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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1349

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Case Closed


The room fell into a deep stillness.

You look at me; I look at you.

Many were left in a daze, processing Gillard’s words.

Lucy raised her brow nonchalantly, positioning herself closer to her mic.

“Sir Gillard, thank you for your many comprehensive shreds of evidence laid out today. And as one of the people representing Baymard, I would like to address some of your claims. And to assist me with that, will be the renowned Doctor Gerson!”

What? Doctor Gerson? That famous Doctor Gerson?

You have to know that he was one of the first batches of doctors in Baymard.

And over the years, his skills and exemplary work had led many to see him as one of the prominent faces within the hospital.

Many healers across Pyno had ventured to him, begging to be his disciple. But sadly, he turned them down… Or rather, he postponed this tutelage for the future.

Everyone understood this because only when the U.N’s primary mission to unity and peace enveloped this world would he freely teach foreigners.

“Oh! It’s truly him! Hahahaha~… I can’t believe I’m seeing him at last. Maybe after this, I’ll be able to befriend him before heading back to Terique.”

“You know, he treated my first wife’s illness that had been plaguing her since the birth of our last child. We had gone to healers from all over. Yet, no one could do anything about it. However, this Doctor Gerson solved the matter as though he were taking a simple stroll around the town.”

“Godly Doctor Gerson! It’s really him!”


Many whispered amongst themselves, glancing at Gerson with awe.

Lucy smirked playfully.

Well, since these councilmen didn’t like to hear the truth from a woman, then they wouldn’t be so opposed to Gerson, right?

Sigh… It was sad to say that these councilmen weren’t the only ones amongst the group who secretly thought and looked down on women.

They had been conditioned like this since birth. So though change was on its way, it was still a slow process for those out of Baymard.

For the Baymardians, after working with women day to day and even sitting in the same classes with them, change was faster for them to adapt.

After all, some girls took first place in classrooms and even created mind-blowing inventions.

From then on, the myth that women had a smaller and stupider brain than men was debunked.

Even in the military, the women had shown how fierce they could be, proving that battle wasn’t all about burly sizes.

Thin women could pull down a giant with tactics, knowledge and skills alone.

It was sad to admit, but many still looked down on women, seeing them as nothing new than bed and housemates.

Lucy nodded to Gerson, giving him the go-ahead.

And sure enough, his words had gained a strong hold over the foreign audience.


Gerson examined all he could, adjusting his glasses in conclusion.


“Sir Gillard, from our immense understanding of the human body, I can assure you that this is the real reason why women shed more than thrice a year.”

“You~… You… No! Impossible! It is the punishment from above!”

Her son shrugged.

He couldn’t say whether it was some divine punishment or not… But he could guarantee that It was a way that the human body prepared the uterus by shedding its walls in preparation for fertilization from any incoming sperms.

This was necessary for childbirth.

You know, it’s she to the hard pressure, stress and workload placed on women that their menopause it within their mid-20s.

Would you also say that this is divine punishment?

In Baymard, the general menopause level had been raised to 31 years old now… With the exception of a few like Queen Mother Kim, who got pregnant in her late 30s.

So would you condemn the child and call it some demonic child?

Of course, he also believed in the divine miracles because even his majesty’s strength alone was a divine miracle… Talk less of princess Lucia and her visions.

There was no doubt that the heavens were real.

However, when it came to this aspect, he was more than confident that divine punishment had nothing to do with this.

The same heavens gave him a brain and a brilliant teacher like his majesty.

And after having many tests to confirm their theories, how could he not feel confident in what he presented?


Like so, Gerson concluded, giving room for Miss Balalaika, one of the young but talented Astronomers, to further explain the myth about the moon linked to women. And to back her up were a few other Astronomers too.

One by one, all of Gillard’s claims were looked at and debunked.

Lucy gazed at him expressionlessly. “Sir Gillard, for your last claims of Baymard indirectly causing the Zombie Plague, I beg to differ.”


“Sir Gillard! Are you saying that this is the first plague to emerge in this world?”

“No… That’s not…”

“Sir Gillard! Are you not aware of the many plagues in Deiferus and Pyno over the centuries? Back then, your council still monitored things as you pleased. Then in that case, why were these plagues, diseases, and natural disasters still occurring?”


Gillard’s face turned red and distorted.

This damn woman had made him speechless!Many also felt her momentum, feeling choked by her aura.

F***! She was just as powerful as his majesty.


Now that Lucy had got him right where she wanted, how could she let him go just like that?

“Sir Gillard! Through history, natural disasters, and slides, plagues and diseases have always been prevalent long before Baymard’s existence… So, Mr Gillard, as the smart, intelligent and brilliant man that you are, don’t you think it’s unfair to attribute all these to us? Do you know that we, as a nation, can sue you for slander?”

Gillard lowered his head, hiding the hatred brooding in his eyes.

And Lucy couldn’t be bothered.

Want to come to Baymard with these nonsensical pieces of evidence? Think again.

Case Closed!

“Mr. Gillard… Do you have anything else to say?”