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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1339

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The Missing Prisoner

Din. Din. Din. Din. Din. Din

Paula followed the strange intruders with caution, anxiety and panic.

What the hell is she thinking?

She didn’t know them, so why was she just going along with what they say? For all she knew, their leader might be another ‘Alexander.’ So what made her think that she wasn’t going from the pot to the fire?

Paula’s face turned distorted. But even with all her internal conflicts, she still followed along, maybe because they mentioned Tilda.

Who knows if they have already taken Tilda? In that case, no matter how dangerous these people were, she would willingly entire this pit of fire if it would let her see her Granddaughter.

Could it be that they are now holding Tilda hostage? But this didn’t make any sense!

Almost everyone hated her granddaughter. So why would someone risk their lives and that of their men to come and save them?

What value were they to these people? Or could everything just be some deep conspiracy?

The more Paula thought things through, the more worried she became.

No! She had to unmask these people for herself after she escaped this horrible place. She had to know their intentions!


Landon and the rest created more colors in the massive Hall, smoking the entire place up. If one were to enter the first wing now, they would think some massive fire had now spread within one of the rooms.

This was also true since Landon’s team had set the blinds, carpets and beds in 2 of the rooms ablaze.

They broke the windows and made it look like the attack came from outside.

Heheheheh… What would be even more shocking to them would be that the prisoner chained up to the bed had escaped, but her chains were nowhere to be found.

Rather, the posts that chained her down were all broken off.

It looked as though in her last moments before death, the posted supernatural strength, pulling her chain and breaking the thick wooden bedpost.

Of course, for the fact that her chains couldn’t be found, meaning that she had fled while still wearing prisoner chains.


~Din. Din. Din. Din. Din.

Landon and his gang successfully left the wing, blending in with the crowd.

But just at this moment, the guard tasked with bringing Paula was now making his way into the wing.

The smoke had partially dispersed, allowing him to see a few guards in the hallway slumped onto the sides, snoring deeply.

But that wasn’t all. Once he got into the entrance hall, he spotted a door left open. And again, he found men snoring while holding buckets.

“Wake up; you rat bastards! How dare you sleep when the entire palace is in turmoil?! Are you even his majesty’s guards?



The guard kicked and kicked, but the men seemed fazed by his attack. He looked at the scene and felt it ridiculous.

What the hell? Could it be that his kicks were nothing out scratches to these buffoons?

As a man, his ego was hurt.

Dare to sleep with all this unrest? Fine! Sleep! HIS majesty must hear about this.

The guard left them and hastened his movements, entering Paula’s room.


He looked at the broken pattern of the wood, roughly estimating how much strength that whore had used to free herself.


How can she possess such strength?

Additionally, now that she had escaped, what was he supposed to do? Will his majesty have his head?

The guard reached for his neck and swallowed hard.

And not wanting to think about it any further, he bolted out of the room, desperately running out of the wing in hopes of rounding as many as he could to search for her, while he headed back to report the majesty to his majesty.

Of course, with everyone busy doing their own thing and running amok, what chances did he have to gather many?



Today’s situation was totally out of control!

Meanwhile, the show’s protagonists had long descended to the 2nd floor, making their way past the many hallways.

The building was like a labyrinth, loaded with many twists and turns.


As expected of the palace’s main building. It was just too big and overly confusing.

Fortunately, they had marked the walls, leaving bread crumbs for themselves.

Like so, the gang made their way to the very back of the 2nd floor, arriving before one of the rooms they had prepared for their grand escape.

“Secure the rope.”

“Yes, sir.”

They secured an ordinary rope to an object in the room before smoking up the room again. Now, even if someone saw them descending, wouldn’t they find it normal for one to flee after seeing fire?

Thup. Thup. Thup.

A few people went down first.

“Mrs. Paula, take deep breaths.”

“Ye-yes,” Paula replied, nodding anxiously. One couldn’t blame her for acting like this.

The image she saw outside was too ghastly and horrifying.

The constant noises from the heavens and the injured made her subconscious want to stay back in the building.

Deep down, she felt as though going outside was suicide. The carnage outside, coupled with the heavy smell of blood weaved into the air, was just too foul.

And alongside the clanging sounds, resounded in Paula’s ears, making her uncomfortable.

Adrenaline coursed through her veins the eminent she gripped the rope.

Her heart pounded, finding herself frozen this high up.

Mind you, though they were on the 2nd floor, if these were modern times, one would say it looked more like the 3rd or 4th-floor height level instead.

Each floor had very, very high ceilings, with some having grand halls and wings that were too high up.

To people in this world, how high one’s ceilings were in ratio to the floor showed how wealthy they were.

So this height was terrifying, especially when one realizes that their life depends on the tiny rope in their hands.

Dear heavens, she had never done anything like this before!

“Mrs… use your legs to hop downwards.. And remember, don’t look down.”