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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1334

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A Godly Defeat

With her target down, Alina gritted her teeth and dragged his massive body away.

Now, she was to take his place and stand guard, on the lookout with several others.

With that, she vanished into a tree branch.

Meanwhile, up ahead, Josh and another were standing right before the cottage’s back door.

Their throats rolled with the tension in the air.

Throwing his head over his shoulder, he turned to another beside him and raised his fingers one by one.

1, 2, 3…

He pushed the door swiftly, and what followed were several star-shaped spikes and a few daggers, deeply planting themselves into the ground they stood earlier.

~Pap. Pap. Pap. Pap. Pap!

Josh and the other soldiers leaned against the outer walls, breathing heavily.

So fast?

A thin layer of sweat formed on their foreheads.

The enemy had made their move as though they had been expecting them for decades.

Josh stared at all 31 weapons buried onto the ground as though trying to analyze the number of enemies inside.

In Pyno, he had heard of assassins being able to throw up to 4 star-shaped spikes with both hands all at once.

But there were stories that the Morgs could throw out 6 and even 8 of them in just a single second, hitting its mark.

He didn’t know how accurate the story was, but he felt that Dafaren should do better than Pyno.

Maybe they’ll be able to throw out 6 at once: 3 with their left hand and the other half using their right.

In just a split second, Josh had begun analyzing things deeply and had chosen the worst-case scenario.

With his guns firmly gripped and ready for action, the other comrade nodded at Josh after getting Josh’s estimate.

Worst-case Scenario, there might be 15 people there if one envisioned each person throwing 2 hidden weapons.

Though they felt that the tiny cottage might be too choked for that, let the hidden guards all stay on the ceiling like birds.

From the cottage size, it should have 2 rooms only. Tilda should be in one, while the other should be an open entrance/living space with 2 doors; one door should be the front door, and the other should be the backdoor they were trying to infiltrate.

Alright. Enough thinking. No matter how many were inside, they should be no match for their secret weapon.

Josh raised his fingers in the air while the other soldier quickly reached for his inner jacket.

Time to make their move.



Inside the room, 9 hidden guards steadied themselves in their various hiding positions.

Their masked killing intent was so high, ready to kill any bastard who dared to enter Tilda’s cottage.

If something happened to her, and the bride is missing by morning, do you know how deadly the punishment they’ll receive would be?

Many secretly gritted their teeth with a vicious light in their eyes.

‘Come on. Enter! I dare you to enter!’

Everyone’s eyes were directed at the door, with some also looking at the front door at the other end from time to time.

Even with the many terrible sounds around the palace, they quickly isolated their surroundings, focusing on listening to any strange noises around them.

There’s a saying that mortal danger brings clarity. And this was true!

And like Pocahontas, they decided to listen to the wind and sounds with all their hearts.

~Shru. Shru.

They heard a rustle. The intruders were about to make their move.


The hidden guards all smirked cruelly, raising their hidden weapons for round 2.

However, before they could take in another breath, something flew into the room, transforming into a deadly flash of blinding light!



For the first time, they who were trained to be silent couldn’t help shrieking at the wizardry that had now engulfed their eyes, minds and bodies.

Their senses… Their senses… Their senses were disoriented, with the most concerning ones being their lack of sight or hearing.

Their ears, their eyes… Can someone please tell them what the hell was going on here?


Many lost their balance on the wooden beams above, falling to the ground in one big swoop.


A fierce wave of headache and measure quickly overtook them, as their ears were loudly ringing out nonstop.

Wang! Wang! Wang! Wang!

It was just too awful. But that wasn’t all.

One of them felt a heavy burn on his face that seemed to be gnawing at the very fibre of his being.

Make no mistake!

While stun grenades were less-lethal explosive devices, back on earth, countless cases of chemical burns were reported once the grenade attack was too close to their target. Some have gotten facial disfigurement… Especially the person closest to the grenade attack.

Though the chances of this happening weren’t too high, it still happens once in a while.

Of course, the other danger was having one’s hearing in one or both ears permanently lost.

This typically happens to the closest person to the grenade once it is detonated.

The initial spark releases and fires in that second of detonation were the reasons for the burns and other injuries. Everyone else would be okay if they didn’t stand a few inches away from the grenade when it detonated.

It was real bad luck for it to detonate right in front of one’s face.



The unfortunate enemy who had it blown up right before his face hissed in horror, holding his head pitifully and rolling on the ground from side to side.

It hurts… I’d hurt like nothing he had ever felt before.

Five whole seconds had already passed by.

And now, everyone was getting confused and nauseated seeing several after images that made them wobble as though seasick.

The entire room was spinning. And no matter how they tried to stand, they couldn’t do it.

Bubuum. Bubuum.

Everyone’s heart drummed loudly when they soon realized what they were feeling.

Was this fear?

Their emotions were running amok at the godly weapon that had taken them down.

And soon enough, some heard the steady sounds of foreign no its entering the room.

Din. Din. Din. Din.

Everyone’s face turned pale.

Death had finally come for them.