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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1352

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Project E

Lilian walked one step behind Landon, giving him the highlights from the call earlier.

She was one of Landon’s secretaries.

Landon chuckled, seeing how efficient his secretaries were.

First, Brian had given with him on the mission, ensuring that every time he was aboard the ships, he would at least do 50% of what was intended.

And now, it hasn’t even been long since he stepped his feet back in Baymard. Yet, his other secretaries couldn’t wait to you’ll him left, right, and center as though fighting for a piece of bone.

“Your majesty, Overseer Yusha related the success of Project E… Your majesty, seeing how vibrant and energized you are, I would advise that we go over there now.” Lilian said, adjusting her glasses.


Are you advising me or telling me?

Landon couldn’t tell which it was.

Well, not that he could blame her. You know, all he did and participated in all had paperwork that was broken down and distributed amongst his secretaries.

And knowing that he practically had a hand in every little industry and establishment, do you know how much work each secretary would have on their shoulder?

This was probably why they liked to drag him along, forcing him to complete several projects.

Why? Because once something was marked done and over with, they would finally be able to store and cabinets the damn file, not even looking at it for a second!

So please, say all you want, but to them, one of their top priorities was stamping the completion notice on their files.


For sure, they were only secretaries, not going too deep into whatever secrets these industries had with Landon.

No… They mostly arranged meetings, wrote agendas, went over numerous applications, stamped approvals or rejections based on Landon’s decisions, wrote countless reports, and so much more.

On their desks each day, one could see stacks and stacks of papers.

Even upcoming projects had to pass through them.

These reports only presented the outer shell of the projects, exploring why, what, and how they would be beneficial.

It was like selling a pitch to investors. At times, they would attend these project-show dates, representing his majesty.

They were there to record and note all they saw and heard diligently. And when Landon got back, he would be able to evaluate whether the projects were successful or not.

Bottom line, their role as secretaries was to be the eyes and ears of his majesty, especially when not around.

And Lilian, who had been handling all matters concerning this particular Academy, wanted to get this Project-E done and over with.

Just before Landon arrived, she had been preparing to head over there.

However, now that he was here wasn’t this great?

Moreover, she had heard him say he ate heartily in the ship just before docking. So he should be full, sound and ready to go, right?

Landon looked at Lilian helplessly, sighing at his predicament.

Forget it.

He might as well get to work since he was back.

“Your majesty, please get in.”



–Academy of Weather, Hert (Earth) & Atmospheric Sciences–


Landon looked at the newly built academy site, once again pleased with the architectural designs chosen.

Just stepping into the place was enough to let Everyone know what the academy was all about.

Large structures of stars, the moon and many other objects were strategically positioned across the Academy.

There were also open fountains and wind vanes across the scene.

In short, quite a few of these things were testing devices camouflaged to look like various objects.

If it were a sunny day, one would’ve seen students sitting on the many lawns in clusters, talking endlessly.

Even with the film of heavy rain, one could still see the academy’s beauty.

Landon nodded, looking at the many details across the scene.

For now, only 1/4th of the academy was completed.

But make no mistake, the fully constructed regions already took up a vast amount of land.

This academy was to host astronomers, astrologists, and many others from all over the world.

So how could it be small?


Landon had a vision.

He wanted to create a massive site just like Havard’s or the University of Toronto back on earth.

The land space was what he wanted.

There would be buildings or Academy ‘houses’ that would go up to 7 floors above ground with basement levels.

These would host the students well.

And of course, there would also be cafeterias, gyms, libraries, practical lab sectors, research sectors, classrooms, offices, campus stores, and so on.

Though this early batch consisted of middle-aged men, Landon still insisted on creating the gym.

After all, it would be good for them to exercise. Additionally, some Baymardian graduates had chosen to enter the Academy too.

In short, he was creating an academy or a university, if one will. And at present, 1/4th has been completed.

It’s because of this that the students had transferred out of the estate they previously rented, finally settling down here this past August.

Now, the old estate was free to be rented out yet again.

Slowly but surely, the Academy would grow year by year.


The vehicle drove straight towards the newly created Research facility.

The 5-floored building was extensive in width. One could place 12 vehicles back to back to estimate how wide the buildings were.

And around every corner, one could see massive car Park spaces or lawns.

The building stood out on its own, with heavy security around this particular building on every exit or entry point.

Even the single-floored security buildings around the Research facility were enough to show any intruders how serious the Baymardians were.


Thap. Thap. Thap. Thap!

With an umbrella over his head, Landon stepped into the building, going through security yet again.

Alright. It was time to see how far the Academy had gone.

He had not, for one second, helped them in any way from start to finish.

So now, he was looking forward to this urgent need of theirs.

Project E… How far can they go?

Leaving security, Landon, Lilian and the rest headed to the demonstration room.

“Ah!- Your Majesty! Welcome!”

Yusha, his disciples Ben and Gregg, and many others were stunned to see Landon.


Didn’t they say that his majesty wasn’t available (around)?

So now, seeing him only made them pleasantly surprised.

Wait. Could it be that he cleared up his schedule for them?… How touching.


Landon didn’t bother reading up the misunderstanding.

After all, he was a monarch, and his every move and action shouldn’t be predictable.

Only a few knew he left Baymard.

That’s right.

Though he had left for over 3 weeks now, the majority of people might only think he was hauled up focusing on different matters across the now vast Baymardian empire.

For all they knew, he could’ve been out in one of the territories.

Better still, he could be focusing on the matters concerning the Lower Region instead.

Who doesn’t know that his majesty is always up and about like a busy bee?

Everyone had a broad smile on their faces, gesturing to Landon to take a seat.

“Yusha… What madness have you and your team come up with now?”

Yusha scratched his head in embarrassment, recalling the last creation. “Your majesty, I told you that wast how it was supposed to look like. So why are you still hung up on that?”

Pfff… No way! I like that little invention of yours more than the rest.”



Yusha wanted to bury his head in the ground and stay there.

He had invented a modified rain gauge. However, he is calculated in some steps, leading to an even more ingenious output. However, the esthetic of the contraption ended up looking so hideous and eye-disturbing.

It looked like some sitting device.

But hey… If it works, it works.

For this, Landon clapped for their efforts.

They had created another version of the simple rain gauge… Though it looked ugly.

This was the sort of thing Landon encouraged.

Once he created the first model, he allowed the people to invent, modify and create their own versions.

And accidents sometimes lead to better results.

But to Yusha, he didn’t like this invention… Especially when it was displayed in the Historical Museum alongside his name and a few others.


It was so ugly when compared to the nearby inventions close to it.

Wouldn’t future historians think he was drunk when creating it?

No way! Yusha was determined to rectify his good image by creating yet another masterpiece.

And that’s why he started Project E!


Yusha rubbed his hands together, looking at his watch in anticipation.

10 seconds left… 9, 8… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


A door at the very front of the demonstration room opened. And in came a team in lab coats.

Of course, it should also be noted that at the center of the room, there was a massive object that was covered with a vast spread of red cloth.


What could it be?