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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1129

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1129

Palace Saga Ends

“Bastard! Why won’t you just die?!”

“Die! Die! You bastard Morg. I don’t believe that you’ll be able to hold on against us for long. So

Looking at the incoming attacks, Landon quickly dodged a few while grabbing onto someone’s fisted hand.


He hoisted inside in the air and now did a spinning kick, knocking them down.

“Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!


Several people held their badly bruised faces in disbelief.


Everything happened so fast that they didn’t even know when and how they were attacked.

Their hearts sank, and their bodies trembled as they struggled to pull themselves off the cracked floors.

Some had even twisted their necks so hard that they felt it all sore and swollen.

That’s right.

When they git slapped, they found themselves spinning and twisting mid-air, twisting the rhythm of the slap.

And it was only after falling, did they realize that they had landed not too far away from Landon with twisted necks and bodies.


They spat out a mouth full of blood and broken teeth as they trembled in rage.


They had never been so humiliated in their lives!

They hated, hated, hated this bastard Morg!

Too bad their hatred had no effect on Landon as he stepped over their shoulders and pulled their hands in unnatural positions, snapping it silly.


” Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Son of a b**ch!”

Landon wasted no time, crippling them and also tapping a few key zones on their bodies.

Good. This should leave them immobilized in the meantime.

And just when he was done talking care with the last person, he swiftly leaned to the side, avoiding a deadly attack from his back.


It was from Fransisco.

“So… You finally decided to play,” Landon said with a Morg accent, further convincing Francisco again.

Francisco’s flickered with a fierce light in his eyes.


From his understanding of their general character, he assumed that even if they were to ask for help, they would rather die than ask for help from people like the Morgs.

Both sides had a different way of thinking and even a different way of life.

But now, he knew that he thought too much.

These people had probably made a ridiculous bet and taken a disadvantageous gamble for the Morgs to aid them.


They might’ve even sold off part of their territory to get any aid.

Morgs didn’t play fair. So if they agreed to anything, then they would be the ones reaping most of the profits.

Francisco had to admit that he miscalculated on this matter.

Nonetheless, he believed that this should be the only Morg team here.

Because even if these Zalipnians requested aid, it should take at least 2 and a half years for the news to get to Morgany, the troops to get assembled and also rushed here as well.

So this should be a nearby Pirate or Morg team that was sent to first take back the Capital and buy more time, or something like that.

Meaning if they dealt with these pests today, then they could hurriedly plan how to word the next wave of Morgs that might sneak in later on.

Thinking like that, Fransisco swiftly dashed forward, launching several deadly punches with his battle gloves.


~Boom! Boom! Boom!

Landon continuously backflipped as Fransisco continued his punching rampage.


As expected of the biggest boss.

No doubt about it, his attacks could cause one a severe internal injury.

Francisco, who was annoyed, started sweating a little when he realized that he hadn’t even landed a single punch or blow at Landon.

‘Is this bastard trying to drain my stamina?

No! If this goes on, I’ll be the one to suffer in the end.’

Francisco’s face turned grim when he started feeling the muscle tension and soreness in his arms.

Something had to be done.


Francisco calmly straightened his back and started in disdain at Landon.

“Heh. I thought that as a Morg, you would be able to handle a little fight like this with ease, rather than running away like a little girl.

Heh. I guess this is why our Adonis continent is now the strongest in the world.

That’s right. To me, we have far surpassed you, Spineless Morgs!”

Francisco spat several cruel words, and just as he expected, the Morg before him suddenly froze in rage.

Good. Good. Good.

They could finally end this mouse chasing game.

It was just that Fransisco who thought he had control of things, suddenly found out that he was the one led into a trap instead.


Landon tilted his head to the side before suddenly vanishing into thin air.


Francisco’s heart suddenly skipped a beat as he continuously turned around to find his opponent like an anxious squirrel.

Very quickly, his breathing became hoarse.

~Whoo… Whooo… Whooo…

Time seemed frozen in space, as countless beads of sweat constantly oozed off his fair skin

Where was he?

Where was his opponent?



Francisco spat hefty ounces of blood, feeling like his entire body was about to break into pieces.

His eyes almost popped out of its sockets as his body tapped the body and pounced a few inches off before dropping again.

F***! His entire body felt broken!

Francisco had never felt so weak, insulted and ashamed all at once.

How could someone in his position lose this much?

He began to doubt his entire life.


Could it be that all these years he had been battling against the Morgs, he had been killing the weak ones only?

Could it be that the real tough ones were as strong as this guy?

Then if that’s the case, didn’t it mean that their Adonis followers were weak?

All their life, they had been told that they had an equal footing with the Morgs, so could it be wrong?

No! The superiors and Holy leaders probably knew of these strong Morgs and might’ve also been training a secret team of strong Adonis worshippers too.

Yes. After all, even though he was a Kardinal and had a somewhat high standing… In truth, he was ordinary at a Middle- range when it came to power and control.

So all those in upper positions would definitely be stronger than him.

Yes. That was the only explanation for things.



His lips quivered as he tried to lift his neck and curse the bastard Morg standing over him.

But too bad Landon didn’t even give him that opportunity at all.

Landon pulled his hand, and before the eyes of the other crippled Adonis followers, he performed the famous ‘Hulk-Smash’ on Francisco.

“Smash! Smash! Smash!”

~Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!”

Everyone watched this scene in horror.

Looking at how their leader was beaten, they couldn’t help lighting a candle for him in their hearts.

At this time, they also realized how fortunate their situations were.

Compared to their leader, they came off with just a scratch instead.

They shivered while staring at their leader in pity as if looking at a corpse.

Meanwhile, the person who had been already figuratively dead and buried in their minds, was currently left in tears at the thought of his predicaments too.

The pain and shock were so much that his heart continuously drummed louder and louder in his ears.


He felt like it would leap out anytime now.


The amount of blood he was losing had started making him dizzy.


Was he about to die?

No! No! He had to put a stop to this and at least survive.


Now, his ego had been deflated.

And the one natural instinct that all humans had finally emerged victorious.

That’s right.

His will to live had now karate-chopped his ego and had driven him to be humble.

He even came up with several justifiable and not-so-justifiable reasons why he should indeed survive.

Hmhm. He needed to survive, find a way to escape before alerting his superior of the matter at hand.

So if not him, who then would be more qualified for the job?

Everyone else could die, but he was sure that as a Holy Kardinal, Adonis wouldn’t want his life to come to an end like this.

And that’s why amidst his swollen jaws, throat, missing teeth and the pain, he still managed to force countless words out of his mouth.

Too bad Landon was having too much fun at the moment.


“Alright. You win, Morg. But just know that it was because I let you.”


“You!… I’ve already humbled myself this much. So you better but go too…”


“F***! You stop for me!”


“I said stop! Stop! Stop!”

~Bam. Bam. Bam. Pah. Bam!


Francisco quickly lost consciousness as he recorded countless beatings from the bastard Morg before him.

And when he finally fainted, Landon calmly looked around and realized that everyone was also done as well.

The chosen prisoners had been rounded up, and prisoner transportation would soon arrive too.

Well, so far… Day 1 was going just as planned.

Like that, the days passed by quickly.

And after the 5th day, it was finally time to find Lucia’s parents.


It was time to coax them into signing the treaty.