ticking at their disadvantage.


In the gathering, the gang all wore solemn faces.

”Everyone! It’s safe to assume the base has not 4 but 5 or 6 exit and entrance points.” Lucy indicated, with many following her fingers on the map.

”Here, here, here, here and here… These points are all out in the wilderness. But from what you all told me, there should be exit/entrance points in the town too?”

Captain Raymon and everyone else nodded. “Affirmative, your majesty.” Her majesty had never been on such missions before, but they had uncountable times and knew most bases did have tunnels connecting them to the nearby cities or towns.

This much they knew.