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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1121

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1121

The Tubulent Pyno Continent!

The subtle changes around the world seemed to be noticed by a few others in various parts of the world.

And even within the Pyno continent, the Baymardians had begun helping countless others transport their Siege weapons from time to time.

They didn’t know it yet, but this move would soon be a key factor in their lives.


Because as of now, a row of over 250 lumber galleys sailed closer towards the Pyno continent as planned.

And who were they?

Well, they were the group of Adonis followers who had set sail for Pyno at the early start of last year.

They had sailed, at times docked and also moved strategically through the waters in batches trying hard to evade the c.u.mbersome pirates.

From there, things should work out like a breeze.

Yes. They were here to find out what happened to the first group of Adonis followers that should’ve already begun terrorizing Arcadina.

Did pirates destroy them, or did these barbaric people here manage to handle them?

This was what they wanted to know.

But for now, they decided to change their strategy and first take care of one of the smaller empires in Pyno before moving to the big guys.

And so, they chose to start with Terique.

Yes. Soon, it wouldn’t be long before they reached there.

Of course at the same time, the team headed to find Prince Skye and teach Penelope a lesson, had finally reached the shores after travelling for months via the roads of Dafaren.

Some arrived 1, 2, and even 3 weeks earlier and waited, while the last batch just arrived at the rendezvous Coastal city.

One shouldn’t also forget Daniel Lockhart, Skye’s half-brother, who was also rounding up people to head to Carona and woo Penelope.

As a member of the T.O.E.P, he was confident with his move.

But this wasn’t all.


The Witches in Lingingburg had finally gathered enough people and were also about to travel via road for a while, before getting aboard sh.i.p.s and making their way straight for Baymard.

Lucia was indeed their target.

Sigh… But It would’ve been better if things stopped there.


Back in Deiferus, Ezenia of the noble Madison Household had long given her letter of agreement, accepting to be a member of the T.O.E.P.

Which in itself was a 2 step process.

She was indirectly telling them to rescue him from Baymard and kill Henry as well.

And the highly skilled T.O.E.P person who took her letter immediately moved around Deiferus, rounding up several highly skilled hidden Morg spies as well.

And by the beginning of April, he should’ve already gathered enough.

From there, they would split up accordingly, with one team heading towards the Capital to kill Henry and another heading towards Ulrich to get the job done.

They also sent letters to a few T.O.E.P spies and members in Yodan and Terique, requesting for them to start heading to Deiferus at once.

Because by the time they got back after saving Ulrich, they might need a bit of help fighting Henry’s supporters when they placed Ulrich on the throne.

Their plan was similar to how they aided Alec Barn ages back in sitting on the throne.

Many didn’t know it, but their order did a lot behind the scenes, paving the way for him.

Only in this case, they were only helping Ulrich because of Ezenia’s once-in-a-lifetime request.


Moving on to more troubles in Arcadina, in a week’s time, Death and his gang would face Baron Cain, who had only been accepted as a Class 9 member of the T.O.E.P.

He had been accepted a level higher than Ezenia. He was even qualified to be a lackey, which was around level 7.

And as one should already know, his request was to take over at least 3 Western regions.

From there, he would handle the rest and become ruler of the entire Western regions of Arcadina.

Death didn’t know it, but he would be facing the most brutal battle of his entire life, fighting highly skilled Morgs.

Of course, they had already requested for Baymardian backup, which should be here pretty soon.

But while waiting, they had to scout for information.

And this was where Death recognized the skills of these Morgs.

The surviving Temple of Dragmus members had all regrouped and had a devious plan at hand… although it wasn’t easy.

At first, they wanted to still maintain their illusion of power, making those who knew of them still fear them and send to their will, giving them aid.

But when it was officially announced that all their temple was destroyed, several of their allies started getting suspicious and didn’t bow to them anymore.

Many sneered and only paid or gave out a little help.


For ages, they had been paying high percentages of money to the temple.

Sometimes, they even paid out of their pockets, just giving their hard work to the temple like that.

But now that it has been officially announced, and even the portraits of some wanted members had been posted everywhere, everyone knew that the temple of Dragmus was finished!

Nonetheless, they didn’t want to completely tear their faces with these survivors, just in case they made a big comeback.

Unless the roots got cut, there would always be a chance of survival.

And the fact that some of these members were still alive meant that anything could happen.


That said, people played it safe, not giving too much assistance and acting as neutral as possible.

On one hand was the new regime and changes around, and on the other hand were out the surviving Wanted members.

So smart people chose to stay out of it and watch from the sidelines… while some people who had long hated this temple, secretly reported a few wanted members and got them arrested and taken to Baymard, where they would get locked up for who knows how long.

But so far as the Temple’s head was still roaming around Yodan, then things would never be as easy as they seemed.

Unbeknownst to Sirius, he was soon about to face Leader K!

Well, this year, Pyno as a whole would shake.

And while it was bubbling on its own, Landon was concerned with the other continents.


Landon got up, washed his face, brushed his teeth, ate a little and started dressing up calmly.

Soon, they would reach the Perimeters of Zalipnia’s Capital city.

Meaning, it was go time!