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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1103

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Strange Clouds

~Ripple… Ripple…

The liquid in the cup shook and rippled from time to time, getting stronger and stronger by the second.

And soon, amidst this defeating weather, they began hearing a collection of faint voices from afar.

But looking at the blue-skinned woman on her knees beside him, Fidelis was very hesitant to get up and check things out.


What were the benefits of conquering other territories?

It simply meant that to the victor be linked the spoils of war.

And right now, the 38-year-old Fidelis had set his eyes on the 7-year-old girl belonging to the imprisoned Zalipnian city lord.

It wasn’t just him, as several others seated around the table all had n.a.k.e.d girls in collars underneath the table.

And while they were drinking and talking, these girls all had their privates in their mouths.

Yes. Any girl who accidentally bit or let go would be severely whipped silly.

The group of middle and old-aged men pulled on the doors attached to the collars with cruel expressions on their faces; they had c.a.r.e.s.sed, touched and played with as many girls as they liked during this past year.

In future, the entire world would be a slave to their Adonis.

That was the dream!

The little children cried and did as were told while shivering n.a.k.e.d in this weather… Even if they were indoors.

If they died, their bodies would be flung away just like the many corpses in the pit.

And so, these Adonis leaders felt that today was no different from all the other days when it came to ‘entertainment.’

But now, it seemed like they had to cut their entertainment short.

Fidelis got up from his seat sternly, and the others seated beside him also stood up abruptly as well, each one’s expression worse than the other.

They were all seated in the middle of a large indoor garden, as large as a grand hall with all sorts of plants, vines, and fruits indoors.

So they couldn’t see what was going on outside.

But seeing a few guards running with all their might towards them, everyone could already guess that whatever had caused such ripples was nothing to laugh about.

“Your Holy Monkard! Your Holy Monkard!

There are vague, shadowy clouds outside!

We can’t see what they are, but we suspect that it is some monstrous Wind!”

“Hmm. Take the girls away.”

With that, Fidelity and the rest hastily ran towards the massive doors as fast as possible with grim expressions on their faces.

Even when standing outside, they still couldn’t see anything at all!

All they saw were massive shadowy clouds far away that had been obscured by the ridiculous snow, wind and darkness.

Son of a b**ch.

If they couldn’t even see what disaster was causing the rippling, then how were they supposed to defend themselves against it?

No! They had to go towards higher grounds!

With that, they hastily left the building using the overly long underground hallway that would require one to take a full 15-minute walk from the massive Garden building to the nearest Estate building.

That’s right.

Because of these sorts of weather in winter, most buildings in the states were interconnected with one another.

In this way, people could still have tea or meals in the gardens even at times like this.

With that, everyone rushed through the underground hallway, making their way to the closest building.

From there, they rushed right to the 4th castle-like floor and squinted their eyes through the windows as hard as they could.

Again, all they could see were still the vague images of gigantic mushroom clouds in the air.

They didn’t know if it was their imagination, but sometimes, they would also see faint yellowish lights from the clouds from time to time.

What could this all mean?


“This… Your holiness, I think it’s a sign of danger.”

“Yes, your holiness. I know we have been assigned to get this land for Adonis, but I think this place is really cursed!”

“Holy Monkard Fidelis. You have control over the city, and your decision represents Adonis’.

So what are your orders?” One of the men said while kneeling behind Fidelis.

That’s right. Fidelis had been assigned to watch over this besieged city.

The size of those shadowy wind clouds were the biggest they had ever witnessed since the beginning of this cursed winter.

It looked like it might have the power to destroy the entire place if it ventured any further.

Even at 4 stories up, the giant tornado cloud was still far taller than their current height.

So imagine what would happen when it comes closer?

The thing was that they didn’t even know how to fight it.

It was wind, for crying out loud!

Nonetheless, they believed that their Holy Monkard would be able to seek Adonis’ help and instruct them on what to do.

Fidelis spread his legs apart, raised his hands, shut his eyes tightly and began chanting some words calmly.

“Get some people to go check it out first.

The answer lies in the real matter ahead.”

“Yes!” Answered a few before scooting out hastily.

Fidelis looked outside thoughtfully before turning around once more.

And where was he going?

To the dungeons of course!

Who else would know of this situation of not the captured Zalipnian city lord or nobles?

These Zalipnians have been living with such disastrous conditions for centuries and centuries ago.

So they should already know how to counter such situations in their land.

What Fidelis was more concerned with was if such large wind tornadoes could affect these sturdy stone structures or not.

Could it be that such scenes only happen once in every 20 or so years, and after it, the people would have to reconstruct their buildings again?

Or was it that these types of disastrous winds didn’t go anywhere near their buildings at all.

Again, maybe they did but had no effect?

For Fidelis, they needed to understand this now.

This way, he would know whether to stand outside the buildings or stay indoors.

After all, no one wanted to die indoors when the structure came crumbling down.


This Zalipnia was too much trouble.

From one issue to another, each week, they had been faced with all sorts of threats from the weather.

They didn’t even have issues capturing the residences. Only the weather seemed to be Adonis’ strongest enemy here.


Thinking of the impending dangers of this winter, Fidelis hurried towards the dungeon swiftly.

But unbeknownst to him and several others, their thoughts couldn’t be far from the truth.

You say the massive clouds of doom were caused by the weather?

Heh. Think again!

~Boom! Boom! Boom!