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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1111

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1111

Hs Plans


Pangord m.o.a.n.e.d in pain while struggling to raise his heavy eyelids.

That was the best sleep he has had in the last year.

But even though he wanted to stay in his semi-awaken state, something quickly popped into his mind, giving him a sense of urgency.

The battle!

His entire body tensed up as he forcefully opened his eyes, sending them in all directions while trying to make heads or tails of his surroundings.

It was simple.

If he were still in chains, then he would have a pretty good guess at what happened after he closed his eyes earlier on.

And by his side, and all around the hall, were several beds with people on them and strange tube things attached to them as well.

Then, several people in all white, wearing transparent gloves and a face mask that only covered their mouths and nostrils.

They also held something similar to paper and placed it on some wooden boards.

From time to time, someone would write something with some feather pen he had never seen before as well.

But that wasn’t all!

No… The most shocking thing was that there were several metal-like boxes stationed around strategically that showed tiny people in them.

The thing was in a strange language, but the words below were in Roma.

Okay. Now, he was confused and a little panicked.

What was going on here?

But he didn’t recall having all this, so what the hell?

Could it be that he wasn’t in Hertfilia anymore?

Pangord’s awakening had called the attention of some nurses.

2 went to see him, while one went to call the doctor A.S.A.P!

Of course, Landon, Lucia and the rest had to be made aware as well.

1 day and 11 hours had gone by since they defeated Adonis.


To put it into retrospect, they defeated Adonis on day 1 and spent time looking for any or all Adonis followers who might still be hiding heaven knows where.

Of course, they struggled to begin medical attention to those in need, even all through the night.

And yes. Even with the heavy storm, they still began visiting each home, transporting all those in need to the palace estate or the city hall.

Most were kept in the city hall.

They also took care of the Adonis sh.i.p.s as well.

Like so day 2 came, and the terrible weather ended around 3 A.M.

The winter sun shined brightly, contrasting the previous weather from earlier on.

Now, they knew it would be safe to move about.

That said, they continued counting the injured, recording and attempting to identify the unfortunate deceased.

Of course, this would take longer to deal with since they also had to consider any reports of missing people, as well as continuously sweep through the forest regions in search of any Adonis followers who had somehow managed to escape their grasp.

They didn’t kill Fidelis and a few others because they left that for these people to vent their anger on.


Over a year and something, countless children, wives and whatnot, were rapped and discarded like trash after death.

So who wouldn’t be angry?

Husbands were slaughtered, some taken as slaves and even burnt alive too.

The population here had gone down immensely due to this struggle.

And everyone had grievances in their hearts to let out.

Landon wouldn’t come against them doing what they wanted with Fidelis.

The only prisoners he had planned to take were the bigger bosses in the Capital city.

He needed at least 12~20 of them for what he planned to do some years in the future.

One shouldn’t forget that a while back, after completing his side-mission that involved Henry and Sirius, he had been awarded facial reconstruction techniques for identifying dead bodies through bones, and also disguise techniques that could be used in both movies when creating monsters or ageing an actor.

More importantly, the disguise technique could also be used on missions to create face masks that look identical to the target’s face.

That’s right.

Down the line, they would sneak people into Adonis.

But they needed to imitate the way the people walked, talked and so on.

Way back… Apart from the sole purpose of improving prisoners, he also took them in with this thought in mind.

Disguising one’s self as the enemy right down to the flesh was going to be helpful in future.

So he needed those prisoners in high standings to steal their identity and infiltrate the place alongside others.

Many people couldn’t see why he would take them in.

But he had his plans.

That said, because of all the work that needed to be done here, Landon and the rest had long planned to leave a certain team to stay behind and look after the people.

Also, 3 Navy battlesh.i.p.s and one transport ship would stay behind, while the rest sail towards certain coastal regions around Zalipnia.

Like so, day 1and day 2 had time by.

And now, day 3 was here with the sun still out.

Well, this was March, and in 2 weeks, Spring would begin.

The doctors had already hooked several large solar panels outside the hall’s windows and had brought the cables inside through the windows.

Of course, because it was still winter, they dared not open the windows all the way for the cables to pass.

They only opened and created a tiny crack on the windows for the cables to pass into the room.

It was Lucia’s idea to allow everyone to watch the same movie all at once.

It was hilarious because since they brought in a lot of Tvs and wanted everyone to hear the same thing, the nurses had to press ‘play’ at the same time for this.

Those who had been awake yesterday enjoyed watching Game of Thrones so much that they spent the night talking about it.

It was almost as if their worries had been thrown out the windows.

Some were also focused on reading a few Books in Roma that were donated by the church and a few people as well.

Several donations were made to the people in Roma who were undergoing war.

So it was okay for them to get these storybooks and read.

The good thing was that people mostly donated items written or done in Roma.

Of course, clothes, blankets and whatnot were donated as well.


Anyway, that was how things went while Pangord was asleep.

But now that he was finally awake, then it was time to talk.

They had to round things up and head towards the next settlement for war!