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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1308

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1308

Taking Out The Trash

William frowned. What was this bastard up to now?

“Speak. I’m listening.”

“Come now, William… It’s simple. As it stands now, there’s nothing I can do about my people coming for you. But, there’s something else I can offer and Promise.”

William’s brows went up: “Oh? What’s that?”

“William Barn… No… Since you’re enjoying your last monarch period, I should call you… your Majesty William, no?”

“You should,” William said flatly.

Since this guy got here, he’s calling him William Barn with no titles or respect whatsoever.

Rudolf chuckled at the young lad’s temper.

“Your majesty William Barn… Though I cannot do anything for you, when it comes to your family and close ones, I do have the power to make magic happen.”

William rolled his eyes heavenwards. “Get to the point.”

“Sure… Whatever you say, your majesty.” Rudolf said while carefully avoiding the many people fighting around him.

The entire place was filled with fierceness, as everyone seemed to be battling for their lives.

Meanwhile, he and William looked like they were just here for entertainment.

Rudolf calmly stepped back. And in the space he once stood, another person soon fell on his butt while fighting an enemy.

Yes. Rudolf and William seemed to be immersed in their own little world.


“Your majesty Barn, it’s simple… In short, what I’m guaranteeing you, is that when you die, your family will be safe. As I said, I can’t stop the danger heading your way. But I can shield or stop others from coming to your family and friends. Your mother… Your father… Your loyal friends… And even your cousin in Baymard. All of them will stay alive with just a single order from me.”

“And why should I believe you? Moreover, in what capacity can you do it? For all I know, you might just be a lackey. So what makes you think I can trust you?”


Rudolf laughed heartily, with a hint of disgust in his voice

“Your majesty Barn, even though I can’t tell you how powerful I am, I am no lackey. My position is far superior to that of a lackey. So, please… Don’t insult me!”


William listened and came up with his one thoughts deeply.

With the way this guy was carrying about, he shouldn’t be amongst the lacked class of those T.O.E.P.

Then, just what position had he reached?


So far, they didn’t know all T.O.E.P positions, only knowing what classes Alec, Nopline, and the captured Baron Cain had undertaken, thanks to some secret messages found.

Now the question reminder. How many classes were there? Was this guy in a higher position than the late Nopline or Alec Barn?

William wanted to know.

Rudolf’s face was still distorted with disgust after being compared to the lackeys that they usually got from the lesser continents.

He was a true-born Morg. So what position do they think he would get?

Don’t insult him!

“Your majesty Barn, whether you believe me or not doesn’t matter. As it stands now, your only choice is to take my word for it. Or… Do you want to see your entire family skinned alive and hung on the city walls?”

William narrowed his eyes dangerously: “What do you want in exchange?”

“Smart boy. What I want is simple. Let me and my men go, and not only will I leave Arcadina for good, but I’ll also do my magic, guaranteeing that no harm will befall your loved ones… So… Do we have a deal?”

Yes! From the reports he got attacked to the one about Alec’s death, it stated that this guy was a big family guy.

He could walk onto the belly of a beast because of his family. Meaning his only known weakness was his family.

So for sure, in desperate times such as these, this guy should waste no time taking his offer.


Rudolf’s hands remained in the air for quite some time, waiting for William to shake it.

But soon, his coy smile turned stiff with displaced anger while looking at the little imp, who was just standing there as though he, Rudolf, was invisible.

Dare him?

Rudolf’s eyes were blazing hot after all the insults he received today.

“Boy! What do you mean?!”

William didn’t even bother talking to him. All this time, he regained his strength after being backed to the corner by Rudolf.

Like Sherlock Holmes, his eyes and mind had been calculating what he would do to secure his victory.

‘First. Attack special point on leg.

Get target to step into the hole on the floor. Standing at a higher position than the man who is now in the hole, employ body shot, kicking his chin, forcing him to fall backwards.

Block his angry attack, weaken left jaw again, attack ribs… Fracture left check, attack ribs again and finish assault by fracturing his cheek, dislocating it permanently for the last time.’

William accessed everything like a movie in his mind.

And this time, with his plan in motion, he attacked first.

“What? Boy! You….”


Rudolf had no time to react, as he suddenly found his left leg numb.

And because of reflex, he tried to stabilize himself with his right leg.

But because of a little shove from William, his left leg fell straight into a newly formed hole on the deck.



The wooden stakes tore into his skin painfully. This while had no doubt been formed tonight through another person’s battle. So the sharp edges of the hole would be merciless to any who fall into it.


The pain plus his loss of control over his left leg made him livid.

But how could this be all William had in store for him?


~Pah. Pah. Crack. Pah. Boom!

William wasted no time in kicking the shit out of Rudolf, aiming for his weaker point, until both of his jaws seemed dislocated.

Yes. He, William Barn, might not be the strongest man, but he was one of the smartest and fastest.

Speed seemed to be his gift. And it was why he seamlessly avoided those lightning attacks earlier on.

William thought of his so-called distant cousin and sneered.

Want to threaten his family and get away with it?

Tsk. Naive.

Sebastian Barn…

Soon, they would meet.

But for now, he had to take out the trash.