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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1315

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1315

His True Identity!

Java tapped his fingers on his jaws playfully. His entire demeanor turned ecstatic.

It has been a long time since he moved his hands.

Tsk! How dare a few lowly run-away slaves turn him down? As a proud man, how could he allow people to go after not giving him any face?

Maybe it was due to the pent-up feelings they garnered in Morgany.

But since they arrived, they felt itchy to release all their suffocated actions and emotions to anyone around.

In Morgany, they couldn’t even do anything, with the Morgs rightfully feeling superior. However, could it be that after returning to their homeland, they, who were originally proud by nature, would be able to bear any rejections from common, ordinary lowlifes?

In a nutshell, his men originally planned to use coitus to vent their pent-up feelings, doing whatever they dared to the unfortunate men or ladies caught or decided by them.

But now, forget it!

They wanted to not only do so but would also derive pleasure in directly slashing these bastards into a million pieces, seeing their anxious and fearful expressions right before their deaths.

Of course, there was another hidden reason he decided to go after these people.

Java’s eyes glowed like fireflies.

“Hahahahah~~… Good. Good. Excellent… That’s what I like to hear.” Java said, clapping while facing the men on bent knees before him.

The lead man lowered his head even more: “My lord. The men have just returned and have informed me that the tavern has agreed to secretly let us in after official hours (2 A.M). And with us being the City Lord’s guests, I’m sure he too wouldn’t mind us going about then.” Titus said.

He was Java’s most trusted aid.

With a long ponytail, a deep slashing wound around his neck, and an even more vibrant black braided beard, he gave off a very chilling image to his enemies.

Java grinned in satisfaction, getting up from his bed and walking towards the massive balcony on the other side of his chambers.

Indeed. He was a guest at the City Lord’s mansion.

And with the city lord so eager to please him, walking about at this time wouldn’t be an issue provided he had a Token from the City Lord’s palace.


Java chuckled: “Titus, for tonight, you won’t be going to deal with such a simple task. I need you here.” He said, holding the balcony rails thoughtfully.

And instantly, Titus understood: “My lord, I know.”

Yes. How can he not know?

While they did plan to get pleasure for the bottom feeders of their legion, the tip and most powerful people had other plans at heart.

Half of Java’s men were given to him by the empire. Meaning they weren’t wholeheartedly loyal to him.

Only his men he trained in secret, as well as the 400 who always followed him now, were his most loyal and truthful subordinates. The rest were just decoys he used at will.

They weren’t important to him. And that’s why he kept his image around them somewhat similar to what everyone else in the empire thought of him.

There was a big reason for all this.

First, Java had another hidden identity that, so far, not even the Morgs had been able to find out.

That’s right. Java was a double agent, working neither for Dafaren nor Morgany.

Everyone thought his mother was from some lowly noble home that got hit after that ‘unfortunate incident’ that destroyed the entire Hyu estate.

However, the truth was far from what many believed. His mother was from enemy territory. And as far back as he could recall, he had been initiated and secretly taken to his real home several times to see his father.

Java smiled cruelly.

Soon, Adonis will wash these filthy and wretched people from the face of Hertfilia. For Adonis, he would go far!


Yes. Yes… That’s right.

He, Java, was the heir destined to be the next ruler of Lampe after his father, the Holy One, had approved of his training being successful.

As the heir, he was sent out to work for Adonis. And would soon go back in another 5 years to permanently take over.

All this time, he had been gathering information, sending it off and doing other tasks.

It was funny that the Morgs even approved of him entering Morgany and learning some of their practices.


The morgs were indeed smart. And because of their strictness, the only way for one to fully integrate without suspicion from infancy.

That’s why Adonis sometimes sent their women out and would secretly visit and impregnate these women.

After birth, the women would mysteriously die (get sent back to Lampe)… Of course, the ‘father’ would have to care for the child.

Doing this was challenging in Morgany. So they implemented their plan in regions like Dafaren and other empires or continents.

Now, the identity isn’t suspicious. And no matter how the Morgs looked at it, the baby was a Dafaren baby.

And over time, they would find time to build the child’s belief in Adonis.

Only in this way will the child have a chance of getting selected and finally entering Morgany from the outside.

No… It could be said that Java wasn’t even a double agent but a triple one since he was fooling both Dafaren and Morgany.

Even his so-called father here didn’t know he wasn’t of his kind.

His skin tone was only slightly off from those here. But it could be easily overlooked.

In short, it was like seeing a Scottish person or another one from Iceland, Canada or other places back on earth.

Really and truly, unless they tell you where they are from or give it up with their accents, the variation of their skin tones was similar.

And it was because of this that those in Lampe would send their children to these regions that looked slightly similar to them.

Sending the child to Tenola, Romain, or even Zohl would only lead to failure!


Java sneered.

Alright. It was time to implement tonight’s big plan.

Heh… It was the sole purpose for his arrival here!