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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1040

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1040

Otakus Are Born!!

Landon raised his hands in defeat and allowed them to do as they pleased.

What else could he do?

Speaking of mangas, ever since he completed his last main mission in October, he had already been working on a few like Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Code Geass, FullMetal Alchemist and so on.

And since he knew that he would be out of Pyno for a while, he made a list of chapters and volumes that needed to be released 2 or 3 times a week.

Of course, we’re would be some that would be released just once a week instead.

He had already thought of everything else.

So all they had to do was follow his release plan, and it should be enough until he got back and continued his series.

At least, that was the plan.

One should know that during these past months, he had also been teaching everyone else how to draw Manga, as well as how to create animated movies.

The first animated movie was scheduled to be released this January and was a famous Disney animated movie back on earth.

Yup. It was Beauty and The Cinderella.

With enough practice and understanding, they would definitely be able to create their own original works too.


Just like that, Little Momo and Linda quickly rushed Landon up and pushed him out of his bedroom and into his bathroom that was the size of an entire room.

And while pacing his room and tapping their legs impatiently like people who were waiting for a child to get delivered or something.

“Little Momo, it will be alright, yeah?”

Momo quickly sat down and patted her back patiently: “Of course it would be alright. Even though he’s not all that reliable, shouldn’t we trust our diligence and our careful upbringing all these years?”

“Sigh… Sometimes, I feel like we went easy on him and spoiled him.”

Momo thinned his lips and forced a convincing smile out: “Don’t worry. He will come out. Have more faith in him.”

Linda held Momi’s hand like an old lady and nodded: “Yes… You are right. Even though he has caused us so many headaches in times like this, we always managed to make it somehow. So it should be fine.”

[Landon, who just stepped back in]: “_”

Landon looked at the sky and prayed for patience.

Would the system punish him if he murdered these fools?

“Finally! You’re out!”

The moment the duo saw him all dressed up, they didn’t even give him a second look and dragged him away.

What a joke!

He had already wasted so much time in showering and getting ready, so why waste time standing around again?

No way!

The duo rushed him hastily.

And with that, they were off.


The gang drove towards the largest Bookstore named ‘Pages.’

And on the way, the duo were still tapping their feet and looking at the traffic anxiously.

It wasn’t long before they started muttering underneath their breaths.

“Come on, come on, come on.”

“Move. Move. Move. Move.”

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap

The duo tapped their feet anxiously.

Landon looked at their anxious expressions and chuckled.

He was pretty sure that they weren’t even aware of their actions right now.

Their minds constantly wandered from time to time, and their eyes also darted around like suspicious criminals.

To them, their journey to Pages seemed like it took a year for them to get there.

And the moment they saw the large sign above the building, they almost seeded tears in joy.

“We made it! We made it! We made it on time!!!”

“Hahahhaha! I said it! Even if he’s not reliable, at least he always somehow managed to get us where we wanted on time… Even though it was thanks to our efforts.”

“Yes! Yes! You’re right! We made it!!



Now, the duo had finally put down a few of her worries, without a care in the world for the speechless Landon.


Forget it.

Why did he even bother with them?

As they drove in, Little Momo and Linda kept looking at their surroundings as if looking for something.

And soon, their eyes lit up in glee when they saw their friends gathered in the rendezvous spot.

They all planned to go in together, because in times like this, it was boring to go alone.

They had a mighty battle ahead of them, so they dared not delay.

Landon dropped them off and quickly left to do his own thing.

As the author, he, of course had his copy, so why should he go fighting to grab copies alongside others?

He might as well give that opportunity to someone else who wanted it.

Now that he had dropped off these ungrateful brats, he could finally go about his own things.

As for how they would come back, they could simply use the trains, buses or even call a cab.

Little Momo and Linda typically bung out with their friends after such events.

They would go somewhere and chill together.

Sometimes, they would go to the skating rink, and other times, they could go to the Arcade center, bowling alley and many other fun locations instead.

So they would come back right after that.

As of now, their curfew was 7 P.M… Unless they were already with one of the Landon, Lucy or anyone else staying in the palace.

Of course, even at this moment, their secret bodyguards were always around, tailing them at a not so obvious range.

Hey. They were Royalty too.

So no matter how chilled and lax the environment around them seemed, if anyone dared to make a move on them, then they would only have themselves to blame.


With Landon gone, Little Momo and Linda meet a few of their friends in the rendezvous spot before looking for another friend of theirs who was already on the line.

Those on the line were keeping ‘space’ for them.

Thus, the gang reunited on the line and waited patiently while discussing the first chapter of both Inuyasha and Hunter x Hunter.

And soon, it was their turn to step in.

Their blood boiled in ecstasy the louder their hearts drummed against their c.h.e.s.ts.

Bubuum! Bubuum! Bubuum!~

This was it.

This was what they had been waiting for!!