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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1122

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1122

Battle Stations!

~Clip. Zip. Tap. Pap. Swoosh!

The ruffles of clothing echoed out within the silent vehicles.

The atmosphere was solemn and stern.

And once a few people finished dressing up, they gathered in groups, going over their battle play, thinking about the ifs and the what-ifs.

They could arguably say that throughout their journey, they had been battling almost every day.

Yes. When they started their journey deeper into Zalipnia, their group was larger than this.

Way larger.

But as they progressed, they conquered a few villages, towns, and cities, leaving at least one whole unit filled with soldiers, medics and whatnot in each location.

Of course, they weren’t the only advancing Battalion.

(**A military Battalion is a group of 300~1000 armed people.)

The Coastal City they first arrived at was on the East side of Zalipnia.

And so when they all left, they headed towards the central part, while some teams headed North, North-central, South and South-Central (the roads and regions between the South and the central parts).

As for the Western Regions, the other Battalions would continue on and converge towards the West, taking care of everything there.

For Landon’s group, they dealt with all territories on their way to the Capital city.

And even though their task and journey seemed small and shorter than others, that wasn’t the case.

The main forces of these Adonis followers were mostly centred around the Capital, meaning they were in for a tough battle.



The first time they arrived, the weather was terrible, so these people were indoors.

But within the other regions they attacked during good weather, they saw the Zalipnians working with chains and ropes on their legs and boots while doing whatever tasks required of them.

Whether ice-fishing or not, they always had to toe something on their necks with a wooden plaque attached to it saying: slave.

It also seemed that they were given the same brown, drab clothing to wear.

And within the wealthy estates that had been taken over by Adonis people, all the women had to be n.a.k.e.d, whether serving food or waiting at the sides.

A few good-looking young boys also stayed n.a.k.e.d as well.

And so throughout their journey, they had seen, learnt and somewhat understood the way these Adonis followers thought.


The vehicles drove vigorously on the roads, stopping from time to time to go into the forest regions and deal with any scouts or spies spotted.

And soon, they could see the Capital’s glory.

Very quickly, Landon left his private enclosed sleeping pod and made his way to the front of his vehicle.

Actually, himself, Mitchen, Javis, Lucia, Andrew and 2 others with high positions had slept in this well-spaced vehicle.

The vehicle was typically there as sleeping quarters for it they saved royalty and things like that.

There were even 2 other available nicely made pods, 1 shower & bathroom, and 2 driver pods too.

At all times, there should be 4 drivers in the vehicle.

2 stationed at the driver station, and the other 2 either resting in the driver pods.

It was all spaced out, and they could close themselves in, read a few books against the walls and even switch on the lights from within.

It was like a luxury military hotel for Baymardian royals or anyone that Lanson felt could share it.

After all, it was in a way, his personal military vehicle that he took every time he went out on these sorts of missions.

Comfort was almost to him, as well as privacy.

That way, if he had to warp away due to an emergency, no one would magically see him vanish.

At night, everyone would assume that he was sleeping in his enclosed pod.

And just before the sleeping area was a dinner-like seating area for meals with 2 tables, one on each side and seats around it.

Of course, the middle side was a pathway instead.

Well, he loved comfort.

He wanted to tell them that their parents were fine and still in hiding, since they did arrive before the system’s deadline.

So those in holding were still safe.

Of course, he dared not say anything and could only pat their shoulders to calm them down.

If things went wrong, it would be his head.

So they didn’t know that he was more concerned than they were.


Landon quickly took a look out the window and knew it was time to start.

They once again took care of any nearby scouts, snipping them from afar.

And once they found a secluded area, they parked their vehicles and all stepped out.

They paired up, rechecked the ammunition, manned the stationary machine guns in some of the battle vehicles, and also rechecked and reloaded their hand weapons too.

Today, the weather was good and not windy in the least bit.

So this was the day that bullets would fly!

Very quickly, they left their sleeping vehicles and entered the battle vehicles as per their various teams.

The medical group also stayed within the medical vehicles with the red crosses on them too.

With everyone inside the vehicles, Landon’s battle speech quickly aired.


The defeating silence made the atmosphere feel heavier than it was.

Landon took a deep breath and spoke into his communicator, channelling his emotions for all to hear.

“Soldiers! Marines!Warriors!

Today, our quest for victory is almost at its end.

Over the course of our journey, we have seen the greediness, wickedness and selfishness of these Adonis followers.

They have terrorized our brothers and sisters here, treating them less than human.

They believe their way is the only way.

But that is not what we stand for.

We stand for Peace! Unity!… And understanding of every culture, as well as the appreciation of every being.

And today, we will storm the Capital city and destroy Adonis’ main forces In Zalipnia.

Today, we will show them our Might!”

Like magic to their souls, everyone’s energy got boosted even more, and the Zalipnians themselves knew that this was a grand battle.

Some shredded a few tears when they thought of how they would finally be able to take back their empire.

Their eyes glowed with rage as countless images from how they fled the empire engulfed their minds nonstop.

Today, they would have their just revenge.

The Capital must be recovered!

“And like I always say, don’t be a hero at the expense of your life, remember the oaths as soldiers, marines and warriors… And make sure to kick ass!!

All Drivers engage.

We are storming the Capital!”