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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1322

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1322

Seeing The Weakling

—The Capital City, Deiferus, Pyno–


Far different from the weather around Dafaren, that in the city was still hot and burning.

The summer showed no signs of backing down, putting up a good fight, so much so that they hadn’t even had a single drop of rain, though the summer was ending in a few days.

The Sky was blue, the clouds were white, and as typical Capital weather, this could continue far into the Fall later on, illuminating the falling leaves and creating a very artistic look onto the scene.

And as though affected by the warmth, many on the streets continuously strolled and went about their day in a bubbly fashion.

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Latest copies from Baymard, detailing the coronation of the little Baymardian princess!”

“Wow! Finally! It’s here! You know, I heard about the ceremony.”

“Me too! It took place several months back. Too bad transporting these newspapers from Baymard to the Capital takes so many months again. Finally! Finally! I’ve been waiting so badly for this edition to arrive!”

“Hey, boy. Do you perchance have the edition of his majesty Landon’s wedding a month ago? What did my goddess wear for her wedding?”

“Hey, missi! You have to be real with your requests, okay? How do you expect the boy to have it so soon? Boy, you serve me first! I have 3 copper coins here for the 3 hot topic papers detailing Baymard’s heroic actions in saving the Zalipnians from those Temple people!”



As usual, many crowded the streets to buy all sorts of things.

It had also become a habit for many to sit on the newly constructed sidewalk chairs, reading the newspapers while crossing their legs proudly. They seemed to want to scream out the fact that they could now read and write.


The illiteracy levels have dropped over the years, and many peasant and ordinary folks had begun to read and write, getting better and better as time went on.

It was estimated that in the next few years, all job requirements would respect many to at least have a beginner or basic understanding before getting hired.

Those with high literacy levels would no doubt have high-paying job opportunities too.

In short, showing off that one could read and write had now become a norm. And some even began picking up Roma too.


Ahh… These were the good days, with many just chilling, waiting for the public buses to arrive.


Their new monarch, his majesty Henry, had already begun implementing state public transportation in the Capital city.

And word on the street was that after things adequately settled in the Capital, the same practice would also spread out.

Now, at particular times of the day, official, well-built wagons would pass through some stops.

The wagons were newly designed and modified to be 8 feet tall. The idea was that one could now stand in them, as though standing in trains or buses.

There were also a few seats for the elderly. But most men who boarded preferred to stand while reading their newspapers.

The horses would pull the wagons, and people would jump off at every stop.

And for this alone, many were grateful for the changes around the massive cities.

Of course, taxis/single-operated wagons and carriages still transported passengers at will.

In short, there was room for everyone to grow and create abilities to earn money for themselves.

But to keep order in the mix, there was a Cab/taxi driver association here linked to the one in Baymard and the new one in the other empires.

Everyone had to register to be a public driver, or it would be illegal. This was done to ensure that the cab drivers don’t turn into crooks themselves.

In these dangerous times., anything could happen. And when one boards a cab, they put their trust in the driver.

So that said driver had to be registered. That way, if the person rapes, beats, kidnaps or does anything to the passengers, it would be easier to find out from there on out.

Of course, even though Henry had already begun changing Deiferus for the better, many still opposed him, with some wanting nothing else but revenge!


Clang. Clang.

On the beautifully lined stone roads, a row of blue noble carriages steadily made their way to the palace majestically.

And soon, the carriage had arrived at their destination.

“Halt! Please, step out of the vehicle for a brief check!”

Those in the carriage had their faces distorted.

“My lady, these guys are going too far!” One of the armed men in the carriage said.

“Oh?” A seductive beauty seated opposite him exclaimed. “Darius…Let them play house for a bit longer… Soon, it will be our time to let them understand the consequences of their actions. For now, do as they say.” The lady gently before suddenly giving the man a fierce stare. “We came here with a mission, and I’ll be damned if I go back defeated, understood?”

“Yes, mistress. Forgive me for my arrogance.”


The mistress was scary when she wanted to be.

However, she was right. They had to meet the bastard on the throne for the ’cause.’

Turning around in anger would only make things worse.


Like so, their carriages were searched, and the weapons they brought in were duly noted.

In this way, those in the place would also know how many people were coming in, as well as what dangerous things they had on them.

And if Henry were to have an audience with these people, his security would factor in what was recorded.

But to Ezenia, she saw all these actions as cowardice.

She glanced at the majestic palace with a deep sneer in her heart.

All this should belong to her darling!

Thinking of why she came, Ezenia had a strong urge to throw up.

If not that she was thinking of the big plan in future, how would it be possible that she would need to seduce this weakling?

‘Henry! Henry! Henry!… It’s all your fault that I’ve stooped so low. But just you wait! Once Ulrich is saved, I’ll personally slit your throat myself! How dare you make me seduce a weakling like you?’

“Men, let’s go!”