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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1128

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1128

Brutal Adonis Forces!

Gallop. Gallop.~

Thup! Thup! Thup! Thup!~

The heavy sounds of hooves and footsteps resounded out as both teams dashed towards each other fiercely.

They moved in determination, with both sides refusing to back down.

How could they?

Many of the Baymardians had already left the biggest boss and 5 others around the guy for Landon.


Because he called dibs on it.

That’s right.

Even though they are serious about the battle, they always called dibs on some matters.

And in truth, it reduced the tension and made them more relaxed and confident.

Particularly, there were 3 somewhat famous war comedians amongst them, who also caused everyone to laugh.

Well, it wasn’t that they were comedians, but that these people would always fight between themselves over the most useless things, which mainly concerned competitions.

And what was most interesting was that the trio were the best of friends.

While dashing forward, Millo, Siber and Czer, gritted their teeth at each other carefully.

“Impossible! There’s no way 2 of you can take down more men than I. So give it up!”

“Heh. Millo, the dreamer! Do you think yourself better because we let you win last time? Well, too bad. You ain’t getting that same treatment again. This time, I will single-handedly take down more men than you 2. That’s it! I call dibs on Pinocchio and his 2 buddies over there!”

“If that’s the case, then I call dibs with square-face and his 2 buddies. I will fight beside you to make sure you don’t cheat!”

“Pui! What do you 2 take me, Czar, for? I also fight beside you too. I call dibs on Balloon man and his 3 buddies instead! And F.Y.I, we all know I’ll be the victor in the end, so don’t worry… I won’t embarrass you 3 that much.”

“You Bastard! You think you’re better than me? Heh. I’ll clean my targets off straight of the streets with just one punch. And then, we’ll see who’s better!”

“One punch? Tsk! How weak! I just need to blink, and it will be game over!”

“Oh yeah? I only need to be a few feet away, and they will automatically fall. That’s right. Just my presence would beat them!”

“You know fart!”

The trio continued their typical banter while racing amongst themselves competitively.

And everyone around them could only shake their heads wryly.

Well, at least the trio always stayed motivated when fighting.

It was like they were never tired during battle.

But even if they were, the fact that they were fighting and at the same time making sure that each other didn’t cheat, just showed how vigilant they were with no one wanting to lose.

That’s why even though there was always a winner, the other 2 who lost typically did so by one or 2 points.

And what was more hilarious was that they would record it down.

Landon watched them go and chuckled.

Whenever they fought alongside the trio, everyone would typically fall into a competitive mode too.

Looking at everyone, Landon knew what they were thinking and decided to join the fun as well.

With that, he speeded up and dashed towards his targets like crazy.

And as if perceiving his instinct, Francisco and the 5 or 8 around and behind him also tensed up too.

They didn’t know why, but they felt like this guy was targeting them as a whole, not just Francisco.

~Gallop. Gallop. Gallop.

The horses quickly picked up their pace as Fransisco twirled his sword severally, preparing to slice Landon’s head clean.


Francisco smiled at Landon coldly and snapped his fingers at the men beside him.

They nodded too and hastily speeded up towards Landon, leaning to the side of their horses, preparing to launch powerful sweeping attacks with his sword.

“For Adonis, all heathens shall die!!”


The air whistled as Landon calmly rolled forward, sandwiched between both enemies.

And just after one roll, he menacingly delivered punches to the balls of the 2 male horses beside him, using 25% of his strength.

And as if receiving the most brutal hit of their lives, these horses grew crazy.


They couldn’t help jumping around crazily while trying to get the people on their backs off.

At the same time, their heads kept turning towards Landon from time to time, hoping that he wouldn’t pull such a move again.


If eyes could kill, they would no doubt have liked to beat him to a pulp.

Horse God!

How could it be so painful?

This guy deserved to die!

And the nearby horses who saw this instinctively refused to get close to this maniac.

If not for the enemies pulling their reigns stubbornly, they wouldn’t dare.

Even animals when fighting knew not to go there

That was foul play!


Landon, who seemed to sense the hateful gazes from the nearby horses, could only apologize in his heart.

Of course, as a man, he knew exactly how painful that move was. Not to talk of the fact that he used more strength than that of ordinary warriors.

But all this was for the good of these horses.

And just as he expected, they three their owners down and ran off.

Well, he didn’t want to kill them, so this was the best outcome.

Between a hit down there and accidental death, the first option should be the best, no?

~Pah. Pah. Pah. Pah.!

In a flash, he had pulled the same move to the horses nearby, causing them to fly in a frenzy too.

Now, his targets were on the ground with him as well.

“Trap him. Don’t give him room to escape!”

“Yes, Holy Kardinal!”

With that, everyone immediately circled Landon with their swords or war-gloves on their hands.

With that, they dashed towards him like crazy while Francisco still stayed on his horse at an observant angle.

To him, this man should already be dead.

But too bad, life sometimes had a way of slapping a person’s face tightly.

Landon punched the first person who got close to him, sending him flying like a bowling ball, clearing a few more enemies behind.



Everyone paying attention to him was now shocked.


Looking at the damage done, as well as the blood on Landon’s first from just that punch, they couldn’t help but wonder if he tore past the flesh with just that single hit.

This… This… This…

No! They had to fight this guy carefully, lest they find that half of their faces got missing from just the hit.

At the same time, they assumed that Landon had also trained some hidden techniques too.

So could it be that this guy could also crush rocks with his b.a.r.e hands like them?

Then wouldn’t he be a Morg?

This realization hit them, and everyone simultaneously dropped their swords and steadied their hands and feet calmly.

Their faces grew grim as they took on several poses, showcasing their techniques as well.

For Morgs, they would never back down!


Hyah! Hyah! Hah!


The ground rumbled as Landon lifted his leg like a crane, judging a fierce foot stomp that left cracks on the stoney grounds.

These well-decorated Adonis followers did have skill!

And all at once, they attacked Landon like crazy.

Legs swept across the air; hands targeted his vitals, and heads tried to bud him as well.

They worked in unison, giving him no breathing space.

But Landon, who had very much grown accustomed to the Wing Chun fighting style in the ‘Ip Man’ movies, calmly used his hands to deflect the attacks, as if almost bored.

His expression remained the same, as he gently raised his hands and elbows in various angles and also lifted his legs as if walking when avoiding attacks too.

It made his enemies that were using their full strength fight even more brutally in rage.

~Tap. Tap. Tap.

~Bam. Bam. Bam.

~Swish! Swish swish!

Landon leaned his belly and face to the sides while avoiding the deadly kicks and attacks at him.

The enemy attacks were swift and brutal too

The cold winds that blew from their attacks attacked as knives, cutting through the air abruptly.

And coupled with the cracked stones grounds from enemy attacks, Landon had to admit that they were indeed a cruel group of fighters.

Now, he had a basic understanding of how deep the skills of the top boss Adonis followers in the continent of Lampe might be. Of course, many might still be stronger than this. But to him, he was recording all big boss fights with the system to study later on.

One could say he was killing 2 birds with one stone.

‘System, done?’

‘Yes, host. It’s all recorded.’


Now, playtime was over.

Time to end this.