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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1124

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1124

A Detailed Plan!

~Bam! Splat!

Several people died crushed or splattered on the ground after falling from such heights.

Meanwhile, those still on the walls above, in the regions close to the area directly attacked… several others continuously coughed out blood while panting heavily in pain.


“H-h-h-help me… My legs… My legs.”

“Blood. Blood is coming out of my ears. I can’t hear! I can’t hear!”

“Ahhh!… There’s a large hole in my belly. I, I, I can see right through me! Am I going to die? Am I going to die like this?… No! No! That is not my destiny! I will live!”


Blood prayed out of the injured, with many stretching their hands heavenwards while flinching in pain.

But no matter how much they begged and called onto their beloved God, there was no answer from above.

Their bodies trembled vigorously as they shook and sweated buckets nonstop.

Their bodies were truly battling with themselves, trying to keep them alive.

But sadly, there was just so much the body cells could do.

They were dead and gone.

But before those who saw this from afar could make heads or tails of what was going on, several heavy metal cartilage stormed in through the dust and spoke, invading the Capital.

No! This was bad!

A few guards not too far away from the gates suddenly turned their horses around, running as fast as they could towards the Palace.

But before they knew it, they were overtaken by these carriages and could be hell turning grim.

And next thing they knew, something pierced their hearts, spewing blood around.

F***! They were hit.

But with what?


The vehicles drove in like a storm, blasting several machine guns at the many Adonis followers who tried to shoot their vehicles with arrows or rush at them.



From the rooms and windows alongside the city walls, countless people fell off the windows like crazy.

And at the same time, there was a particular unit meant to take care of just the enemies in the walls.


The Capital city was monstrous and too huge.

So Imagine the walls enclosing such a large region?

Very quickly, several vehicles began driving along the walls, stopping at several intervals and dropping people off.

But it needed to be done.

That’s why for this Capital assault, they brought in large numbers of soldiers and Marines to get the job done.

The number of vehicles also gave the enemy a hard time counting as they never stopped storming through the gates in pairs, causing chaos wherever they went.

The Adonis followers were horrified.

What the hell was going on here?



The vehicles quickly took different directions, with some going up, down or sideways.

They stormed street to street, dropping people off at different intervals, hoping to cover all grounds as fast as possible.

And they immediately entered the homes, searched and began taking out any or all Adonis followers around.

Whether they had to invade estates, ordinary homes, or even farmlands, the soldiers and Marines took the task seriously, searching the ponds as well for any fleeing Adonis followers.

Of course, they also saved hostages and rounded up any victims, telling them to stay inside till otherwise.

Today, and possibly tonight, would be a ghost city filled with only war and death.

At the same time, the areas cleared off will be vigilantly monitored too.

As for the walls, after fighting from ground level and climbing up the many floors within the thick walls, the soldiers and Marines would also stand guard up.

They weren’t to make themselves visible.


They were to be snipers up there with their binoculars at hand.

Additionally, still outside the shattered gates were several other teams guarding the exit, making sure no one fled.

And other teams also began their hunt around the words and perimeters, ensuring that any or all scouts fleeing were dealt with.


Realistically, this battle might continue for 5 days straight, both day and night.

Of course today, because of the element of surprise, they planned to deal with 40~50% of Adonis followers.

But after today, the element of surprise won’t work anymore.

These Adonis people would know that they were overpowered and would quickly hide and find ways to escape.

That’s why it was important for them to block all exits or cover the entire walls because with a long time at hand, one could still toe it against the towering city walls and descend as if rock climbing.


That’s why they had to cover the top regions.

As for the windows around the walls, one couldn’t even call them windows. They were just small openings for archers to shoot their arrows safely.

They were also there for those on the many floors to peek out too.

So no human could get through these windows/holes.

Anyway, provided they carefully covered all regions around the wall, they would’ve successfully trapped these Adonis people inside.

And after clearing a massive chunk of them today, they would use the other 4 days to uproot and find all rats hiding away or attempting to flee.

Only after everything was taken care of would they then allow Lucia and the rest to inform those in hiding that the Capital was now safe.

And as a courtesy, just as Baymard had its secrets, they couldn’t see the hidden area too

So after making sure that the palace was cleared of any Adonis people, they would vacate it entirely, standing guard outside, allowing Lucia’s team to do the rest.

Like the case in Baymard, people knew that the Lower region had secrets but couldn’t imagine what.

Likewise, they would understand that the Palace was also mysterious and secretive, and they would take it as such.

End of story.

Well, that was the plan for the next 5 days.


With that, Landon’s team, alongside Andrew’s team, quickly headed towards the Massive Palace as fast as possible.

Today, they had to take down the biggest boss!