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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1316

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1316

The Jouney Begins!

Java chuckled in delight.

A big plan was underway. And in the next few years, Adonis will finally be able to wipe Morgany’s influence from the face of Hertfilia.

All triple and double agents would soon make their mark.

Of course, Java was thinking this, not knowing that the Holy core was now on its way to Morgany.

Titus stood behind Java, staring at the future heir in warmth.

It’s said that the future heir had been bathed in Adonis’ love since his birth, allowing him to get blessings nonstop.

And those by the heirs stood would also be destined to rise to increased heights.

He, Titus, had been ‘bought’ by the heir from ‘slavery’ with a few others.

They had watched the heir grow up and knew that soon, he would go back to Lampe to receive anointing and crowning.

Of course, not before at least destroying Dafaren from the inside… Or at least leaving countless seeds of distortion in the hearts of many.

His idea of being ‘kind’ to the peasants and these lowlifes was just for this grand scheme of setting up an uprising.

In short, after his coronation and crowning, he’ll come back, gather the support of the ordinary people and claim Dafaren for Adonis.

Everything had long been set into motion.


Java thought of something and couldn’t help grinning deeply.

“Titus… Today seems to be yet another blessing in disguise.”

Titus couldn’t help nodding his head in agreement. “My lord, I understand.”

“Good. You’ll gather a few men and send them off to deal with those pesky lowlifes. But make sure whatever you do shouldn’t be traced back to this king. Remember, I am a good friend to these lowlifes. So let the men disguise themselves as people belonging to other factions.”

Tutis pumped his heart loudly: “My lord. It will be done.”

“Good.” You can also allow the City Lord’s men to follow those who head out tonight. This whole thing is the perfect distraction, understand?”

Titus chuckled: “Understood, my lord.”

How can he not understand?

Tonight, they were going to steal something from the city Lord’s vault.

They already had men from the inside who were acting as the city lord’s guards.


Initially, to keep his men given by the empire happy and fooled, he had long planned to allow them to have orgies and pleasure for the next few days, keeping them lazy and unaware until his true men did the deed.

In short, a distraction was needed. Not just for him but one that would be able to fool the city lord into thinking that the disappearance of that would have nothing to do with him.

And wouldn’t you know it, these runaway slaves had made things much easier for him.

The chase for them would begin tonight, keeping the city lord focused on his actions towards these lowlifes.

But in the meantime, Titus and other skilled men would break in and take the book from the vault.

Yes! It was a book of poisons that the city Lord and his appointed researchers were tasked with creating and working in for the empire.

According to the latest news, this book was a stolen Morg book with an eye-opening invention.

It’s said that the invention can launch giant arrows into the air at an alarming and dangerous speed.

How it got to Alexander’s hands, he didn’t know.

But it was confirmed that Alexander did a switcheroo, deciding all prying ears into thinking that he had taken the book back to the Capital. Meanwhile, the book was hidden in a secret room within the vault here.

The world as it was, was truly turbulent, with too many changes occurring all at once.

Changes occurred daily that kept shifting their plans.

Java came to this coastal city, rather than anyone, because of this book.

He had to steal it before Alexander’s goons came back for it. And he had to do so in the most inconspicuous way.

“Titus, go and do as you’re told… dismissed!”


Like so, Titus was on the move.

He gathered 35 men and shipped them off towards the tavern Landon and his gang had lodged into.

And because of their public actions, the City Lord Mervin was very alert.

Mervin quickly pulled away from his 3rd wife on the bed after receiving the secret call from his hidden guard.

“My lord… Where are you going? This is my night!” The lady on the bed said, gripping the Mervin hard.

Bastard! Was he thinking of leaving her like this and beading towards the rooms to those other sl**s?

The woman immediately became anxious and crazed.

Even though she was miraculously pregnant at this age (31), she still wanted to feel pleasure.

Her pregnancy was the miracle of the year, with countless people wondering how she did it. You know, most women stop childbirth at 20~24.

No one would wait to be in their 20’s before pumping out children…14, 15, or 18 were the plump ages to become baby-making factories.

After that, because of their early menopause in this area, having a child over the age of 25 in Dafaren and a majority of aces in the world was already a miracle.

And in other regions in the world, some even thought of it as witchcraft.

Before her pregnancy, her husband would touch her at least twice a week. And that was while also touching a few from his other 7 wives and 2 lowly concubines.

But now, after the pregnancy, he refused to touch her, saying that he would damage the baby.

So she had been starving for a long, long time. But now that she finally had him over, he wanted to leave after touching and raising her ecstasy to this point?


She was so mad that she had already forgotten her identity.


“And you!… Where do you think you’re going?”

“Woman, you better let go of me; I have important matters to deal with… And besides, I’ve told you this severally. It’s not good to do adult acrobatics while pregnant.”

“Says who?!”

Marvin was impatient: “Says the healer!!”

“Healer, shmealer! What does that bloody healer know? He doesn’t even have a child of his own, so what kind of advice would such a person give?”

Mervin glanced at the woman holding his little man, and was suddenly dumbfounded.

Excuse me… But who are you? What have you done to my charming wife?

The woman looked as though she was about to spit out fire any moment now: “Mervin, you’re wicked. You must truly be crazed if you think I would let you go after getting me there. If you don’t do it, I’ll take you!”


Like so, the night was boisterous, with several shocking revelations unfolding.

Very swiftly, the men Titus sent had indeed reached the inn only to find their targets gone… Vanished, with no one knowing how they left.


The men were furious at the deceit of these bastards.

And the people they were presently looking for had already lodged into another tavern far away from the scene.


Tomorrow, they would collect as much info as they could before leaving the city.

Because tomorrow evening, they will begin their journey to the Capital!