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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1036

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1036


Ezenia read through the first letter and stood there in a daze.


She just couldn’t believe that she, of all people, would get chosen to join some elite organization.

The letter did say that someone close to her had recommended her into the organization.

Apparently, the person’s identity will only be revealed to her if she decides to join the organization.

Could it be her grandfather?

Apart from him, she didn’t know anyone else who wanted to give her power.

Her maternal grandfather had always loved her and given her more attention than any of his grandsons.

Maybe it was because he thought she would be queen or something.

Because since her birth, her maternal grandfather used to teach her secretly.

She was also sure that the man had no love for his daughter (her mother).

Over the years, the old man had been too disappointed and disgusted whenever he stared at the woman’s face.

What sort of mother was she?

Heh. Seeing that she liked men so much, they both allowed her to do the thing and had even said and sent to her bed.

They preferred to send in men who they could easily clean up than have potential spies around.

Their people would also inform them of her every move.

Again, by nature, Avery was a very nosy woman.

So with the way Ezenia moved, that woman would’ve noticed a few things here and there.

But since they allowed her to be swimming in honey-coated fantasies with men who kept telling her she was beautiful, the woman didn’t care much about Ezenia.

Men begged Avery for love and even shredded a few tears begging for her attention.

And the stupid woman had forgotten about her daughter.

Now, even though they lived in the same massive Madison estate, her mother onky saw Ezenia once or twice a month.

It was ridiculous, but it worked in their favour.

Thus, over the years, her grandfather’s men had been sneaking her out for assignments and training.

Make no mistake, this was still Deiferus, where the men went through rigorous training and couldn’t show their emotions.

Of course, the women also went through specific educations that were a must to Deifer women.


He was also a member of an integer council that punished warriors that were forgiving in training or battle.

In fact, her grandfather was a prominent person.

Nonetheless, he allowed his daughter to marry into this Madison Clan because they were higher on the social ladder and hence powerful than he was.

Well, at least, that was how everyone always saw things.

But she begged to differ, always thinking that the old man was hiding something.

He had strength and people, so why did he always seem to position himself in a weaker stance?

Since young, she had been on to him.

But he always brushed her suspicions off.

His enemies would sometimes die accidentally or face some disastrous incidents that seemed to have nothing to do with him on the surface.

After all, it would be too suspicious if all his enemies kept facing disaster upon disaster with him being okay.

At times, he borrowed a ‘knife’ to get rid of his foes.

All in all, her grandfather should be stronger than those in the Madison clan.

So why had he been acting the way he was for decades?

She knew something was right with that old man!!

Seeing the letter, she had a hunch that it was his work.

Or, it might just be someone else.

Who knows…


She had been accepted to an elite organization called The Order Of Extraordinary Power… Or T.O.E.P for short.

From the first letter, it was the most powerful organization in the world that even had members such as the Morgany Monarchs.

How cool was that?


No wonder they couldn’t detect the assassin that brought in the letter.

As expected. Assassins from Morgany were far different from those in Pyno.

Just look at that level of skill?

This was too magical, right?

She handed the first letter over to her men, who then fidgeted and trembled with excitement.

This was the dream of all assassins here.

To learn and study in one of the top assassin guilds in Morgany!

Not everyone could get in.

Even those assassins who were high up in Deiferus hadn’t been summoned or called in.

So the competition was tough.

And yet, such an opportunity landed in their l.a.p.s.

So how could they not get excited?

Their hearts drummed loudly, and their jaws tensed in suspense as they looked at their mistress impatiently.

They urgently wanted her to accept the offer now.

“Mistress. I think you should accept it now.”

“That’s right! Just do it!”

“Mistress. Isn’t this what we’ve been waiting for?”

“Mistress. This is a blessing from the heavens!”

“Mistress. Why don’t you just accept? I will work without pay for the next few months if you do.”


Art the Clouds almost went crazy with excitement.

The letter said that if she accepts, she should place her reply outside anytime.

So did this mean that if she placed it now, someone would take it away?

The letter did give her a deadline to think about it.

And after that, the offer would be void.

As hidden guards were always expressionless with nothing rippling their hearts, today’s matter made them act like anxious fans.

At least, this was a step closer to them visiting Morgany.

So how could they be willing to let it go just like that?

Thinking about the person who dropped the letter not too long ago, they had mad respect for him.


Would it be a crime if they tied their mistress to a chair and forced her to reply?



Ezenia opened the 2nd letter, read it for a bit and massaged her chin thoughtfully: ‘So I’ve been accepted as an Ergatis?… Interesting.’