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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1341

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The One

“Where is my nana?” Tilda asked anxiously, not wanting to leave without her.

Josh had said they would soon be out once they reached that wall. But all this time, she hadn’t seen her nana.

Tilda pursed her lips stubbornly. They wouldn’t be fooling her, right?

Josh continuously advanced, carrying the worried girl on his back: “princess, I swear on my life that she’s on her way. In another 15 or so minutes, she should be here. But if we don’t leave now, it’ll only delay our time to flee the palace’s perimeters later on.”

Tilda’s face beamed.

If one took an oath or swore, it generally meant they were serious. These times were superstitious times with beliefs, and people worshipped many they believed were gods.

Listening to Josh’s words, Tilda sighed from relief, squashing most of her worries.


Din. Din. Din. Din

The gang leaped towards the wall. And right on cue, those hidden above dropped the ropes via the many spaces along the crown in the upper walls.

“Alina! Take her up!”

“Yes, sir!” Alina replied, swiftly turning her attention to Tilda.

And in a flash, Tilda had been properly secured, alongside a few others.

A few would go the same rope first, followed by Alina, Tilda and then a few more.

“Princess, follow my lead.”

“Hmhm..” Tilda hummed nervously.

But soon, unlike Paula, she quite liked the experience.

If anything, she felt even more energized and pumped up. This feeling was so new and alien to her. And looking at her dainty hands being able to accomplish this, she felt on top of the world!

Of course, Alina’s advice made things easier for her.

One step at a time, she placed her feet in the same regions that Alina did, along the many crevices on the old stone wall.

She focused most of her strength on her leg, making the task a whole lot better than having to reel herself up this high.

Though she didn’t know about gravity, from Alina’s words, she understood that focusing on using her arms as her primary pull-up tool would only cause her greater fatigue.

Step by step, she advanced with little or no problems. And soon, she had arrived at the top.

Blink. Blink.

She looked down from the crown of the wall, only feeling it surreal.


This was the best experience she had ever had in her life!




Tilda felt alive though it was unfortunate that she wouldn’t ever get to do this again. After all, how many times would one scale a palace wall in their life?

Sigh… At least she was grateful for this much.

Luckily, she still had one more go at it.

“Princess, we have to descend.”

Tilda’s face glowed with excitement, following Alina once more. And this time, she found that descending was a whole lot easier.

Pup. Pup. Pup

Tilda hopped like a bunny down the other side of the wall, arriving on an open clearing just before the thick bushy forest surrounding this corner of the palace.

Tilda looked at her hands and inwardly laughed


How very exciting!

Making it this far, Josh quickly pulled open his shield.

“Team Omega to Control Tower. Dumbledore has left the academy… I repeat, Dumbledore has left the Academy.”

Dumbledore? Who’s that?



Tilda had no time to ask questions, as Josh and the gang once again picked her up and fled the scene hastily.

At this time, Josh couldn’t help sighing from relief, seeing that his previous fears were for naught.

He thought they might run into that troublesome man who had strange powers. However, they had nothing but smooth sailing when doing this mission. And it was all thanks to the real protagonist of the show, ‘Smoke.’

That’s right.

The rampage he witnessed was indeed eye-opening.

He saw a person jump out a window 2 floors up just because of smoke with no fire. Of course, even the non-lethal weapons did give off some heat. So maybe they felt the heat and decided to flee first.

In truth, if it were the time before Baymard came to Existence as an individual empire, Josh would’ve probably acted the same, especially on a night that seemed to be raining terrors from the heavens.

One would be considered normal for thinking like this. Their current knowledge didn’t allow them to think beyond. If they keep that their worries were absurd by hot air balloons, how would they feel in the end?

Apart from the attacks from the air force units, tonight, they were able to create this much turmoil due to Smoke, followed by explosive hand grenades, the blinding light from stun grenades and other less-lethal weapons too.

Of course, Josh knew that in the future, things might not be as easy as they were now.

But at least for today’s matter, he secretly wiped the nonexistent sweat off his face, thanking their lucky stars that they didn’t meet that person.

Or… Wouldn’t things be more complicated than they already were?

At least that person hadn’t seen them. And even if he did, given his position, Josh felt that the man might not even care so much about what they were doing.

He felt that, similar to Nopline, a man with such power should be slightly identical to Alexander’s strength and might secretly oppose Alexander. So why would he aid Alexander?

He wasn’t one of these novels who had to kiss Alexander’s tushie to get favours.

Additionally, Josh felt that such a man would also have no intersection with Tilda and Paula. So he wouldn’t go fat and beyond to find them.

However, that was where he was wrong.


Castello stood up abruptly, looking at the documents in his hand.

Was she truly the one the Order was looking for? Was she the descendant of the long-deceased 5th Grand Witch of Tenola?

Paula… Paula… So she was the one?

To think he almost missed it

Castello vanished in a flash.

And where was he going? Of course, to the palace!