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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1113

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Zalipnia’s Saviours

Princess? First prince? Second Prince?

pangord’s eyes widened in shock after seeing the royals come in.

Just seeing them had eased his last suspicions altogether.


He and his city folks were in good hands.

When everyone else in the hall saw Lucia and the rest, they all struggled to get up and salute but were still pushed back by the nurses or told to stay down.

Of course, they still greeted them loudly.

“Your highnesses!”

“Your highnesses!”

“Your highnesses!”

Lucia and the rest nodded at them warmly before moving towards Pangord’s direction.

Well, even though Pangord was in the same gigantic halls with everyone, they had placed him at the furthermore corner right up ahead, giving him a little privacy as well.

Additionally, one could see a U-shaped curtain around his bed as a sort of privacy as well.

Hos bed was the only one with this setting, and he had a personal Tv right in front of him too.

Of course, the entire time he had been unconscious, the bed curtains weren’t pulled around his bed.

This way, the nurses could see everything from wherever they were in the room, lest an emergency occurred.

Spotting Pangord, the gang quickly stepped into his corner, and the nurses pulled the U-shaped curtains for privacy.

“Your highness… Sirs… words alone cannot describe my gratitude to you for saving my life and that of my families and city folks.

Once again, thank you!”

Andrew waved his hands casually: “Come off it! As royals of this great empire, it’s our duty to look after you and everyone else. So there’s no need for all this. We’re just glad that you’re okay.”

“Thanks to you all, I and everyone else will be fine,” Pangord said warmly.


For Pangord, he was only glad that they were saved from their misery.

At least his wives, daughters and 3 other sons were still alive… Even if the women had been defiled, he still couldn’t blame anyone.

After all, it wasn’t their fault, and they had no console over things.

He just hoped that this incident wouldn’t leave any shadow in them.

Maybe it was because their bodies were tired, but no one got pregnant.

Of course, he wasn’t too worried about his wives’ fellows getting bigger.

Why? Because everyone knew that after 23 and above, women typically stopped bearing children.

They stopped releasing blood around that time.

So it was expected.

And even when younger, the women in Romain typically saw their menstrual blood flow only 3 or 4 times a year.

(In Pyno, they saw theirs once or twice a year.

Of course, this was all before Baymard started educating women who visited the hospitals. And now, things have picked up considerably with women at 30 getting pregnant or even receiving their periods 8 or more times a year.

A completely healthy, unstressed woman should receive hers 12 times a year every month.


Pangord wasn’t worried about his wives getting pregnant since to him, they had long stopped being fertile.

No… What he worried about was his children getting pregnant.

Luckily, for some reason (torture, stress, etc.), they didn’t get pregnant at all.

This was good.

At least from what the nurses had told him about his daughter in the next hall, he found that they were recovering smoothly.

As for his surviving sons, they were all within this same hall with him, in another far-most corner.

We, he would see them later on. For now, he had to find out the overall situation here.

Pangord darted his eyes between the royals and Landon curiously: “Your highnesses… This is?…”

“Zalipnia’s saviour.”

[Landon]: “_”


The gang spoke to Pangord for over an hour, shocking Pangord silly.

Now, he was lying on the bed and switching his b.u.t.t in excitement.

Cars? Trucks? Pizza?

After the first 30 minutes got spent talking about serious matters and introducing Landon, Lucia had dived into her numerous adventures in Baymard and Pyno.

And the moment Pangord heard that the thing called vehicle was outside, he wanted to get up with all his might and see it for himself!

So this vehicle thing isn’t pulled by don’t have horses, donkeys or Kitas? (A creature that looks like a mix between a horse and a fox)

Pangord found all this to be incredible.


The fact that Lucia had said that her vision led her to Landon had made Pangord respect him even more.

The visions were never and had never led them wrong.

So he was indeed their saviour.

Just seeing how fast it took for them to deal with the enemy showed that they had the skills and the weapons for the task.

See? The Gods were always right.

Landon looked at Pangord, unfolded a map and placed it on Pangord’s legs, while Mitchen and everyone else squished around too.

“3 A.M, we’ll be leaving for the next settlement.

We plan to take the ‘Hansho Pass,’ right up to the Toikon Valley.

From there, our teams will split towards the Pegging Town, Linstrum Village, Boido Village and the other 3 villages there. We should be done with these places by tomorrow.”


Pangord’s eyes opened in surprise: “Excuse me, Your majesty Landon. It would take 2 days on horseback to get through the Hansho pass, reaching the valley. And even the closest town from there is 6 hours away, while the further is at most 3 days away. So how can this all be done in a single day?”

Landon and everyone chuckled at Pangord’s overly animated expression.

Lucia also found Pangord amusing as well.

Ah yes. This was the look of an ignorant v.i.r.g.i.n vehicle traveller.

If you’ve never been on it to witness its speed and comfortability, then of course, all this would be too mind-blowing.