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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1402

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1402

A Few Changes

Good. Good.

Landon left the barracks in a jolly mood.

He felt like a father watching his child grow up.

The birth of drones was an exceptionally good start.

But it wasn’t just the military, Police, and Navy who had them.

For national documentaries and history’s sake, he also gave a few to those observing animals in their natural habitats.

There were some ground drones that looked like the Spiked turtle, while others just looked like birds in the sky.

Landon leaned back, driving towards the Lower Region.

With the emergence of the internet and computers, there were just quite a few more things he had to approve of.

The moment Tim heard of his arrival, he hurried over with a broad grin on his face.

“Ah!-… Your majesty, I wasn’t expecting you over today. But now that you’re here, you’ve saved me the trouble of sending in the final draft and reports for the many pending matters.” Tim said, escorting Landon to his office.

You have to know that during these past few weeks, he had been so busy that he didn’t even have time to catch his breath.

Left, right, center… One could find home everywhere these days.

“Riley, get your Majesty’s favorite, will you?”

Tim’s secretary nodded briskly.

“Yes, sir.”

Landon was a regular in Tim’s office, only drinking one particular coffee in a specific way.

So the secretaries here knew of his preferences.

However, what he took while in Tims’s office, was very different from what he took in Wiggin’s office or even Lyore’s.

A monarch must never be easy to figure out.

So if you ask all the overseers or those who knew him, what his favorite beverage was, they would be very confused, to say the least.

And occasionally, he would change his presence abruptly when visiting them too.


“Your majesty…”

Landon took hold of the warm cup of Apple-flavored coffee, nodding at Riley in thanks.

In truth, his best was everything Vanilla.

But no one knew this except for his wife. Even mother Kim didn’t know.

Many just thought all were his favorite since he more or less created a majority of them.

Landon smacked his tongue, enjoying the rich flavor that engulfed his mouth.

Deliciously warm.

The Spring rains had long begun to fall towards the end of the Competition.

And now, the entire Baymard was colder than usual.

Everyone had their scarves, warm attorney, raincoats, and umbrellas.

Landon took another sip, finally putting it aside and reaching for the documents Tim sent his way.

“Your majesty, here is the order list.”


It was quite long and very detailed.

Landon looked at the list, scanning things one by one.

The first priority on the list was Typewriters.

Tim pushed his reading glasses in, taking a pencil and pointing out key aspects to the matter.


“Your majesty, as requested, we have allocated a certain number of Typewriters for all city and town Baymardian settlements.”

Villages won’t be included in this matter.

Flip. Flip.

Landon flipped through the document, bidding in satisfaction.

Before now, the only typewriters available in the other territories were those used and kept in the police stations, village/town/ city head government building, and whatnot.

Ordinary civilians didn’t use them yet.

Landon had long made up his mind that before the internet and computers came about, he would test the matters on the typewriters, seeing just how secure they were in other Baymardian regions.

It should be noted that since the period when typewriters were sent out, quite a few thieves have long tried to steal these typewriters.

Some people hired assassins to try sneaking in and taking them away.

However, they failed because of several reasons.

For one, all the typewriters were cabinet and locked with 3 powerful locks in 3 different positions; on the bottom and 2 on the sides.

Additionally, the security within the Baymardian territories alone always made them catch the assassin bore they even tried to sneak into the buildings.

It couldn’t be helped.

With night and heat vision goggles, these assassins were like sitting ducks.

The worst thing was that they didn’t even know they had been long spotted.

Some would hide in the bushes, trees, or buildings after closing for ages, not knowing that the Baymardians had such strong technology.


At least if they knew, they wouldn’t be acting like fools in a playhouse for these Baymardians to see.


Thanks to the info from his Baymardian soldiers scattered around, he had gotten quite a few vital pieces of information over the years.


He heard that in the assassin guilds, the task of speaking a typewriter had time up a notch, even becoming a double-S class mission.

Landon was a person who would never drop his guard down.

Don’t look at some nobles coming to Baymard, thinking they were all very friendly with him.

Heh… On the surface, they might be.

However, it would be a lie to say that they didn’t want their hands on his lower region products.

Who wouldn’t want to understand how his goods were made?

Many would like to create 2nd-hand copies and sell them for lower prices to amass wealth.

That’s why the security he kept in all these regions was tight.

These people knew that stealing from Baymard’s capital was far riskier and harder.

So they turned their attention to the other territories.

After all, the Great wall of Baymard was still under construction.

And though there were uncountable Baymardians guards stationed around the border perimeters, these assassins felt that they still had a better chance for escape.

Fast-forwarding to this present moment, Landon had already sent more guards around every single part of his territory.

He also wanted them to keep a lookout on things because now, Typewriters would be available in the Public libraries within these regions.

Of course, the village government did have their own Typewriters they had been using for a while now.

However, there would be no public libraries in the villages.

So one must either go to the nearby towns or cities by bus.

Such was the way things were for now.

Luckily, by bus, the traveling time was far shorter than if one were to walk on foot or use carriages or wagons.