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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1311

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1311

The Great Chariton Java

Chariton Java?

Everyone saw the gallant and dashing 29-year-old make his way towards the completion with a proud face of a peacock.

His bose pointed to the sky, so much so that if he raised his head any further, he might have to end up walking with his chin facing everyone.

“Make way! Make way!”

His guards hurriedly created a path for him amidst the awe-stricken people around.

Well, even though Java could also be considered old, at his age, reaching the level of Chariton was too remarkable.

So he deserved the accolades many were throwing at him. And of course, he would also never let them forget it!

What? You think he was a show-off?

Heh! If you were the one who not only received this title at such a young age but also got acknowledgement from his Majesty Alexander, then wouldn’t you also raise your nose high in the sky, never letting anyone forget?

If Java’s attitude was similar to those who went to space, came back and kept singing their glory at every damn feast, party or festival for the next 10 years.

‘We get it. You went to space. Let it go!’

Landon looked at the proud Java, almost rolling his eyes heavenwards.

Though he didn’t know what a Chariton was, seeing everyone’s traction showed how much they valued him.

So they had to be careful, meeting such a character now.

It’s best they have nothing to do with him, lest he ruined their mission. Josh and the others also thought so. It was just their luck to garner this guy’s attention the moment they arrived.


The gang’s hearts were all bubbling and brooding cautiously. But on the surface, they still dawned their aggrieved and unwilling expressions from the ridiculous prices they had to pay.

Because they came as peasants, their combined money totalled 1600 copper coins.

They were to stay here till tomorrow evening. So if they paid 1,000 copper coins now, just lodging tonight, feeding, and even riding for information would be harder to get.

Landon had no plans of stalling things due to the weather. So forget it! They weren’t going to pay that price.


What to rob him? No way!


“Chariton Java! Pleasure, pleasure… I humble myself before you, my lord.” The dock keeper said, giving a deep bow to this famous Alchemist who reinvented the Elixir of Youth.

Yes! Reinvented, because it had already been there throughout the ages.

But over time, the formula had been revised and made better. In the end, Java’s formula had beaten all those seniors, causing the entire Dafaren and even Morgany to acknowledge his talents.

And because of this, he had been allowed to study Alchemy in Morgany for 6 months every 2 years.

The honour was a tremendous one, making countless alchemists bite their teeth in envy, wishing that they could also have the opportunity to study in Morgany.

Look! They weren’t even asking for much.

Just give them a month… No! Even a few weeks of study there would make them die with glee.

Of course, it’s also said that while Java’s accomplishments were outstanding, they were just ordinary for Morgany’s level.

It was true that the Morgs appreciated his accomplishments.

But there have been hundreds and thousands of Morgs who have invented numerous things yearly. Some of which beat his own.

And one shouldn’t forget that Java had only reviewed what was already there.

Meanwhile, the Morgs were inventing things from scratch, young into the valley of death, creating new poisons, weaponry, knockout gases and other things.

Whether one hated or loved Morgany, there was no denying that they had a system that produced geniuses regularly.

Maybe this was why they remained at the top.

Though Java was ‘ordinary’ in Morgany, back in Dafaren, he was still a celebrity that shook everyone’s core whole.

No doubt about it, Chariton Java should’ve returned from his first 6-months of study.



Java was a famous man.

It was hard not to know his face since back then, portraits of him had long circulated, as though he were the ride of the empire.

His 6-month per 2 years study rule didn’t mean that he would have to go back every 2 years… After all, just voyaging alone would take close to a year.

It meant that he could come back anytime after the 2 year period was up.

So if he liked, he could stay for 4 more years after returning to Dafaren, before going back to study.

The only thing the Morg’s cared about was ensuring that he stayed a minimum of 2 days after each study period.

“I humble myself before you, my lord.”The dock keeper said enthusiastically.

And Java only waved his hand casually, as though he were a monarch: “Hmmm… You may raise your heads.”

“Thank you, my lord!” The dick keeper, his ruffian boys and many others around replied.

Java glanced at the confused and aggrieved peasants, with deep calculations buried in his eyes.

“What seems to be the problem here?”

“My lord… These lowly peasants are refusing to pay the docking fees!” The dock keeper emphasized, gesturing at their almost damaged little canoes.

What sort of monstrosities are tense?

Java was taken aback after seeing the state of the canoes.

Did they actually paddle with those things that look like they could break anytime soon?

It wasn’t Java’s fault for thinking like that.

Canoes in Dafaren and even Morgany are slightly different from those in Pyno. They were specific hidden trait techniques and design considerations that they placed here.


It was true.

Many modern people might not know the difference or think it’s nothing too shocking. But canoes made by Egyptians were slightly different from Canoes made by other medieval empires… And vice-versa.

All regional and territorial designers had their own ways of doing things, some better than others.

And just looking at the terrible designs and building firms of the canoes made many question how they could survive on that for so long.

For them, using such a thing was unstable and from a lesser region.

That’s right.

Their boats alone made many, including Java, one that they were foreigners… And peasant ones at that.

Java squinted his eyes, noticing the slightly covered slave mark on their necks.

Good…. Just what he was looking for.