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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1116

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New Mission!

21-year-old Milnus licked his lips l.u.s.tfully while looking at Tilda’s body.

The more he looked, the more he couldn’t wait to devour this little rabbit.

Of course he knew that no matter how he acted, if he didn’t want to insult his majesty Alexander, he had to wait for her coming of age before he could pluck his ripened fruits.

Here in Veinitta, the official coming of age was 14 rather than 15.

She was still 13 years old now, and come September, that would be the moment he picked her up, after the ceremony, taking her to Lingingburg to enjoy his just rewards.

Of course, he would probably devoid her that same night, after the coming of all ceremonies.

Of course, he had slept with girls way younger than her.

But because she was a princess, he had to keep his little man in his pants, or he could accidentally trigger war or put his empire at a disadvantage.

Here in the continent of Veinitta, there were only 2 empires, Lingingburg and Dafaren.

So the shrew Alexander of Dafaren might ask for some of Lingingburg’s land as compensation for any disrespect towards him.

Alexander didn’t mind his groping actions and other little things he did to the wee lass.

But if he were to pluck her fruit, or as they saw, open her doors, then that was where Alexander would flip.

That said, no matter how reckless Milnus acted, he knew what he could or couldn’t do.

Because for one, if he f***ed up, then his royal father would have his head as well.

After all, Milnus was indeed the crown prince of Lingingburg, with his position constantly threatened by his royal brothers.

And apart from being playful, he was also a ruthless person who could get the job done when needed.

So far, he had never failed in any assignments his father had given him.

He did deserve the title of crown prince, even though his methods of doing things were always at the extreme end.

And wouldn’t you know it, he was also a 4th-rank remember of the T.O.E.P, which was already too high up there for so many people.

Now, just a bit more, and he would enter the lower sections of the real privileged people in the Order.


“Oh? Why don’t you come closer?”

Tilda’s entire body tensed up as if receiving a heavenly order that couldn’t be disobeyed.

Her body moved on its own, and before he knew it, she was standing face to face with him.

“Good girl. Look. I don’t bite, right?”


Very quickly, a wave of panic flooded Tilda’s brain as she struggled to free herself while gasping heavily for air.

And without any warning, the bastard drew her closer and kissed her hard, making something within her snap even more.

“Brute! You let me go! You let me go now!”

“Hahahahaha! Little rabbit.

It’s useless to struggle. Why don’t you just accept your fate?

Sure. Half the women I’ve married have already died, but look on the bright side.

The other half are still alive, no?

So why not take this chance?

Or do you think that with your cursed life, anyone would be willing to marry you?” Milnus said playfully.

To him, he didn’t believe in curses or even blessings.

He only believed in himself. So why should he be bothered if she were cursed or not?

She wasn’t his only wife or future wife.

So if she couldn’t give birth and ended up being barren, how was that his problem?

Again, he also doesn’t believe that her curse would bring bad luck to him.

Why? Because so many people had said that he, himself, would one day face the consequences for all the innocent people he killed.

But please… That day would never come.

Just the fact that he was a member of the Order was alone to secure his future… Unless another member of the order killed him off during this year’s killing period.


Looking at his struggling future wife before him, Milnus’ man down there was getting overly excited.

He quickly kissed her again, making Tilda’s eyes turn cold as the muscles along her jaws clenched.

No! She didn’t want to be touched!

She didn’t want to be touched again.



Milnus pulled away and licked the blood that was trickling down the side of his mouth.

Now, his previously playful expression had quickly turned murderous.


A loud, crisp sound echoed out, and Tilda felt a hot wave of heat on her left cheek.

She was slapped!

The force of the slap was so strong that Tilda felt her entire face burning.

Milnus gave her no time to react as he quickly released her, allowing her to stand on her own feet before raining countless more slaps and kicks at her.

“How dare you let a dignified person like myself hunt you down for hours?”


“Do you think I have time to waste on your female emotions and venting?”


“A Royal Whore. That’s what you are.

So you better listen up, and listen well! You are going to be my 11th wife, whether you like it or not!”

~Bam! Pah! Bam! Smack!

Tilda spat even more blood in pain, as her entire cheeks had now turned a frightening colour.

As for her body, she already knew that it would have more purplish patches on it as well.

Her mission soon became fuzzy as her mind slowly lost consciousness.

And so with her last ounce of consciousness, she couldn’t help remembering the repeated dreams (visions) she always had of herself since childhood.

The dream of a girl about 15~18 years old that looked like herself.

In that dream, she was crowned Queen of Dafaren and had many friends and people who cared for her dearly.

The bond between them was so strong that it really surprised her.

The dream was mostly blurry yet warm.

But even though she couldn’t remember everyone else’s face or name, but knew they all had powerful positions too… Especially the person she called senior brother.

He seemed to belong to some small empire but had the most prestige amongst them.

She felt very safe and secure around this group of people.

But it was all a dream.

And she felt it was too ironic.

Her fate was so different from the her in that dream.

So how can they be the same person?

Heh. She must’ve been stupid to hold onto that hope.

With that, she closed her eyes and fell unconscious, leaving her fate to the cruel beats before her.

She had given up.


But unbeknownst to her, very far away, a sleeping Landon had just received yet another alert from the system.


[β€’Main Mission:

Rescue Princess Tilda Lockhart on her 14th birthday and place her on the throne before 18.

Note: Failure to do so will result in death.]


Landon stared at his pod ceiling and felt like crying.


Who is it again that’s bothering him?