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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1318

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1318

Assessments: All Powers Gathered


The burly man chuckled.

His reaction undoubtedly caused the duo to look at each other in confusion.

Eh? Why was their lord happy rather than angry?

The burly man massaged his rugged chin with a hint of mystery in his eyes.

“Interesting… So they have finally learnt to fight back? Heh. How naive!”

The man thought they were idiots.

Yes. Their actions might’ve made him lose this time. But in the long run, overall, it didn’t take a single hair off his chest. Their action was akin to one withdrawing a single grain of sand from the seashores.

Really and truly, it didn’t make any difference to him.

Of course, the only reason his men were reacting so much was that they knew how much he valued what was destroyed. It was the only thing that reminded him of his grandmother.

And to him, that thing was more valuable than his entire wealth out together.

So you best believe that even though it didn’t take off anything from him financially, the pain deep within was deadly.

However, things would have to wait until they headed back.


He didn’t get to this level by acting on his emotions. A calm, levelled head would always get one to the top.

Dripping with spite, the burly man still laughed dangerously. And soon enough, the duo began to feel his rage seep through his body.


They could only stay silent In wait.

As for what truly happened, it was simple.

To get to the root of the matter, it was best to understand their master’s identity.


Their master’s name was Castello Basanta.

First, they, as well as their master, were born and raised in Dafaren.

Their master was born from a mid-tier noble family. And over the years, he single-handedly rose to the top thanks to his beloved grandmother.

His father didn’t like him very much just because he killed his 2 step brothers before the age of 11. He also slept with his step-sister, forcing her to commit suicide mid-intercourse.

His father didn’t like him very much but was afraid of the power behind his grandmother. So the punishments he got were very light.

When his grandmother asked him what he wanted to do, he chose slave trading, money planning and entertainment.

And over the years, he had built such a terrible syndicate in Veinitta, channeling its roots deep within both empires; Dafaren and Lingingburg.

That’s right. He was a person that the late Nopline would only wish to be like.

Of course, over the years, he had also had dealings with Nopline, making simple trades with the guy.

Their master was an absolute powerhouse in the continent, with all royals giving him face.

The number of pleasure homes and secret bases scattered within both empires was frighteningly alarming if people truly knew all he had.

Additionally, he was also a peak middle-ranking member of the T.O.E.P.

And wouldn’t you know it, the killing period was still on and would close in about a week from now.

Those that set forth to kill him thought he was hidden in one of his homes. However, they were very mistaken.

They arrived there to find him missing.

But rather than leaving, they decided to destroy what he valued in that estate.

It was ironic that they arrived to attack that Dafaren estate a week after he left for the Capital.


The burly man clenched his fists hard.

He would never let them go!

Though he couldn’t kill whoever it was until the next killing period, he would still investigate and wait for the time to act!


Castello smiled dangerously, trying to control his thumping heart.

“We’ll deal with that later on. That sly fox, Alexander, will still be up to his old tricks, so stay vigilant.”


The duo responded, visibly relaxing their tested shoulders.

With the killing period nearing its end, they could finally loosen up.

Dealing with non-members was always better than dealing with their kind.

Additionally, they still had 2 other assignments from the Order.

The first assignment wasn’t just given to them but to several others as well.

The Order prioritized the matter so much that they promised the first leader to complete it, an instant upgrade to the next position on the power ladder.

They were to find and retrieve some mysterious book in Alexander’s hands.

Of course, the book in Alexander’s hands wasn’t the original but a copy instead.

And the person who sent it to Alexander should be one of the spy ‘students’ who had gotten the opportunity to study a certain profession in Morgany.

The spy was still imprisoned in Morgany as they spoke. But the book had successfully left the place.

Their task, should they choose to accept, was to find and retrieve it.


The burly man stared at his aides sternly.

“Ronald! Chengdu!… Tonight, take a few and begin work!”

“As you wish, my lord!” The duo replied.

They didn’t even bother finding out what their lord would be doing in the meantime because they knew about the lord’s powers.

That’s right.

Their lord could create rocks into any shape, size or form!

But, his range was limited.

At present, he could make a boulder at most 6 feet tall. And as for how wide, he also had a limit to that.

Their lord could create boulders and launch them into the air crazily.

If he were launching hand ball-shaped ones, their lord could stay in battle like this for an entire hour before getting drained.

They had never seen someone as weird and powerful as their lord. In all truth, they began to feel as though their lord were a God that descended onto Hertfilia.

With his extraordinary powers, their lord could camouflage himself, create attack balls and shields while moving from place to place.

Provided there was soil or rocks around, their lord could make things move at will.

And tonight, it looks as though he will move out again!

Of course, he was also going to find out more about the location of a particular descendant of the long-deceased 5th Grand Witch of Tenola!

It’s said that the woman fled the organization ages ago.

And her descendant should be in her 40’s now.

There was something on the woman’s descendant that the Order wanted. Apparently, the woman should also be clueless about her origins and powers., which would make taking her in easier.

Castello couldn’t help frowning deeply.

He was specially tasked with finding her.

But where? Where could this strange and powerful woman be?


–Royal Palace–

A badly bruised Paula was fiercely thrown to the ground by the guards.



Granddaughter…. I can finally see you.”