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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1104

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1104

Black Magic

~Boom! Boom! Boom!


A little distance away from the city Lord’s estate, countless small missiles were launched from the vehicles onto the many gatherings of Adonis followers standing guard in the open.

Everything happens like a bad dream to them, as countless people had been blinded, not even knowing when they died.

It was a complete nightmare as they found themselves engulfed in devilish flames that seemed to have sprung out from nowhere.

Countless people exploded in agony, while others survived but got brutally covered by the already harsh falling snow.

The cold shot through their wounds, causing them to cry out in agony.

But cry all they want; no one could hear their screams.

Countless units cleared the region, bombarding things left, right and center until they got to their destinations.

Of course, they did promise Lucia and the rest that they wouldn’t bring down any actual buildings since some Zalipnian prisoners could be in them.

They were only permitted to destroy gates or the surrounding areas.

Nothing more!

Landon squinted his eyes coldly as he readied himself for action.

3, 4, 5, 7 whole minutes, and they were finally at the City Lord’s residence.

Alright. It was time for his unit to play its part.

“Rango calling Control Station. Unit is ready to engage. I repeat. Unit is ready to engage.”

“Roger that Rango. Over.”

He had taken one of the largest teams with over 40 massive vehicles and trucks and close to 700 people alone, all ready to take down the enemies holding in all buildings within the City Lord’s estate.



At the same time, those sent out to check things out by Fidelis passed through the entrance/exit tunnel in an attempt to leave the estate.

The tunnel was as wide as 2 car lanes and was extremely tall as well, to allow all sorts of wagons carrying stacks of hay or even elaborate carriages from going in and out of the estate.

Of course, the tunnel was along the front estate walls, covering its entire width.

Well, this was the main entrance or exit point for one if they wanted to enter or leave the city lord’s palace.

And at the very front of the tunnel was a metal gate that could be opened and closed by the rotating levers situated in one of the rooms above the tunnel, on the city walls.

The men Fidelis had sent were already running within the tunnel and were just about to reach the gates, waiting for it to open up… when suddenly, a massive force sent them flying backwards in shock.


Komugan found himself flying back out of the tunnel and into the estate in horror.

His heart trembled in fear as he rolled back in the snow alongside several others.


What the hell just happened?

Komugan didn’t like this uneasy feeling in his heart at all!

So very quickly, he wiped the wet snow from his face, only to realize that the snow was now dyed red.

Komugan’s heart skipped a beat.

Whose blood was this?

He was alright.

But this only made his anxiety go down a little.

The question still remained in his mind: Whose blood was this?

Well, it didn’t take too long for the answer to form when he suddenly spotted his contacts around him in agony.


Countless people wailed in pain as they struggled to breathe and stay awake from the thundering pain hammering their bodies.

It was only then and there that Komugan realized how lucky he had been.


What was this situation?

Some had even been killed off cleanly as their heads separated from their bodies by the force of the iron flung back.

This… This… The wind did this?

Komugan’s mind was now in a mess!

But once again, all his questions seemed to be answered by the fast shadowy ages emerging from the tunnels.

He didn’t know what they were, but his intuition told him that they were the culprits of the matter.

Could it be that an enemy was approaching with wagons filled with black powder?



Komugan, alongside some who weren’t injured, wasted no more time and yanked themselves up from the ground and leaping towards one of the rooms on the castle walls in hopes of getting everyone’s attention down here.

“Enemy Approaching! Enemy Approaching!”

They screamed with all their might.

Of course, some had also noticed the situation and were already heading down with their weapons to check things out.

And so, it began.


Landon’s units stormed in murderously into all directions while raining machine gun bullets on those around.

~Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang!


The enemy dropped like flies, falling to their dooms unwillingly.

Some high on the estate walls also fell, as well as those who dared poke their heads out of the many rooms and corridors along the estate walls.

They vibrated uncontrollably, taking all the bullets they could before falling from high heights to the ground floor.


The snow nestled the fall to some extent, and their bodies didn’t splatter like watermelons.

Nonetheless, they were dead and gone.

Komugan’s face was as pale as paper as his eyes darted back and forth in panic.

He crouched down and leaned against the wall breathing deeply while not daring to look up.

Son of a b**ch!

His men were falling to their deaths without a single arrow or anything else touching them.

So wasn’t this black magic?

With the way things were going, how the hell was he supposed to fight the enemy?

No! He couldn’t just wait here for death.

He had to think fast!

With that, he crawled away with countless wild thoughts in his mind.

As for his ideas, only time would tell what he was cooking up.


Landon and a few others had already arrived at one of the buildings nearby.

In a flash, they got out and dashed forward with their weapons at hand.


Now, they could unleash hell!