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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1114

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Found You!

Pangord looked at everyone’s smile in confusion.

Is it something he said?

“City Lord Pangord. With my vehicles, we should be there in a couple of hours.”


Pangord’s brain circuits were broken.

A couple of hours?

Why don’t you say you can circle the entire Zalipnia in under a month?

Pangord massaged his temples in disbelief.

Looking at everyone’s smile, it seemed that it was.

Forget it.

However, the entire thing was still too much for his mind to imagine.

Now he really wanted to see that vehicle thing.

Like so, they spoke about the general plan of action, as well as what they wanted Pangord to do while staying back.

The Zalipnias and Baymardians were teaming up here, so they needed to include them in their plans.

Landon looked at the Zalipnian map details.

First off, the entire Romain continent was a little over 2/3 the size of Arcadina.

That’s how small the continent was when compared to Pyno.

To him, the empire of Zalipnia was just like a Province, state or prefecture back on earth, with a gathering of communities in them.

And Zalipnia was the 5th largest, with 11 cities, 18 towns and 29 villages.

And every place was somewhat spaced out, with a lot of greenery too.

Now, they had dealt with one coastal city, and tomorrow, they would be dealing with 3 villages out of 29.

Landon had a plan to ensure that they got to the Capital at most a week and a half away from now.

As for the other memories fighters away from, they would get to them after dealing with things in the Capital.

He had to be there before the deadline for the most probable time when Lucia’s parents would get discovered.

He had to arrive before that time.

Blame him for being the messenger of the heavens.



Everyone remained fully focused, listening to their roles during this time.

“City Lord Pangord.

I will leave a few of my men behind to continue guarding the town while we advance.

We also have a few key things that need to be done during this time as well.”

Andrew nodded his head and gave a few things for Pangord to briefly look at: “Yes. I will also leave a few of my men to assist you too. The things here must be done properly. We will also assist in repairing whatever was destroyed during this time. So once you’re healed up, I expect you to be on the job!”

“Say no more, crown prince Andrew. It shall be done!” Pangord said seriously.

He won’t fail on this mission!

Andrew nodded his head in satisfaction: “Good.”

With that, they left him to heal up.

As for the things in the private doc.u.ments, there were quite a few.

First, he had to continue working with Baymardians to check everyone’s health or injuries, as well as properly take care of the dead and deal with the list of people still missing.

Up next, he would work with their security to keep a tight lock on his territory.

In short, health, security and reconstruction of several places was still his key focus.

Of course, he had to properly give everyone’s compensation and relief money as well.

Everyone was generally given a standard compensation for one dead body.

But when it came to property damages, Pangord’s team needed to go house to house to assess the things that got damaged.


This money was typically enough for them to stay at home all day for 2 whole months doing nothing.

In this era, this was indeed a lot!

But they paid taxes for it. So they deserved the amount.

They usually used the money to restock their stores, buy more grains, buy horses, and so on.

Also, Lucia had demanded that Pangord contacted a few merchants, or those who owned stores, for them to buy Baymardian goods at a discounted rate because of the war.

Anyway, because of their impeccable system in Zalipnia, they always had money.

So they could at least afford to buy warm socks for the winter, beddings and whatnot.

Because even though they did have money, their weather was brutal and killed them quickly here.

A nice warm blanket or sweater wouldn’t kill anyone.

And one shouldn’t forget about the solar light bulbs or even an ordinary lighter.

Lucia felt like canned food with long expiry dates, spices, dishwasher, soap, toothpaste, and basic necessities were already cheap.

So with this discount, they were getting too much off!

In fact, this was the time to buy, because once the war discount expires in 4 months, then forget it.

They’ll buy them at the original cheap prices.

Again, she had brought a lot of learning books and cassettes in both Roma and Pyro.

It taught general knowledge like multiplication, language, ethics and whatnot.

Of course, it didn’t go too in-depth on the main things in Baymard.

But funny enough, he had courses on Painting, sculpting, dog, horse, Petcare and information about the typical professions and techniques that already existed everywhere else in the world.

It just didn’t cover the famous Baymardian professions.

Well, at least they even had a few cassette and book recipes from the famous chefs from Baymard.


Well, Lucia wanted the schools to start teaching people how to speak Pyron.

She felt like Baymard was the future, and anyone who didn’t jump onto that wagon was a fool.

Plus, in the future, she intended to send more and more people from several professions to go to Baymard’s open academies that welcome foreigners.

Even law school was a must!

Lucia, Javis and Andrew had plans for their people and dared not waste any more time.

Lastly, they wanted to improve a few key things like street sweepers in summer and fall and several other things they noticed in Baymard.

From cleaning agencies to Taxi agencies, they plan to open up several services with advice from Landon.

Look! They even wanted to organize their scattered rowdy market squares too.

No! Zalipnia was about to undergo one of the biggest changes since its beginning!


Pangord looked at the well-detailed doc.u.ment and swore to finish it up before the deadline written there.

1 month, 1 week.

Okay. He was pumped up!

And so just like that, as the days went by, Landon continued advancing deeper and deeper into Zalipnia, meeting several interesting people along the way.

In a flash, 1 week had now gone by.

And similar to Landon… In a very far away place, a certain man in black also had a smooth handle of things.


The massive walls broke and crumbled into rubble, followed by the countless screams of many.

The air was filled with whitish dust, making many cough uncontrollably amidst their tears.

Din. Din. Din. Din.~

In a flash, countless men rushed into the room and stood by the hole and the wall silently.

And soon, a figure appeared, passing through the hole and stepping into the room with a cruel grin on his face.

“Found You!”