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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1345

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Lift Off!

The pilots within Tilda’s hot air balloons were giving their final instructions.

They were at the very center, surrounded by the many stalls. And for this balloon, there were 2 captains.

“This is your Captain speaking. All passengers, please settle down. At this moment, all stall doors should be closed, and everyone should be strapped to their stalls for take-off. As instructed earlier, you’ll find 2 sets of straps within each stall: one located at your topmost corner for those who want to stand, and one located at the very bottom for those intending to sit through take off.”


Tilda and Paula were very attentive, listening and searching for whatever the pilot had instructed.

Of course, massive red arrows pointed to the straps (safety /seat belts), making it easier to see what they were looking for.

Everything was new and exciting, with both ladies deciding to stand instead.

What a joke!

They were very curious about what was going to happen. So why would they sit way down and choose not to see?

Say no more!

Both women stood, listening to the Captain.

“A notice to all passengers… As we take off, please keep your arms within your stalls at all times. This has been your caption, over and out.”


The Pilot finished his announcement.

And seeing this, Landon and Josh, who were in the same hot air balloon, finally gave out the signal. Soon enough, one of the pilots took his megaphone for all neighbouring pilots and passengers to hear.


“Pilots! Get ready for take-off, in 10….”

Take off?


“Nana… What do they mean?”


“I… Maybe they want us to prepare for sleep?”


“Could it be what I think it is?”


“Impossible! How can that be?”

“5… 4… 3… 2…1… Lift-off!!!!!”


Both women felt the trembles from the balloon, causing them to anxiously lean away.

What was going on? Why was their body turning heavier with every passing moment?

They hastily looked around for answers as though trying to figure out if something was wrong with them or not.

However, before they could ask the soldiers neighbouring them, the basket shook even more.

And now, they finally understand what was going on.

They… They were flying!

Flying! Flying up, up, io and away like birds!

But, but, but how could this be?

Tilda stared at the trees and the horses getting smaller and smaller, almost not believing their eyes.

“Nana, am I dreaming? How can we be flying?”

“This… Granddaughter… I’m as shocked as you are.”

“Look! Look! Look! I can see the many city lights from here. Amazing! They all look like ants.”



Tilda was bubbling with excitement, feeling a heavy adrenaline rush take over her.

Oh my God!

There was a certain indescribable feeling that one would get after reaching so high up.

It was like therapy, making her believe that humanity could accomplish even the most impossible things.

Humans were complex, yet some beings.

Before the invention of boats, humans argued and swore that it was impossible for humans to sail across the waters. And after it was done, their minds expanded, even more, forgetting all their earlier arguments.

Likewise, seeing how they could fly now, Tilda felt a hidden part of her mind unlock.

Of course, now, she had indeed accepted the concept of a lightweight basket flying with them.

However, if you tell her that humans could enter a metal plane and fly, she would never believe it.

Wasn’t that a tad bit far stretched?

Paula and Tilda stared at the scene with nothing with reverence in their eyes.

They weren’t fools.

The attack from earlier and the strange dancing stars they saw above the palace during that time should’ve been these people.

It might’ve been a coincidence… But seeing how these people maneuvered around as though they knew exactly where each attack would fall further proved their guesses.

These powerful rescuers… Who exactly were they?



The hot air balloons rose steadily.

And after reaching a certain height, the pilots made another announcement, and the soldiers visibly relaxed, with some people starting up conversations and others focusing on filling their bellies instead.

Alina, who was positioned next to the ladies, popped open a Pringle can playfully.

“Your highnesses, aren’t you 2 hungry? Why don’t you eat up?”

“No, no, no… They look so expensive. It must’ve cost you all a thousand gold coins to get a single one. So how can we?”

“Pff~~ your highnesses, I assure you that many of these cost only a few copper coins and nothing more.”

“What??!” The duo stared at Alina in disbelief.

How can that be? The paintwork and even the entire Pringle can were made of materials they had never seen before. So how could it be that cheap?

Animal chuckled, looking at their dazed expressions: “Your highnesses, once we get to Baymard, you’ll understand. For now, eat and drink up. It’s good for you.”

With that, the duo obeyed cautiously, opening the first few snacks they could get a hold of.



Tilda bit into a pringle and nearly lost his soul.

So delicious!

She licked her fingers, not wanting to waste any of the savoury taste.

And after that, she followed that up with a mouthful of Apple juice

‘Ahhh!…. How very refreshing!’ She thought until she spotted Alima’s smile, making her blush in embarrassment.

Did she get caught licking her fingers?

Tilda felt very ashamed. But soon, she saw Alina licking her one finger too, showing that there was nothing to be embarrassed with when conquered by food.

Of course, Paula was the same as well. .after eating a white chocolate bar, she felt her entire being Floating on clouds.

Too good!… This was the stuff dreams were made of!

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp

She swallowed a mouthful of water, opening her eyes in amazement.

No strange aftertaste… No faint smell…

Even boiled stream water still had its own aftertaste.

Then how can it be so clean and fresh?


Paula’s belly sang merrily after accepting food for a long, long time.


Landon spread at his watch, readying himself to stay up throughout the flight.

Well, it was almost 5. And they had to land around 6:40.

Though it was a short flight, it should cover enough ground, getting as far away from the Capital as possible.

Landon sat in his stall with a broad smile on his face.

Finally, they could return home.

For this, Landon was ecstatic. However, far away from him, back in his own home… A few others were not so happy.

A burly man wearing an ancient robe stared out of his hotel room with a horrid expression.

Baymard…. It was all their fault!