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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1326

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1326

The Nightmare Begins!


Death and many others had already been long shocked by all they saw.


The roads, the buildings, the people and even the sky seemed to be far more enchanting to their eyes.

Lying trough. Could this place truly be what the heavens would look like once they died?

Their muscles clenched in excitement, wanting to explore every single place their eyes landed on.

They were like little kids thrown into a great adventurous land.

Death for one, only felt a little regretful that he hadn’t been here before. He honestly thought it was all exaggerated. But now, he knew better.

One of the youngsters in his group couldn’t help exclaiming at the wondrous sight of the sky train zooming over them.

“Wow! Leader! Leader! Is that not the train thing that everyone keeps talking about?”


As they sat in the military 60-seater bus, they only felt aggrieved, looking at their leader with pitiful expressions.

“Leader, I thought we were your favorites, so why didn’t you send us here first?”

“Yeah. Yeah… Is it fair that we are only going here now after so long?”

Unlike the other people in his team, who were so scared of him to the bones, they weren’t.

One could say that they were the few who started with him ages ago.


Make no mistake! Even though some of them were 7 to 10 years younger than himself, they started alongside him when he was roughly picking up in his youth.

Some began working with Death when they were 8 years old, and Death was 16 or 17.

That’s right. 7 years old kids typically began knight training then.

And those who wanted to be assassins also struggled to join and train in any available guilds.

By that time, Death’s guild was starting up. He was still weak and was building momentum with every passing year.

In truth, Death began building his guild at the age of 14, alongside some other orphans of 10, 11, 12 and even his age and a little older.

Again, to gain more experience, he would register himself in other guilds and take on missions in exchange for skills and money.

It was the start of his career.

And in addition to this, he also had an official job to mask his assassin job, which was to work alongside William’s father, who by the time was 4 or more years older than himself.

The people in the vehicle with him now, we’re those that he recruited when he was between the ages of 14~18.

They were his first recruits and his closest. So they watched him grow to where he was today, not feeling so much fear for him compared to those who came later on.

Death chuckled at their ridiculous claims.

“Well, they were indeed his favorite and most elite members… That’s why he used them to clean up Arcadina’s issues first.

With sharp eyes, he started at home calmly: ” Remember, my codename is Derick Mbuyen… Understand?”

His men nodded vigorously: “Yes, boss.”

Only William and a handful of others knew of his identity as Death. Even his men who came after this closest only ever saw him in masks.

So now, even if others saw him or the others around him, they still wouldn’t know them.

That’s right.

He had these people also wear masks too.

So their identities were mysteries as well.

Such things are common in assassin guilds… Especially when some people had families, wives and children to protect.

For the name Derick, it was his usual codename he used, named after his deceased grandfather.

But as for his real name, no one… Not even William knew of it.

Those were one of those secrets he would be mind taming to his death.


Like so, the massive bus drove into District B until he finally arrived at the Arcadinian Barracks.

“Leader, it looks like this is it.” Reggie started, balancing at the magnificent structures all around them.

Bloody hell!

The place was huge, neatly organized and very intimidating. On the lawns far away, one could already see people in green monotoned battered hugging across the scene seriously. “Left, right~.”

“Left, right~.”

“1, 2~.”

“1, 2~…”

Derick (Death) and his men stepped down from the buses, finding themselves within a large circular roundabout that had several poles all flying several flags.

Hey, look! Those were the Baymardian and United Nation flags dancing in the wind.

And right off the bat, they were briefed in straight lines by a string burly guy.

The rules and other simple matters were informed to them.

Following that, they got shipped off to get the only things they needed while in the barracks.

Everything else on them was confiscated… Including the clothes they wore.

Full sets of different coloured military attire, including 3 boots for various situations, be it rainy, snowy, or rocky or mushy.

Military jackets, socks, military kits, and several others were given to them.

The lead burly man glanced at his watch briefly: “3 minutes… You have 3 minutes to change into any of the attire you received. Now get to changing!”


Eh? Everyone stared at each other in confusion, shrugging at the orders given to them.

3 minutes? Tsk! That was just too little time, okay?


Knowing that the Baymardians were very cordial and friendly mannered by nature, the men didn’t think they would do anything to them

And even if they did, shouldn’t they forgive them for any wrongdoings since this was their first time?

Very casually, they began to undress, picking out what attire they would wear.

But before they could even say the entire Alphabet by heart, the belly man had appeared again! And this time, he came with many more people by his side!

“Your time is up!”

~Swish! Swish! Swish!

Like lightning, their personals were confiscated by the many others who came in with them.


… Excuse me, but why so harsh?

The burly man glanced at them, with a relaxed smile glimmering in his eyes.

“Since you all like this new look, then you’ll spend the entire day till lunchtime, like this! Now, move out, Maggots!”

Death glanced at his attire, only feeling like cursing at the top of his lungs. He hadn’t worn one side of his boot. Luckily, he was already fully clothed, unlike some of his men who didn’t even have their past on.

As they left the room, they were also given tags with serial numbers on them


Was that his number?


Death and the gang who had just arrived, we’re now having a hard time with this rigorous and time sticking place.


By the end of the day, they now realized that in this place, the most important thing was time.


They dropped to their beds, feeling overly weak and helpless at the viciousness of the place.

It wasn’t that bad… But for people who didn’t follow time that strictly, it seemed like a nightmare! But now, who can save them?

“23′ O hundred… Lights out!”