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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1410

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1410

Mission Complete

Baloo and his wife weren’t the only ones going crazy with these latest Baymardian technologies.

“Amazing! There’s a little icon for drawing called Paint! Awesome! My daughter will like this!”

“Excel! Excel! This is a heavenly gift for us who have to do multiple calculations over and over again. It says we need to make a formula, drag down and later insert input into the columns for the results!

Wooo~… Now I don’t have to calculate data a million times with a hand calculator. Wow! This sure does save time!”

“Bycrosoft Word! That’s what I’m here for! As a writer, having such a heavenly gift is all I could’ve asked for Christmas!”

“You fool! Can’t you see the Adobe and Presentation software too? In short, all office apps are just too good!”

“Ahhhh~… I just realized that you can print stuff off from the computers. All you have to do is connect it to the printers, and the rest is history!”

“F*** all that! This daddy is here for the internet! Don’t you recall the internet search list that was published a week ago? Quickly! Bay-Tube! I heard there are some cool videos about my favorite celebrities there!”

“Wait! The instructions say we can insert what is called a floppy disc… What the heck is that?”

“Alright! Everyone, I need you all to shut up! I’m about to insert the Indiana Jones game!”

“bPod! bPod… This music pod is just so awesome. I can hear everything loud and clear.”

“Hahahahha~… I’ve found it! I found my favorite celebrity’s page on Panda. Finally! I can leave my comments under the barrage! Yes! Yes! Cute! I love this outfit she’s wearing. F***! Who is this bastard who dared to comment and dislike it? Eat my fist, dirtbag!”


“100% Points!”

“God! Will I be able to sleep by the end of the day with this heavenly artifact in my room?”



One by one, many stayed in their rooms for over 6~7 hours without knowing it.

There was just so much to uncover within this I chatted territory called a computer.

And the internet was even more impressive.

Before today, a whole 20~30 page booklet had emerged, giving a hint of what people could search for.

There were topics on gaming, beauty, food, fashion, news, weather, schools, and many more.

On BayTube, which was similar to Earth’s YouTube, one should know that all videos weren’t put there by any individuals or everyday folks.

Simple videos on troubleshooting one’s computer or how to handle a cold were all put on the internet.

Everything there was common knowledge that one wouldn’t need to pay for.

Celebrities also had their pages on BayTube.

The biggest reason why it would be impossible for everyone to have their own BayTube was that cameras weren’t for personal uses now.

One needn’t think about the computers having cameras on them since they were the old earthling versions.

And even if in the next 4 or so years, he had laptops, they still wouldn’t have cameras until the entire world was unified.

The new camera technology was used in military drones, intending to play a big part in the upcoming war.

So how could they compromise their future victory because of a little fun now?


At the moment, Landon felt that he had still been able to keep everyone happy.

First, hospitals and every public establishment had their own websites where one could go on and look for more detailed information on what these services offered.

Phone numbers and even booking appointments would be way easier than normal.

The use of emails and many computer essentials would be readily available at the drop of a hat.

And as he said earlier, even registering or dropping out of some courses, be it for the next semester or the present, would also be simplified.

None longer would they have to physically go to the office or wait in line via telephone.

The spits were all there

And once filled, being could get waitlisted.

Popular facts on hygiene, fashion, upcoming matters, camping, doing simple things like fishing on a campsite, or choosing the right location that works for them, could be shown on BayTube, official websites, or various blogs.

Again, when securing trip spaces and paying online, one could book a hotel or trip online but had to go there in-person to pay for it within the next 72 hours, or the reservation would get canceled.

The option of booking faster was because of the rush, especially when deals were involved.

There was quite a lot to take in with these matters.

And when it came to Esports, he planned to open an entire center that would get live-streamed there.

It would be like a Cyber Cafe, but massive 3 stories tall, filled with Gamers battling steadily.

There were no webcams or cameras for them to do so at home.

But there, they’ll be able to build their individual gaming brands and make names for themselves.

As for how they would receive bonuses from fans… By the time he officially introduced Esports in Baymard, credit and debit cards should work online.


Though Credit and Debit cards would be available in another month or so, he only planned to make online payments a thing next Spring.

During this time, he hopes many would thoroughly understand how to use their cards.

And in the meantime, he would work on card protection security for the computers, ensuring that no personal information was lost.

Sigh… There was a lot to consider going forward.

But for now, this much was enough.

“No! No! No!~ I can’t believe I died on my 11th attempt! Tsk! As expected of Tomb Raider. Truly worth the hype.”

“Dammit! Speed Punks is so good! Who dares to join me and compete?”

“Okay! Okay! These stormtroopers are pissing me off! Now, it’s time to get serious. Die! Die! Die!!!!!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


Like true gamers, Little Momo, Linda, Tilda, and little Ren had ganged up together in the main hall of their wing.

As per the new rules of the house, they were not allowed to have a computer in their rooms.

In his opinion, they were too young to have personal Tvs or computers in their rooms.

When they came of age, then they could have that conversation with him.

Within the wing, there were a total of 12 computers scattered across the grand hall.

6 were around the same location, for when they planned to play together or had their friends over, playing together again.

And as for the other 6, he randomly distributed them around the wing in corners that didn’t allow one to see what they were working on.

No matter what age one was at, Privacy was important too.

And he spaced the computers out so that those playing games won’t bother those studying seriously.

It should be noted that the 6 computers that were grouped were now enclosed in a boot he had built that wouldn’t let the noise from within travel out.

Before the computers came in, he had people create this mini-space in the most inconspicuous far most corner of the hall that blended in perfectly with the room just for this reason.

And now, those gaming could make as much noise as they wanted within the space.

Additionally, they weren’t the only ones staying in this wing, seeing as Paula was also here as well.

As for mother Winnie, she married not too long ago and moved out.


“Dammit! Why is this level so hard?”

Landon stepped into the space, seeing Momo and the rest in deep concentration with their headphones on, clicking their noise as though their lives depended on it.

“It’s time for lunch.”

“Ah-… Lunch? Who needs that?”

“Yeah! We’re not hungry!”

“Not Hungry!”

Landon rolled his eyes, calmly walking into the room.

“If you guys don’t pause your games, I’ll ban your game-playing for a month.”


Everyone’s heart drummed chaotically.

1, 2…


Everyone froze their games, speedily lending the scene.

“Ah~… Big Brother Landon, why didn’t you say it was lunchtime?”

“That’s right. It’s my favorite meal of the day, so how can I miss it?”

“Big brother Landon, could it be that you misheard us earlier?”

No way. They had to flee before their big brother Landon changed his mind.


Now they know how to run?

Landon watched the little imps leave the wing with their tails properly clamped between their legs.


He knew that during school and serious times, they would focus and do what was necessary.

After all, even in modern times with all these distractions, people still read for exams and even use the Internet and computers to their advantage, especially at work.

Thus, he wasn’t too concerned about that.

Instead, it was their slacking nature at home that bothered him.

This was the long holiday, and they were more or less free.

But so what?

The house rules still had to be applied!

Lunch was to be eaten at a specific time, making this easier for the staff.

Such simple rules were never to be instructed, no matter how fun their gameplay was.


Landon shook his head wryly, making his way back to his office.


[Host, Congratulations on completing your main mission.]


Now, it was time to talk airplanes!