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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1107

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1107

An Agreement Amongst Foes

Pangord was determined to have his way.

If they wanted to ‘survive,’ then they had to listen to his demands.

Fidelis squinted his eyes playfully at him.

He was well aware that the dynamics of power had just shifted.

But if this guy thought that he would be able to make any big waves while staying here, then he was too naive!

Even if they fled the estate, his men were everywhere.

So catching them wouldn’t be an issue.

In fact, if they did any funny business and got away with it, he would put the guy’s remaining family to death.

At that point, the guy would only blame himself for his stupidity.

Who asked him to go against Adonis?

Heh. Of course, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to kill him after that.

He was more valuable alive than dead.

Fidelis looked at him in amus.e.m.e.nt, wanting to see just how far this man could go: “We’ll, what is it? Speak up!”

Pangord lifted his head arrogantly: “It’s simple. I want you to free my wives and children first. Don’t worry. I won’t be stupid enough to let them run away. I just want them, especially my imprisoned sons, to live comfortably in the estate. And don’t think you all can double-cross me on this one. Believe it or not, even after Winter, you all know that Spring here is also monstrous. So if you go back on your words, then don’t even think of me helping you all then!”

Fidelis and Pangord stared at each other for a full minute before Fidelis finally made up his mind.

“You 4! Free his some, get healers to attend to them and take them to one of the comfortable rooms above.”

“Yes, your Holy Monkard!”

“Are you satisfied now?”

“Satisfied? How funny.

Like I said, I don’t trust you.

So unless you personally show me that my family is okay, then you can forget about it!” Pangord exclaimed.

What did he look like?

A 5-year-old kid?

For all he knew, they wouldn’t do what he said, so he could only use his eyes to ensure things for himself.

Fidelis raised one brow a little angrily: “Look! We don’t have time for these shenanigans of yours. The monstrous winds could be hitting this place any time soon. So do you really think we have time to make all your wishes come true?”

Pangord chuckled: “Heh? Time? What happened to time? Look at you… Where is your faith? What happens to the Almighty Adonis? If he wants you all to survive, then he wouldn’t allow anything to hit these buildings. Hey! Believe in him more. He will definitely buy more time for you all to fulfill my wish. After all, Adonis is all-powerful, right?”


Fidelis and the rest were made speechless by Pangord

They opened and closed their mouths with black lines on their faces.

What he said did in fact make sense, but as humans, they still wanted to rely on themselves more, lest a disaster struck them.

But since this bastard had mentioned them losing faith in Adonis, they couldn’t help worrying a little.

Hopefully, Adonis in the heavens wouldn’t be listening in on them.

If they got any divine punishment, then it must have been that Adonis felt their doubt in him.

So now, their only option was to hurriedly complete the bastard’s wish and silently pray for Adonis to hold back the hands.


They were playing with fire here, alright?

Fidelis gritted his teeth and hurriedly instructed his men to release the smug-faced city lord Pangord as well.

Time was not on their side for further discussions, arguments or settlements.

They had to let this man see for himself how his surviving family was doing.

“Free this bastard! Free him now!”


Pangord massaged his bloodied wrists victoriously.

And even though he didn’t understand the language they used when issuing out commands, he still got hints that they would genuinely abide by the rules of his game.

You want info, then you have to play the way he wants.

He also knew that once he gave out everything, then his end would be near.

That said, he still didn’t know how to deal with the matter outside, and that’s why he had to come up with a strategy or plan that made it look like it was Fidelis’ men who messed up everything.


He would give them a not-so-detailed plan. And while they executed it, he just had to make sure that there were some confusing details in his plan that made some Adonis followers mess up.

From there, it wouldn’t be his fault, as everything would be blamed on the incompetence of these foreign bastards.

Pangord flicked his wet hair off his face with a sly grin plastered over his mouth.

The dark, musty underground dungeon, coupled with his overly bloodied face, made it hard for anytime to see his true expression once he tilted his head downwards.

And as they escorted him out of the cell, Pangord was already cooking up his plan in silence.

Step 1 had been accomplished.

But he still had a long, long, long way to go.

With that, Pangord and the rest hastily walked along the narrow dungeon hallways, everyone having different thoughts as well.

Now, everything seemed fixed in place, with them all knowing what they wanted to do.

That’s why when they suddenly saw 4 bloodied Adonis followers rush in and drop to their deaths right before their very eyes, their brains all went blank in confusion and alertness that they couldn’t help taking a few steps back as well.

Here they thought they were the only players in the game.

So who was it?

Who was it that attacked these Adonis Followers?

Pangord was also alert as well.

Were they foes or allies?

This was what he wanted to know!

And sure enough, everyone didn’t need to think so long because soon, their enemy came rushing in like crazy.

“Freeze! Drop the hostage now!!”