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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1319

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1319

Alexander’s Plans


The guards threw the badly bruised woman onto the ground.

“Nana!” Tilda leaped as fast as she could with pain in her heart.

And the guards who saw this only sneered in mocking disdain at the duo.

“His majesty had requested that she be your head maid for the wedding.” One of the guards said, smiling mysteriously.

Tilda glared at them, gritting her teeth madly.

“Hey, princess, no need to look at us with those eyes. We ordinary folk are just doing our jobs here. His Majesty has requested for the old hag to look after you. And just a word of caution to the princess… His majesty has commanded that should you take over the job of the old hag in any way, he will have no choice but to end her life there and then. After all, the princess is about to get married, and your husband wouldn’t like you to have calluses before the wedding night. So if the princess should dare disobey, she will have no one but herself to blame!”


Tilda trembled with reddened eyes.

The moment she heard the guards, she did intend to take over the work, allowing her nana to heal and rest up. That was the least she could do before leaving for Lingingburg.

She knew that after this, she would never see her nana again. Yes, she was unwilling. But if she tried anything funny, it would be her nan who would suffer.

Tilda’s heart was constricted in agony, the more hopeless the situation seemed.

She wished she had never been born into royalty! She wished she could’ve been an ordinary person with a simple family.

Of course, she knew that even peasant lives were difficult, with some fathers selling their daughters for a few coins, cows and even farmlands. Some even sold them to slave owners.

Whether it was the rich or poor, both still had their extremities. But, it was typically the rich who continuously went overboard. Most poor people did these things because of desperation.

At times, it was even the older daughter who volunteered to do it to give her younger siblings a chance.

Things were hard in the world, and far away hills never looked that green!

Tilda knew all this but still preferred to be born into an ordinary family. At least then, even if she wanted to flee, it would be way easier than now.


With heavy eyes, Paula struggled to get a single glance at her precious granddaughter.

Her left eye was purple and swollen, as though someone had punched her severally.

Tears trickled down her cheeks the moment she saw her pale granddaughter. With deep breaths, she tried to contain her emotions, turning her attention to the guards, who had just ordered her.

“Get up!”

“Ye-yes….” She voiced, pulling her limping body to take a stand as though she were a maid.

Tilda wanted to help her but was stopped after realizing they were being watched.

Instantly, Tila panicked.

She was not to assist or take care of her nana. This was the only way she could protect her nana.

However, what she didn’t know was that with Alexander’s plans, the moment she left, Paula was to be secretly put to death.

Of course, they would still use Paula to threaten Tilda in Lingingburg. Even her future husband would do so.

After all, how was she to know if her nana was alive or not?

Tilda was marrying into a birdcage. She would never leave Lingingburg’s Capital City. And all the guards around her would be loyal to her husband. In short, she’ll be completely isolated out there.

So how would she know what would happen to Paula?


She was naive to think they would allow such a rebellious woman to stay alive after smacking Alexander’s face severally with her disobedience.

The woman kept trying to save her granddaughter for years now. All these sins had long been added up.

And even Paula knew that her death was near. But she didn’t say anything.

If Tilda knew, Paula was sure that it would break her completely. Her fighting spirit would die. And this granddaughter of hers might become very suicidal.

Paula wept at the notion of never seeing her Tilda again.

Death didn’t phase her too much.

She, Paula, had been poisoned occasionally, sometimes walking close to death’s door and miraculously coming back alive.

She had been tortured too many times to count but had still lived a long life till 47.

She, a grandmother with a 13, nearing 14-year-old child, was very old. And it was a miracle that she could live this long.

So she had no qualms with death. Her only regret was leaving her precious granddaughter helpless in the world.


With a forced smile, she gave Tilda a reassuring look while taking a stand behind her as a maid would.

She was given the title of a lower rank maid. So as the rules stipulated, even the guards were superior to her.

“Forgive me for my incompetence. I will do my job to the best of my capabilities.”

“Hahahaha~… Old hag. It’s good that you know your place and your fate. Now, listen to the order of your work. If you should miss anything because you aren’t paying attention, then you can’t blame anyone for the punishment that would follow!” One of the guards, with a wicked expression on his face.

All palaces and noble estates had rules.

There were specific times for maids, their lords or mistresses’ foods. There were also times for cleanup, laundry and other activities that benefited their masters. Getting bathwater and readying it for their masters was a must.

If it were before, Tilda would’ve never been permitted to use the great ‘bathhouse.’

However, Alexander wanted to humiliate Paula before taking her lowly life. So he immediately permitted Tilda to use the bathhouse.

And who would do all the work? Paula!

One should know that even though those in the palace had their private bathing pool in their courtyards, there was still a massive one for joint family bathing.

Alexander had requested that Tilda use one of the pools there every day. This meant that her nana would have to fill it up, heat the water via the big fire on another far end, and drain it after everything.

Even gathering firewood would be left for Paula to do.


Tilda was very unwilling after listening to all the workload laid out by Alexander.

Her nana was already limping, with bruises covered all over her. There was also dried blood that seemed to have flowed onto her hands underneath her long-sleeved attire.

Her breathing was heavier, and her entire body was still quaking slightly.

So how was she in a fit position to do all these things?