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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1118

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No-Babysitting Plan

Reading the girl’s information, Landon’s face turned grim.

Wasn’t the system trying to set him up?

He massaged his temples in tears.

Tilda Lockhart.

She only had a few people from her grandmother’s side.

Bear in mind that her grandfather gated her, so the old woman was probably helping her in secret.

Tilda was WEAK in all sense.

And then, he also had to find a way to turn and debunk that whole curse thing.

For this girl, as well as Ren in Baymard, he had a lot of work to do.

People don’t just sit on the throne with no believers. That’s how you poisoned, killed and his worst, babysitted by him.

Yes. Because if she were in any little danger, the system would send him, the babysitter in.

He had to fix this matter before putting her on the Throne.

And so though she was turning 14 this year, even next year when she turned 15 was too early for her to take the throne.

She didn’t even understand anything about government and had to stay in Baymard to get inspired and come up with what sort of place she wanted her empire to be.

The decision was all hers.

But she needed knowledge and training to at least make that decision.

Even farming, agriculture and basic things have to be thoroughly planned out.

She might have to intern at the government site, just as Micheal’s son Raul.

Ren was still 5 years old, so he had time to chill

But when it came to her, he had to take her in as his pupil, or else he would be stuck warping here and there and babysitting her nonstop.

He could already see his bleak future now.

But how could he be willing?


~Flick. Flick. Swish!

His hands didnt stop moving for a second as he detaily his plans as if facing the main examination.


His future depended on this!

Tilda Lockhart had no idea that she had already become his pupil, alongside Ren.

Landon only hoped that airplanes would get invented when trying to put her on the throne.

Sigh… Things would be a whole lot easier with them around.

And this began Landon’s No-babysitting plan.

Heh. Only time would tell.

But one thing was for sure.

By the end of this year, Baymard would’ve already made its first journey with the continent of Romain and Veinitta.

This was just the beginning… The beginning of Landon’s Treaty Signing Age, AK.A, Global Unity.

And so just like that, Landon was immersed in his future plans.

As for his joiner towards Zalipnia’s Capital city, they should be there in 2 and a half more days.

Thus, the Zalipnian battle continues.

Meanwhile, in another faraway place, several people were gathered around what seemed to be a viewing tiny theatre-style auditorium room.

The auditorium was marvellous and well constructed, with enough viewing curtains and seats all around.

The maids did their jobs proudly as they poured water to the people in the room from time to time.

The auditorium circled a space that had 3 men; 2 who seemed to be assistants wearing blue robes and 1 whose attire was more lavish and red instead.

This man was the star of the show.

And just beside him and his assistants were 4 sick people lying on narrow beds down in the open space.

As for the audience watching, they too weren’t oozed with riches as well.

Each person was dressed in a unique but wealthy attorney that screamed their nobility.

Indeed, the building itself, and even the people’s healthy bodies and clothing, was far superior to those in Pyno and all other regions.

So where were they?



The Famous Morg Society of Medicine!

The name itself earned a thunderous reputation here in Morgany, as well as within countless empires.

It was Heaven to all healers who knew of Morgany’s excellence.

If one couldn’t get healed within the society, then that means that they were destined to die with whatever illness they got.

Its reputation was solid and had never been questioned!

People had faith in it, and for a good reason, since its healers had always seemed to perform miracles all over different parts of the world once invited.

It was the go-to place for healers and even a few midwives too.

If one came out and said they studied here, do you know how many pregnant women would pay money to have their babies get diverted by such a person?

One shouldn’t joke with the reputation Morgany has been building for centuries.

And this, the Morg Society of Medicine, was a large organization between all Morg empires, allowing them to trade new medical discoveries, go on exchange programs, test new theories and so on.

They grew stronger as a whole and now opened countless academies and branches in each empire.

No matter whether one hated or loved Morgany, it was a fact that they were more united as a continent than several other places.


That said, over here in the Empire of Abian, the largest branch was within the Capital city and filled up a space paramount to 2 estates joint together.

The place was huge!

And studying here was a gateway into the beautiful world of healing all across the empire.

Again, they also studied poisons as well.

So it all came like a double-edged sword.

And at present, one of the most famous healers was performing his operation, while the audience was seriously taking notes.

That’s right.

They held parchment papers and feathered pens, as they dipped it in ink made from blood, bones, etc.)

Of course, their school servants held their ink boxes beside them.

All the students listened and held great reverence to the famous healer below.

And standing at the corner to oversee this grand operation was the 3rd head of the branch.

He stood calmly in a private space, nodding his head in satisfaction when suddenly, his guard whispered urgently in his ear.

“Let him in.”

With that, a 27-year-old man came in swiftly.

“Master! Master! We Have a problem.

The Pyno Clients are revolting!”