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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1325

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1325

Orders From Above

Like so, time flew by in a blink of an eye.

And all over the world, countless forces were quietly moving according to their respective plans.

And wouldn’t you know it, back in Baymard, some people had also arrived following the order from above.


—Shanks Road, Baymard.–


Gallop.Gallop. Gallop.

Horses running steadily, the carriage moving, many men couldn’t believe their eyes when glancing at the sight before then.

With widened eyes, they couldn’t stop staring at the tarred roads below their carriages and horses in utter shock and disbelief.

And their leader only squinted his eyes deeply, trying to understand how the roads could be this way.

Shanks road.

The 6 Lane road was massive and organized, with widely paved sidewalks.

And in the middle of the road was a long, thinly raised pavement that broke from time to time, allowing those going one way to turn or move into the other main lanes.

Three lanes were going forward, and the other three had people heading towards the direction they had just left.

And if one wanted to turn around and head back that way, they could do so thanks to the breakings along the raised center platform.

One could also see some pedestrians moving along those platforms, attempting to cross the massive 6-lane roads from one end to another.

There was no doubt that the platforms had also been placed there to prevent major accidents from those leaving or exiting one city to another.

And on the corners of the roads, there were all sorts of signs, showing the correct horse reign-pull rhythm and numbers that carriage or horse riders should use when giddying up their horses.

There were even signs showing a speeding horse crossed with a red line.

Of course, there were also normal speeding limits for state buses and vehicles that would be heading towards the various Baymardian territories too.

Awesome! Awesome! Everything seemed like it had long been well thought of.

And one of the men in the carriages couldn’t help smacking his thought in awe.


“Leader! Leader! So these are the famous Baymardian miracle roads? Wonderful! Now I understand what his majesty’s vision of Arcadina’s roads are!”

Death nodded his head in agreement.

He had to admit, seeing the real thing was indeed different from seeing it on pictures or pamphlets.

Everyone stared at the roads, feeling their hearts out and drum excitedly, just from this alone.

How was Baymard able to do such fine works? How could the roads be so black and nice-looking? How did they get it to be this smooth?


Make no mistake, the roads in Arcadina’s Capital were all made with finely shaped stone blocks, neatly placed alongside one another.

And in truth, it also gave the ace a unique sense of beauty.

But you know, because of how tasking and tiresome the job was, making a road of that nature could take decades… Especially when one was placing them in a humongous city like the Capital.

Now, you say that Baymard could do this in just so little time. Then wasn’t this alone shocking? Moreover, the roads were so smooth and straighter than theirs. So how could they not be impressed?

Again, one should know that before Baymard was opened for business, a good fraction of Shanks road seemed to have been tarred already.

So this alone was mind-blowing.

If they didn’t already have a somewhat understanding of things from all the stories they heard, they would’ve no doubt thought it was sorcery!

Of course, with the expansion of Baymard’s territories, Shanks road stretched all the way towards the very end of the territory.

It was the most prominent highway road that one could follow.

After entering Baymard, to get to the Capital, the locals would say: follow Shanks road to the end, you can’t miss it.

And if one entered Baymard via another location away from Shanks road, all they had to do was locate this main highway road, and the rest would be easy.

The other roads in the new territories were still getting fixed. Only Shanks road and 2 other main highway roads were fully redone (tarred).


“Leader, are we really going to stay in this place for 6 entire months?”

“Hmmm… Since the master has ordered it, then so be it.” Death said, lowering his carriage curtain.

You know, since William’s corporation, he and his men had been told that one of these days, they would have to come down for training.

Death almost laughed silly the first time he heard William say this.

He of course thought it was a joke since months and months had gone by just like that with no word from William about the matter.

Instead, he had been moving around the Capital and other regions, clearing the opposing nobles and hidden forces in the dark.

It wasn’t long ago that he teamed up with the Baymardians to arrest Baron Cain, shipping him to Baymard.

After that, he headed straight for their closest hidden estate, making plans for the next matter on his table.

However, what he didn’t expect was that a week after his arrival at the estate, William had sneaked in a leader for him, telling him to finally head to Baymard and begin his training with 300 others.

Death didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

‘Young master, I’ve personally been assisting you to battle all these years, never slacking off for a single second. Moreover, I’m still the number 1 assassin in the entirety of Pyno. So how can you ask me to go for training, as though I’m a newbie?’

The now 39-year old death only felt it funny.

Nonetheless, he did understand that he was lacking in some aspects too. Moreover, he did want to learn some Baymardian moves as well.

Soon, the secret Assassin Ranking Event will be held in Pyno, calling all Assassins to rank themselves yet again.

And as the top fog in Pyno, you best live that many would come for his title.

So why not better oneself?


Death licked his lips mischievously.

Soon, he’ll finally be able to play to his heart’s content.


How fun!