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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1127

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1127

Palace Saga!


Landon’s vehicle and several others were left behind in the dust, but still maintained a steady speed as they moved straight in.

According to the map, this Grand 4 lane-wide road should lead them towards the main buildings, which Andrew said were the main focus of the palace.

And as they advanced, another team behind them would stop now and then, letting people place several items along the roads.

Landon calmly took out his guns before squinting his eyes playfully.


He only chuckled before talking into his communicator again.

“Change of plans for Alpha team.

Units 4,7,9~12.

The main party had decided to come to us.

So how dare we not fight back?

As for the other Alpha units, make a U-turn and choose another path to move onwards.

Clear the path now.

This is our battle zone!”

“Roger that!”

They replied before several other vehicles next to Landon’s reversed speedily.

For sure, they would still be heading towards the targeted buildings they were intended to attack, but not through this path.

Likewise, Landon’s vehicle and several others calmly stopped and opened their doors, allowing Landon and the rest to jump off before finally disappearing from the scene too.

Landon rotated his shoulder blades calmly while staring at the highly decorated person on horseback heading his way.


Out of the countless Adonis warriors heading his way, there was one at the front centre of the group, which was way too decorated than the others.

His silver and red attire alone stood out too brightly from the rest.

Not to talk of the staff in his hands, the colour of his gloves, the spiky shoulder robe and so on.

Even the body language of everyone else told him that this guy was a big shot here.

Landon didn’t know if he was the biggest boss or if there was someone else in hiding, but whatever the case, just as he promised Andrew and the rest… All big shots would be captured.

Even the other ones by his side wearing lesser decorative attires also had to get captured too.

And that’s why they couldn’t just blow them up, shoot or do anything carelessly to this group.

But the number of big shots or superiors within the group was like 20%.

So they couldn’t die.

They were to be executed by the Zalipnian royals later.

Justice had to be done by the people themselves.

It was also a form of liberation, as Zalipnians who suffered this entire time would watch and might even cry during the execution when seeing that their deceased loved ones had to be avenged.

It was not his place to take this sort of thing away from them.

But again, just as promised, Baymard would also lock a few of these people away too.

Like he said, if he was going to send his spies into the place for them to stay for long, they needed all the help they could get.

Disguising and understanding the enemy was the first step to defeating them.

This was the agreement.


Meanwhile, just ahead of Landon’s group, the massive crowd of Adonis warriors also pulled the reins of their horses as well.

Everyone looked at these strange people before them, with countless thoughts racing through their minds.

At the same time, they were even more focused and concerned about the black horseless carriages they saw just now.

What was that?

Could it be that rather than placing their horses outside, these people put their horses inside the carriages instead?

Is that why they didn’t see the horses?

Well, these carriages were too long.


With its speed, it shouldn’t be a horse.

So, could it be that they found some strange creature to draw the carriages?


This thought hit them like crazy.

One should know that to them, they were still in a world that can’t grasp the whole concept of science yet, not knowing facts from fakes.

So this sort of thinking was very logical, and anyone else would think the same as well.

After all, this world did have many strange and weird creatures that could do countless things too.

And each year, new discoveries and beasts were coming out as well… Especially when 2 different species come together to create unique offspring.

These Kangaroos were three times bigger than those on earth and had pouches that could carry human children typically below 13.

They were popular pets and methods of mail delivery too.

So the possibilities were endless!

That’s why looking at the vehicles, they thought some creature was powering it from within.

And they would also think the same thing if they saw Baymardian sh.i.p.s too.

That was the most logical explanation in this time period.


After figuring things out, the uneasy feeling in their hearts dropped.

And now, they started at Landon’s crew more arrogantly than before.

Want them to feel intimidated?

Heh. Not that easy to do.

Look! They’re so smart and had already figured things out in a blink of an eye.

“Your Holy Kardinal. I say we stomp on these bastards now!”

“Yes. They are fewer in number to us and have no swords in their hands. Not to talk of the fact that they had no horses with them too.

So we will definitely beat them silly!”

Francisco nodded arrogantly.

They were already here, so how could they not fight?

“Everyone, charge!!!!”


~Gallop! Gallop! Gallop!

Landon looked at the incoming enemies and gave out his battle order as well.

“Remember the mission objective.

Now go!”

Din. Din. Din. Din. Din

The soldiers and Marines stormed onwards too.


The Clash of the Titans had begun.