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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1323

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The Confident Ezenia

Into the palace, they went.

Ezenia and her men sat in the massive waiting room, listening to only the sounds of the enormous clock beating its drums steadily.

Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock.

The sound was something many were already used to.

Ezenia sat within the room in a relaxed position while secretly glancing at the many nobles all around her.


As expected, many came for hearings, bringing their most beautiful or favourite daughters around all in hopes of catching Henry’s eyes.

Since his coronation, too many women have gone wild, wanting to be the first woman he married.

The 1st queen, in many cases, was always the priority unless another queen came in and bore a son before the 1st.

For many, the 1st queen would have reigns to control any future haram members. She was the grand bubba in here when the monarch wasn’t there.

Yes! Though the Pyno world had begun to change, many still thought it necessary for marital traditions to still get maintained.

A few noblemen were popping out now and then, wanting only one noble wife for the rest of their lives.

And though that was amiable, everyone thought that Royals should be entitled to have hundreds and thousands of wives.

So whether Henry had a single wife or a hundred, everything was understandable because he was a royal.


In the enormous hall, several ladies all stared at one another viciously, looking at their competitors while making up their game strategies in their hearts.

‘Dammit! Why is this b**ch here? How dare she drag a man with me?’

‘Heh. With those cheap and overly exposed clothes of yours, do you think you can succeed in seducing his majesty? Naive!’

‘No! No! No! How can they capture Henry’s heart with a single glance? How can they make him fall head over heels for them? Think! Think! Think!… I must think of a good strategy to make him fall!’


Many women were quick to come up with their next plan of action when called in.

Ezenia sneered, feeling that none of these women could be her competition.

In terms of nobility, she outranked all of them.

So unless Henry was a fool, he would no doubt pick her to gain more power and have a firm footing in the empire.

You know, just her Grandfather’s forces alone could take care of all the rebellious nobles popping out… Of course, Henry wouldn’t know that her Grandfather was one of the hidden activists against him.

In terms of power, she was the best choice for a young monarch trying to stabilize things in the empire.

Additionally, she was stunningly beautiful, if not one of the most beautiful high-ranking noble ladies in the Capital city.

She hadn’t seen other nobles far across the empire, so she could only vouch that she was within the top 20 here in the Capital city.


Over the years, those sprouting girls were wee little, have all grown up and blossomed by their coming of age.

She attended a ceremony not too long ago and was shocked to find that the ugly duckling they used to mock, began attending school in Baymard, soon started taking care of herself more and now became a beautiful swan by 14.

To them, she used to be fat. But if modern people saw her, they wouldn’t think she was fat.

She was just right with chipmunk cheeks.

The reason many say she was fat was that women in these times had definition to their bodies.

Little abs showing, several fine lines on their bodies and even the arch on their back were highly defined.

But the chipmunk cheek girl had a little fat around her body and looked very ordinary to modern people.

When she sat, there were few to little rolls of fat on her belly.

And to people here, these were the signs that one was Fat.

However, the girl went to Baymard, took on a personal trainer in the gym and reduced her fat percentage in just a month. She did no extreme overwork. She wasn’t even fat, to begin with!

And more importantly, she was just 14!

But hey. 14 here in Deiferus was the adult age.

Ezenia knew that over the past year, several noble beauties had emerged nonstop within the Capital.

But so what?

She felt that no one could outdo her unique charm, beauty and seduction skills.

However, she seemed to have forgotten that in the past, she and her beloved Ulrich used to bully Henry badly. She had even wiped him in the past, almost blinding him completely.

The slightly fading line around his lower left cheek was evidence of their viciousness!


Like so, she and her gang sat in silence, watching people getting called in groups.

This made things faster and easier for Henry, who scheduled 4 hours a day for hearings: 2 hours to listen to the ordinary folks coming in to state their injustices or gratitude in whatever way they could.

It would shock a few to know that some peasants came in to settle who stole chickens, wanting fair judgment on the culprits. Some also came to resolve farming disputes, missing grains, not receiving their payments, etc.

It was important to know that people could get paid in money… Or grain, food and rum.

Typically 5 Stalks of wheat with the diameter of 2 hands forming a circle around them, was equivalent to 30 copper coins.

Facts like these were understood by the general public all over Pyno. And in other places, the rates were similar, if not more expensive.

Henry spent 2 hours seeing ordinary folks and another 2 hours for Nobles instead.

After time was up, those left would have to come back another day, maybe tomorrow or the next tomorrow. But, Henry didn’t do hearings on Saturdays and Sundays.

Group by group, many nobles went in to meet his majesty.

And soon enough, it was Ezenia’s turn. Only, she was asked to come in with her gang alone, unlike the others who went in groups of 5~10.

And, from the looks of things, she might be the last person his Majesty would see today.


Many ladies bit their hankies in envy, wishing that they could be the ones who would have such a grand opportunity.

What was so good about this Ezenia and her arrogant self?

If eyes could kill, Ezenia would no doubt be dead by now. But she didn’t care.

She secretly plumped up her chest with a confident smile on her face.

Oh… She had this in the bag!


“This way, miss.” Said the secretary who called on her.

“Alright.. Lead the way.”