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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1270

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1270

Nosy Baymardians!

Damon quickly dismissed the disdainful creature of a woman before him, and calmly nodded to several other ladies while making his way to his father.

The duo glanced at each other in understanding before smiling and walking about as though they were having some deep father-to-son talk about finding a wife.

Well, at least that’s what everyone thought because from time to time, Duke Trigun would gesture at a few of the ladies as though telling his own to try and mingle with them.

And likewise, Damon would also act as though he was considering the matter.

Again, as they passed by, if someone were so close to them, they would quickly switch their conversation, talking about who he should marry next.

And all this made the girls who were watching, blush whenever the father and son duo would look and gesture their way.

Oh my!

Their lashes quickly fluttered as they used their hand fans to cover their buŧŧon faces and move their eyes shyly, yet seductively.

“Heavens! I can’t believe Young Master Damon looked at me just now!”

“Look at you? Heh. Do you think Young Master Damon is sick to look at you? That is, with the size of your feet, it would be a miracle for any man to give you a single glance!”

“Oh yeah? Then what about you then? Do you think your non-existent bosom can make any man feel attracted to you? You better back off now because Young Master Damon is mine!”

“Says who? I don’t even know why you both are opening your mouths and spreading your stench all over the place. Anyone with a brain can see that Young Master Damon and Duke Trigun we’re gesturing at me. So why bother? Why do you all like getting beaten so much?”

“Screw you! Young master Damon is mine. I have the best advantage here and will definitely give him the most happiness amongst all.”

“How very tacky of you, Evelyn. I think you’re confusing true happiness with whatever you do lying on your back, you whore!”

“I?… I am a whore? Then if that’s the case, then you’re the Grand Master of whores, you floozie!”

“Why you!….”

“Oh, please! Can all you ladies just shut it? Young Master Damon is also of royal blood. And according to the rumours, seeing that his majesty Sirius doesn’t intend to take in another wife after his first, then for sure, Young Master Damon is now the most eligible bachelor in the empire. So who else can fit his status apart from I, the 4th daughter of Marquis Anthony? Like I said, all of you should back off now!”



The ladies who were quarrelling with one another, did so while still looking as charming as ever.


Thanks to the fans they held, their mouths that moved their machine guns were very much disguised, only leaving their seductive yet gentle eyes for all to see.

As nobles, they had the most gracious looks, trying their best to hide their flaws seamlessly.

Too bad the target of their admiration secretly disdained them because of their complexions.

Damon squinted his eyes coldly, before withdrawing them from a group of men who would look at them from time to time.


“Father… The dog man has sent his people to stare at us, just as we predicted.”

The chubby Trigun sneered: “Heh. The dog is indeed getting a little impatient, seeing that we haven’t made any moves yet. But we don’t have to worry about him because we also have our people staring at him. It’s just that gaining access into the Palace has now become too strict when compared to earlier times.”

Damon frowned briefly before returning to his charming gaze for all to see: “I know, father. I heard that since Baymard’s interference, security has gotten tighter within the palace.”

“Yes.” Duke Trigun said coldly.

Baymard! Baymard! Baymard!

As in, who sent them here to ‘help’ their empire?

Who said Yodan needed help?

The old Yodan was perfect as it was. So what was all this?

You know, after the rules came out, the poor slowly stabilized their lives, becoming well-to-do. But they, the rich, had lost too many resources, which should’ve been there in the first place!

Their budgets per month had slightly gone down, and now, they had to place several of their plans on hold because of this.

You know money was needed to finance wars, battles or even plans for their enemies.

So after paying all staff monthly, do you know how much money was generally lost?


They also couldn’t raid villages or overtax the people within their territories or jurisdictions.

Heh. They never wanted to touch the money in their vast treasures, hoarding it as though they were Scrooge McDuck.

So who suffered in this case, the poor.

But now, the poor had rights, and what should be taxed would get collected justly by the newly formed tax offices and whatnot.

Heh. Before, Taxes were collected by the lords and owners of these regions, who would then send a majority back to the palace.

And you know, the taxes would be used for emergency wars, drought situations and anything of importance that needs done.

But as many middlemen in these times, they would play several tricks to collect more money from the people, taking a larger chunk out and replacing their pockets before sending the rest to the Capital city.

Of course, they would then change the books because they didn’t want their actions to get discovered.

But now, Sirius had appointed and sent spec groups of people all over the empire, who would start taking charge of that.

So one can imagine how frustrating this was.

Damn those nosy Baymardians and their stupid suggestions!