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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1109

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1109

Finding Waldo

The air grew tense as both sides looked at each other with vigilance.

Every team quickly communicated amongst themselves.

Waldo’s teams nodded in understanding after getting brief orders of who would rescue the hostage, free the other prisoners, fight the guards before them or keep a lookout on things.

At the same time, Fidelis and his men also talked in their native language about what to do.

Fidelis took out his ‘Holy Gloves of obedience’ and wore them on.

The glove was 85% made out of leather. But the other percentage was because of the iron parts placed on the outer areas where the knuckles would be.

It was also super flexible, as he could fist his hands or flex them in whatever way he wanted.

And of course, the inside of the gloves was very thickly cushioned so that he didn’t feel the iron against his flesh when punching an opponent.

These were the ‘Holy gloves of Obedience’ that were pleased by personally blessed by their leader and given to people of his Temple ranking.

A few people of lower rankings got copper encrusted gloves instead.

Some people with higher rankings got rubies and even diamonds on their gloves instead.

The diamond was painstakingly cut at the center, leaving the bland cut part against the gloves and the sharp part facing the opponent.

One slash to the skin could tear off their opponent’s skin or face like crazy.

Just a single slash had taken out a person’s eyeball during battle before.

Of course, they had stolen this idea from Morgany some centuries back.

Sigh, it would be even good if he got the diamond ones.

Blame him for not doing more work in Adonis’ name and advancing his rank.

Nonetheless, his silver encrusted leather gloves were more than enough to deal with these lowly bastards before him.

Fidelis quickly wore his gloves and clashed them together in an arrogant, intimidating manner, as if saying: ‘You want a piece of this?’

~Bash! Bash!

Waldo looked at the overly excited Fidelis and shook his head wryly.

Heh. Too bad he had already seen monsters like his majesty, the king-father and even warden Mitchen.

He had seen and felt the aura of those monsters, so how could this one intimidate him?

Of course, he didn’t deny that the gloves were particularly eye-catching, alerting him to be overly observant during the battle.

Now, he had to rely on his skills to beat his arrogant Worshipper.



Waldo also cracked his knuckles and also bashed his hands together too.


So only that guy had the right to intimidate people?

And soon, his walk turned into a run.

In short, the more he advanced, the faster his run began.

Fidelis’ heart suddenly tensed up, and his eyes became overly focused while watching Waldo advance.

He wanted to hit this bastard in one punch and get this done and over with A.S.A.P.

He still had the weather to focus on, remember?

He squinted his eyes coldly, focusing them like missile targets.

And the moment his eyes locked on and predicted Waldo’s next move, he swiftly launched a full swing forward with great arrogance.

“Oh, ye, God Of the world, Adonis, the creator. I summon thee to the gloves of Obedience to bring your lost child to you once more.

With your Holy blessing, I shall smite this bastard to a pulp.

Lowly child, accept your punishment!”

With that, Fidelis released a mighty punch that could shake many in this world.

But sadly, he had miscalculated his opponent’s steps.

Just when Waldo got too close enough, he suddenly ducked underneath his Fidelis’ punch and stealthily moved behind Fidelis.

From there, he tapped his opponent’s shoulders playfully: “Where’s Waldo? He’s right here.”


Waldo stabbed Fidelis’ lower back, shocking him silly.

How… How could this be?

Fidelis’ heart sank as he hastily turned around while still delivering another punch.

But once again, Waldo had somehow followed his move, positioning himself behind Fidelis yet again.

“I’m Waldo. And I’m over here.”

~Slash! Slash!

“Over here!”

~Slash! Slash! Slash!


Fidelis’ gritted his teeth in anger and pain when he thought of all the stab wounds on him.

He soon realized a pattern with the stab wounds.

The first attack only resulted from a single stab.

Then the 2nd came with 2 stabs and the 3rd with 3.

So did this mean that as time went on, the number of stab wounds increased alongside the number of attacks?

Blame himself for underestimating his enemy.

That’s right.

One couldn’t deny the fact that he hadn’t fought with all his might since he wanted to win using little strength.

In fact, he just wanted to please his ego.

After all, he and his people were far supreme from people here.

And one shouldn’t forget that he had been here for an entire year and a few months now, with no one being hai opponent.

When he fought people here, it was like stealing milk from a baby.

So he undoubtedly treated the enemy like those he previously fought.

But now, he realized that if he didn’t get a full grip of himself and used his max strength, then he would definitely lose.

He hated to admit it, but this bastard before him did have skill.

Nonetheless, it still wasn’t enough to take him down.


Waldo felt the change in his opponent and squared himself up seriously.

He knew that now, their real battle would begin.


Fidelis spat out the little reminisces of blood in his mouth and calmly advanced towards Waldo instead.

He was done playing these games.

Where’s Waldo?

Heh. The game should be rephrased: ‘How long before Waldo dies?’

That would be the best game played because he was not about to go soft anymore.

Now, like an unstoppable Terminator machine, he quickly rushed towards Waldo murderously.

‘Bastard! You are dead!’