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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1126

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1126

Best Performances; Full Marks!

The massive palace gates were halfway destroyed.

And the Adonis warriors who attempted to close it earlier, were blown away into smithereens.


The ear-deafening claps that echoed out around the gates were so painful that many covered their ears and subconsciously closed their eyes to steady the ringing.


Their eardrums were just about to explode.

But the enemies who caused it all were pushing forth murderously into the Palace, as they drove and drifted, as if in some Fast and Furious movie.

A few vehicles drove straight in and took several sharp bends, going around in circles.

And as the vehicles drove, several rectangular squares alongside the vehicles opened up, and the next thing anyone knew, several thick but long metal tubes popped out of the holes.

It’s go-time.


The vehicles drifted around and released waves of attacks in a psychotic way.


The gruesome cries of countless people filled the zone around the gates.


Even though these Adonis followers didn’t know what Olympic swimmers were, their performances at this moment were legendary.




Countless people showed off their spectacular moves, diving here and there onto the stone floors, all in hopes of avoiding whatever was coming at them.

Some even displayed front flips as well.

If the judges were here, they would give them 10/10.

[Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.]

What a fantastic performance.

Too bad the bullets shot several of them before they landed.

Their Empire would be so proud.



The bullets rained haphazardly, and several people danced to the rhythm here and there.

Bodies trembled and dictated from taking countless hits, and people started using the corpses of their brothers as shields.

‘Sorry, bro.’

Yachman’s eyes were pale and whiter than before as he miraculously moved through one of the doors against the wall unscathed.

And even after hitting his chin hard and accidentally biting his tongue, he didn’t feel the pain at all!

Instead, he was more focused on pushing the dead body that fell onto him from the back.


Wasn’t this his superior?

If he was dead, then what do they do?


Yachman granted and clutched his thunderous heart as he felt like it was beating too hard.

The shock just bow was too much for him to take in.

This was his superior!

The one that had won countless battles and who he thought was invincible.

So seeing him go down like this not only extinguished the battle fire within him, but also gave birth to a deep sense of fear within him.

From the young age of 10 (3 years after sportsmanship), they were taken into battle under the guidance of the people accessing them.

What they did would be looked at, and in a way, graded.

Things were done like this until they came of age at 14.

And during this time, those who shined would get more blessings and titles as people of Adonis.

Again, the way they were brought up, fear wasn’t part of their world.

Even with the Morgs right next to them, they were told that they were of equal standing with the Morgs.

So they had never backed down from any fight with the Morgs.

No. The only thing that made him and every other follower fearful was Adonis’ wrath.

But today, Yachman realized that other things in this world could scare him.


Hearing the mighty sounds rain again, he quickly pushed his superior’s lifeless body off his and crawled to the side in fear.


How did it sound like he could also hear the chipping of the stones?

What the hell kind of weapons were these?

Not even arrows or swords could cause this.

So, where did these carriers of destruction come from?

More importantly, who was the enemy?


That’s right.

He wanted to use his knives and get down on the other side of the wall, fleeing the palace.

He didn’t hear any sounds of destruction within the city area ahead.

So for him, he might as well go into hiding or completely flee the Capital city altogether.

Yes. It was best for him to get back up here hastily.

Of course, this was Yachman’s plan, but what he didn’t know was that the reason why the front region around the palace was still peaceful was because the other teams hadn’t gotten to it yet.

Those striking the palace had long gone ahead… while the rest were still divided between those who started working their way up street to street and those who covered all regions around the city walls.

So they hadn’t gotten up here yet, but to Yachman, seeing the peaceful state of the place made him think that the enemy in the palace was the only enemy around.

Thus, he decided to flee.

Someone has to be the bearer of news, no?

With that, he was off!


And like so, some Adonis followers decided to get back up, while some decided to go into hiding and observe matters before reporting in.

At the same time, others chose to fight head-on and take down the enemy, believing that their bodies had been covered with the blessings of Adonis.

Those with very high positions, like the superiors, even though that their bodies were immortal.

After all, they could crack stones and do several other crazy feats due to their secret training.

And coupled with their numerous victories and high egos, they dashed towards these despicable carriages confidently.

“For Adonis!!!”

“For Adonis!!!”




…. Well, that was stupid.

Meanwhile, focusing on people who did have brains, Landon brought his communicator towards his mouth the closer they got to the central sector of the Palace.

Yes. They would soon be there.


“All main sector units get ready to break. On every Palace Road or corner around the centre zone, be it East, West, North or South, I want it fully covered!

Remember, we only have 5 minutes to cast the net!

Now go!”

Everyone listened in and nodded in understanding before breaking off and speedily advancing, moving faster than some vehicles.

This was a war!