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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1130

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Finally, 5 days went by with all sorts of war plays going on.

They killed off almost all enemy forces and rounded up the surviving ones, giving them treatment before locking them up for good.

And on day 6, several trucks loaded with all sorts of supplies arrived in the city.

That’s right.

They had already estimated how the battle would play out.

So the incoming vehicles had already been on route for quite some time now.

The vehicles were as large as moving vehicles and brought all sorts of medical supplies, as well as the numerous Goods Lucia and the rest had bought.

As usual, after giving everyone their disaster money, compensation and whatnot… the people would be able to pick themselves up pretty fast.

In their empire, money wasn’t too much of the issue since they believed in the give and take policy.

They paid taxes for several things here.

And to be honest, Lucia and the rest also wanted to start creating healthcare payments as well.

But just like Baymard, she wanted several workplaces and associations to offer them to their employers too.

They didn’t have that light brown on them anymore.

They were pearly white and beautiful now.

In this era, the general clean standards were lightly tinted teeth.


Because no one had white teeth.


One should know that over time, their teeth just got browner and browner… with some people’s teeth looking black in the end.

For her people, their teeth did look better than the others in this world.

Their hygiene here was also one of the best, so it was hard to see anyone with blackened teeth.

They chewed flexible twigs from Guava trees that acted as chewing sticks, cleaning and flossing their teeth.

They also rinsed their mouths with salty water day and night before lightly wiping the outer surfaces of their teeth with clothing too.

Well, their methods might not be up to standard, but it was one of the best in this world.

It was just that it couldn’t completely get rid of plaque build-up.

Well, there were so many ideas that they had learned and understood at a basic level while staying in Baymard.

Hey! They even learnt about sales, discounts, bargains and things to do on holidays and occasions too.

Yes! They were very excited to bring a new wave of change to Zalipnia.

Thus, they bought so much stuff for themselves here.

Of course, the other things were brought over by Landon too.

Yes. They were the ones who would sell things and work with the merchants here.

Of course, they would pay the fees for bringing in foreign goods to Zalipnia based on their standard Baymardian calculations.

In Baymard, if one were to import anything, there would always be an importing fee.

Likewise, exporting had its own fee too.

All this was, was just duties & Taxes when anything crosses the borders.

And because they had discussed this earlier with Lucia and the rest, the money would go straight to the government and so on.

That was how it should be.

Well, today was the 6th, and numerous vehicles had already arrived.


They were told to live their lives as they did before, and were also informed that they would be updated later on if any other news popped up.

Of course, during these 5 days of war, all of them had met the Baymardians who stepped into their homes, checked for holding enemies.

And each team had at least one or two Zalipnian warriors from Lucia, Javis or Andrew’s men.

So when the others saw their fellow Zalipnians, they knew and understood that they were saved.

That’s why they weren’t worried or panicked at all.

In fact, they wanted them to search their homes again and again just to make sure that no Adonis bastard was hiding there.

And as the days went by, the war itself wasn’t that chaotic anymore.

After day 3, the Baymardians spent time searching nonstop, finding the training hiding or fleeing enemies.

And on day 5, they once again did a general sweep across the entire place yet again.

But so far, none have turned up yet.

Nonetheless, they didn’t care to loosen their vigilance.

The city was still heavily guarded in and out, making it near impossible for one to flee.

At the same time, the Zalipnian citizens did what they sought to do after every catastrophe.

They properly accounted for any missing or dead family members, as well as started looking at their damaged properties and whatnot.

They were a very organized bunch.

Thus when the Baymardians and Zalipnian warriors began moving from place to place, assessing the damage and noting down several things, many already knew what they lost.

Be it their horses, cattle, broken wagons, and so on… They reported what they knew and also showed evidence for what they could too.

This was the investigation process before they got awarded what was owed to them.

So they showed everything, including the damage that the winter and weather had caused over the period under Adonis’ rule with almost no money at hand.

Well, that was it for the busy day.

But of course, the most important thing of all was that while the Baymardians stayed out, Lucia and the rest had entered one of the palace buildings and had gone in to get everyone else.

That’s right. It was time to free the Hidden Zalipnians.