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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1266

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1266

End Of The Wedding!

~Cling. Cling. Cling!

The boisterous room was continuity filled with the sounds of laughter, as well as people clashing their cups and goblets together.

Hey! The scene somehow managed to open up those who were specially invited from other empires, allowing them to burst out of their shyness and speak to one another as though they were campers telling stories around a fireside.

At the tables, they were all mixed and scattered about, showing a vast range of diversity around the hall.

Old friendships were reinforced, and new friendships were made too.

After something as comical as this, the gang of guests all drank and enjoyed their time while getting to know one another too.

“Ah!!!!… So you’re the famous Merchant Gideon of Terique? I’ve heard so much about you. And might I say that I read your Baymardian interview about the Pyno Merchant Association’s new policies.”

“Yes. Yes! It was all over the newspapers. You did a fabulous job when tackling and speaking on some of the issues all merchants faced. You know, the annual meeting place alternates yearly. And next year, it will be taking place in Carona. So what are your plans for them? What surprises should we look forward to?”

“Holy Heavens! Are you the famous Dean Nobaku, the famous Dean of the Culinary and Bartending Academy? Great! Great! It’s such a pŀėȧsurė to be meeting you in the flesh, sir. I’m the newly appointed Arcadinian Minister of Health & Safety. My second daughter is studying within the Academy and has told me so much about you!”

“Doctor Silvia? Doctor Silvia Escalon? Wonderful! Wonderful! You treated my long-time internal injuries 2 years back. So how could I ever forget you? Hahahaha! Seeing that we are seated at the same table, then it must be fate… Speaking of which, Doctor… You’re still so young. And it just so happens that my dashing third son is also around the same age as you are… So, are you married yet?”



Like magic, everyone on their respective, and even their neighbouring tables, all gisted merrily.

All sorts of topics emerged, with some even arguing about what Baymardian eatery was the best from all their recent visits.

Their topics ranged from any and everywhere.

And in this month, they truly felt like school children, talking and gossiping so intently.

It made them feel so young, vibrant and alive that they didn’t even notice how fast time flew by.

Of course, the media and camera crew also did their jobs, interviewing a few people briefly, letting them say a few congratulatory words on video for the couple.

Hey! They also zoomed on several tables, showing everyone lifting their glasses and saying Congratulations all at once.

And Landon, who peeked at his watch, suddenly smiled and stood up merrily.

It was time for him to meet the bride.

He had planned to stay for a maximum of 1 hour before going.

Luckily, he managed to round things up with his boys and everyone else fast within 40 minutes.

Yes! He had received all the congratulatory words from those closest to him.

So now, he wanted to use the remaining 20 minutes to walk around table by table, talk, greet and say his goodbyes.

William, Santa and the rest chuckled while watching him get up.

“Big Brother Landon, say hello to sister-in-law for us.”

“Hmmm… Little bro… Make sure to go easy on her, unless you don’t want her to attend her own wedding tomorrow.”

“Heh heh heh! Go easy on her, bro.”

William and Sirius smiled and chuckled at the comments from the rest, only looking at Landon calmly: “Go… Extend our warmest congratulations to your wife.”

Josh, Gary, Trey and Mark also said the same sentences, making Landon’s embarrassment ease up greatly.


Josh and the rest were also very good friends with Sirius and the others too.

Maybe it was because they spent time together whenever the gang came into the empire. Additionally, Josh and the rest held high power within their respective Jobs. And many at times, they had to discuss eminent problems with the rest whenever they saw them.

That is, Landon would attend some of these meetings too, since it concerned Pyno’s safety as a whole.

Also, one shouldn’t forget that their wives were all good friends with Penelope and the rest.

So there have been so many opportunities that led them to also bond with these Pyno Monarchs.

Like when Josh has ȧssisted Henry to maintain the order in Deiferus after he placed Henry on the throne.

Do you think that all those times Josh stayed protecting Henry, they didn’t become close?

Or like the time when William stayed hidden in Baymardian for several months while waiting for Alec Barn to attack Baymard.

At that time, do you think that he didn’t get close to all 4 of them?

They were Landon’s sworn brothers who were like his left and right-hand men… so you best believe that when he wanted to send word to William in disguise, he would use the hands of his brothers.

Even at that, William used to train with the 4 of them while staying here.


Again, one shouldn’t forget that Santa was the first to get close to them way back during those times when Baymard was weak, and the people were few in number.

Santa was also close to Gary too.

Additionally, there was the time that Astar and Sirius had come down here after almost getting ȧssassinated.

Heh. They stayed here for a bit and got close to Mark and Trey as well.

And without a doubt, Landon used up so many opportunities and missions to ensure that his sworn first 4 sworn brothers were close to his newly formed ones.

At present, do you know that Henry invited Josh to revisit him when Josh’s next vacation was up?

Astar also liked Mark. Maybe because the duo were true foodies, and Mark’s office always had a wide variety of goods in it.

In short, they had personal relationships with one another, which was also good for all empires in the long run!