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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1042

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1042

An Otaku’s Ultimate Problem

Without a doubt, everyone was immersed in the world of HxH.

And the moment they saw that Gon was okay, they couldn’t help sighing from relief.

Everyone, as if telepathically, raised their leads and looked at each other with warm smiles on their faces.

Some exclaimed happily while laughing, while others tapped their feet and shook their body merrily.


The gang was thrilled!

“Hahaha! All those people who made fun of Gon earlier couldn’t even stand the storm.

Look at them! They’re all either puking or wasted, laying on the floor pitifully.”

“Hahaha! The Captain is right.

The hunter exam isn’t training for weaklings. How can they be hunters if they can’t even withstand a ‘little’ storm?”

“Hey! Look! GON didn’t fall like them.

I knew it! How can my baby fall?

Ahhh! He’s so kind. Just look at how he’s busy helping out by giving the fallen ones herbs and even taking care of them?”

“Wait! 2 others didn’t fall and are leisurely staying back.”

“So the first two people were called Kurapika and Leorio? Do you think that they’ll be friends with Gon?”

“Eh? Did Gon just say that there’s another Big storm coming their way? F***! His nose must be pretty strong to get that just from a few sniffs. Dammit! He’s good!”

Everyone excitedly read and commented from time to time, keeping each other around the same pages.

It was as if they were watching Gon’s adventure together as if it were a movie.

And the more they read, the more shocked they were with the change of events.

They were shocked to know that the hunter exam had already begun.

This move was so unnoticed by them that it made everyone speechless.

They thought that Gon would have to reach land before the exam began.

So who could tell them how things got to this extent?

Did they just say that the others on the ship that fell sick were disqualified?

I’ll go! Wasn’t this too sudden?

And soon, they witnessed the big argument between Kurapika and Leorio.

Things got so heated up that they, the readers, felt the tension in the air.

This was bad!

Everyone wanted to know whether or not these 2 would somehow kill one another and get disqualified.

They were two opposite from each other and seemed to have nothing in common.

Suddenly, the big storm that Gon was talking about came unexpectedly.



They saw the image of the fiercest waves ever alongside the words ‘Vooooo’ next to it, indicating the harshness of the waves.

Now they felt anxious.

The crewmen hurriedly tried their best to stabilize the ship, while Leorio and Kurapika were still fighting right till this very moment.

For this, they truly felt helpless when it came to these 2.

Erm… Can you guys pick a time?

Can’t you see that you all are in danger?

In the next scene, they saw part of the sails break off, causing one of the sailors to fly out of the ship towards the raging water.


The other sailors yelled the falling Sailor’s name in shock and panic.

But before anyone knew it, Kurapika and Leorio, who had been fighting, quickly put their differences aside and dashed forward, holding onto the rails while stretching one hand in hopes of grabbing Catso’s legs.

And just when everyone thought all hope was lost, Gon dived out of the ship too, straight out between them and successfully grabbed Catso’s legs.

Seeing this, Kurapika and Leorio quickly grabbed Gin’s legs too.

It was as if they had worked a giant ladder, with everyone grabbing everyone’s legs.

The scene was so damn exciting!

“Hahahaha! I’m so happy!

I’m so happy that they saved that sailor who was bullied earlier on.”

“Hey. Am I the only one who thinks that Kurapika and Leorio aren’t bad?”

“That’s true. If they were, then they wouldn’t have bothered even saving the sailor in the first place.”

Looking at the scene where the duo were lecturing Gon about how crazy his move was, they couldn’t help thinking so.

Awe… It all worked out, and the trio now became good friends.

The scene ended with the Captain telling them that he’ll take them to the port closest to the testing place.


Gon was finally going to the exam site!


Looking at the closing page, everyone felt happy but very anxious about when the next chapter would come out.

Dammit! They wanted to know what would happen next, alright?

They wanted to know more about the mysterious world of hunters.

Little Momo and many even began wondering why there weren’t Hunters in this world.

Who didn’t like fantasy?

They truly wished to get a chance to see a real fantasy world.

Ironically, to Landon, their world was a fantasy world instead.

The more Momo read HxH, the more he liked Gon’s character.

Simple-minded, somewhat naive, unwilling to give up, kind, but a little stubborn too.

His stubbornness could be seen from the first chapter when he was still with Aunt Mito.

It wasn’t too obvious, but Gon was stubborn in a way that he didn’t find annoying.

Rather, he liked it instead.

It added to Gon’s true character.

Just like that, the gang went on to the next Chapter of Inuyasha.

Linda, fully submerged in the manga, frowned in confusion when Inuyasha kept calling Kagome by some random name called Kikyou.

Who the hell is that?

Obviously, she’s Kagome, KAGOME!

Okay… She admitted that she thought Inuyasha was cute. But that was no excuse for him to keep calling Kagome by some random name.

Who was this Kikyou person?


Time went by, and before the gang knew it, they finished the 2nd chapter of Inuyasha before moving onto the latest Manga, called Kuroko no Basuke.

Of course, without a doubt, they were already hooked on it too.

They also wanted to know more about the Generation of miracles!

Finishing up everything, they all felt more anxious than ever.

Yes. They had now had one of the ultimate problems Otaku’s faced

They wanted more!